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Many travelers in their travels prefer to stay in chain hotels. You can expect anything from the weather, the political situation of any country. But as for the hotel, then rest assured that certain standards of line and the same in Europe and in Africa and Asia. In this article we will tell you about one such a hotel Petrozavodsk Park Inn. It belongs to the chain "Park Inn by Radisson". Petrozavodsk-city, not too spoiled by the presence of hotels of international level. Let's face it: the Park Inn - the only hotel of this class. And if you love to travel with comfort, then the best place to stay in the capital of Karelia you simply can not find. In this article, we analyzed the responses of tourists, made a brief characterization of this property to travelers knew what to expect.Park Inn Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk, the Park Inn how to get to hotel complex

If you will arrive in the capital of Karelia from Moscow's Domodedovo airport or from Helsinki, you will meet the Besovets airport. From him to the hotel "Park Inn" - fifteen kilometers. You first need to get to the center of the city, and described the hotel is located in the heart of Petrozavodsk. Nearby is the beautiful quay of the Onega lake. Within walking distance of the Musical and the national theatre of Petrozavodsk. If you are traveling by car, the hotel is six kilometers from M18 highway, which connects Saint Petersburg and Murmansk. The border with Finland takes place in one hundred and eighty miles away. The easiest way to get to the hotel to those travelers who arrive in the capital of Karelia by train. The train station is only fifty metres from the entrance to the "Park Inn" (Petrozavodsk). The hotel's address – Gagarin square, 1. The big, new, furnished in a modern style building of the hotel is hard to find. In this house there is a patio. Travelers recommend the following. If you come in summer and enjoy sleeping with the Windows open, it is best to reserve a room, facing it there. The views are not very original, but quiet is guaranteed.Park Inn Petrozavodsk


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What tourists say about the location of the hotel

This hotel – the perfect option for those who came to visit Petrozavodsk. The Park Inn is located in the heart of the city, within walking distance of all key sights. The reviews claim that it is possible not to spend money on public transport, especially in the case when you arrive and leave by train. That until close proximity with the station, as the hotel overlooks the square of Gagarin, then, surprisingly, the noise in the rooms is not heard. No beeps locomotives or ads speakers, in a word, no discomfort from the transport hub is not coming. Windows sound insulation in the hotel tourists have put a solid top five. The building itself is very beautiful, decorated with glass and stone cladding. Some rooms overlook lake Onega. Also located near the monument «Unity».

The Number of rooms

The Hotel "Park Inn" (Petrozavodsk) is opened the doors to the first guests in late November 2013. And its one-hundred-eighty rooms delight guests with the novelty of the interiors, quality furniture and appliances. Guest rooms of the hotel are divided into four categories. The lion's share standards - 129 rooms. There were more rooms superior and Junior suites. Three rooms fully adapted for guests with reduced mobility. They doorways allow you to enter the wheelchair, toilets and sinks are equipped with handrails, and all the household items are within reach. The pride of the hotel are two room suites with a panoramic view of the city. They consist of a bedroom and a living room where a dedicated work area. The total area of the Suite is 77 square meters. In room facilities included coffee machine, bathrobes and Slippers. The suites are serviced on the highest level. They put free services: mineral water, compliments from the chef, Breakfast in bed.Petrozavodsk Park Inn reviews

Furnished three room categories

Most of the tourists who came in Petrozavodsk, the Park Inn has appreciated over the standard rooms. In fact their prices are the lowest in the hotel: four and a half thousand rubles for a single occupancy room and 5 500 for accommodation together. Included in the price and Breakfast. The standard is a cozy bedroom with adjoining bathroom with shower cubicle. The room has a flat-screen TV and climate control the latest design. Throughout the hotel there is quick and, most importantly, free Wi-Fi. The hotel often settle the participants of the seminars and other business gatherings. Therefore, in every room, even standard, have a Desk. Of the other pleasures of civilization reviews mention a Hairdryer, safe and telephone. The superior rooms are worth a thousand rubles more expensive standards. But they have bathrobes, Slippers, a set for preparing hot drinks, iron and Ironing Board, complimentary mineral water. The Junior suites are divided into bedroom and living room. The superior room features added bath with a shower.Park Inn by Radisson Petrozavodsk

Breakfast at the hotel. Reviews

Before going to explore Petrozavodsk, the Park Inn offers its guests to eat morning meal. Breakfast included in the room rate and is served in buffet style. Reviews are full of praise for those morning meal. Tourists report that they are reminded of the feasts in Turkish hotels that are “all inclusive”. Interestingly, besides the usual dishes that all countries are expected to eat for Breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee, etc.), in hotel "Park Inn" in Petrozavodsk there is a local flavor. So, tourists are advised to try “gate” - Karelian pies with filling. There are other local dishes. In General, the tourists were satisfied with the Breakfast. They are very hearty and delicious. A buffet allows you to eat enough.

Is it Possible to eat at the hotel at other times of the day

The restaurant (the Park Inn, Petrozavodsk) is famous all over the city. A sign on the “top” is fully justified. And you can feel it immediately: the restaurant hall is decorated in classic Bavarian style. But that's not all. The restaurant houses a mini-brewery. So native Bavarian dishes will bring you unfiltered varieties, "Weißensee", "Lager" or "Dunkel" of their own making. The chef of the restaurant knows a lot about not only German cuisine but also in Karelian. And in the evening (daily from 21.00 to midnight) in “Pauliner” live music and dancing. This two story brewery-restaurant serves an a-La-carte, but at certain hours and offers Breakfast (250 rubles per person), lunch (450 rubles) and dinner (650 p.). If you want just a little dinner, in the lobby of the hotel Coffee Shop. This cafe in addition to bar drinks and cocktails specializiruetsya on sushi. In the cozy lounge Coffee Shop guests can relax on soft couches, warm tea and treat yourself to delicious desserts. All room categories above standard bags is provided for preparing drinks and on the floors there are coolers with hot and cold drinking water.Park Inn by Radisson Petrozavodsk

What the reviews say about the food in the hotel

The restaurant known all over Petrozavodsk. “Park Inn, Pauliner” wins not only a cosy Bavarian design and quality of the meals and friendly service. The hotel is often visited by groups of tourists coming to a business meeting. But, no matter how full the restaurant hall, Breakfast trays of food quickly replenished. Breakfast satisfies all tastes. There are cereals, and sausage, and tender and very tasty pancakes and very diet muesli and yogurt. Beer lovers leave excellent feedback about the quality of brewed on the spot beer. In the restaurant you can not only enjoy the main dishes of Bavarian cuisine, but also relax in the homelike atmosphere of the German holiday. For those in a hurry and is not able to have Breakfast in the restaurant, waiters will collect a lunch box. In the lounge bar of the hotel serves delicious Italian coffee.


Chain hotels are good because they are the same standards of service. Whatever the location – Madrid, Kiev or Petrozavodsk - the Park Inn reviews described as an oasis of comfort. All hotels guests enjoy free Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet signals are not available only in the lounge and all rooms, regardless of category. The hotel also has a Parking where guests can Park their cars absolutely free. For those who like to start the day with a workout, anyway, do not imagine their life without sports, at the hotel 24 hours open fitness room with cardio equipment and weights "Technogym". The reception Desk works round the clock. Its employees speak English. Young boys and girls will help in solving problems. If you need iron or kettle, these things will bring you in the room for a few minutes.Hotel steam...</div>  

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