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Ah, that magic word "Turkey"... Most of us have heard it, I remember my first trip abroad, some pleasure my heart aches from thinking about the past a wonderful holiday on the Mediterranean or Aegean sea. Sun, beaches with bars, hospitable Turks and All inclusive. And most importantly, it's all very "easy" price. Today, the resorts of Turkey, like many years ago, not losing their popularity. Every year thousands and hundreds of thousands of our compatriots travel to Kemer, Beldibi, Antalya, side and other resorts of this beautiful country.

Choosing a good location and the hotel depends on your preferences in vacation. Families with young kids would often ride to the South coast of Alanya, the youth, who wants to combine a beach holiday with visits to night clubs, travel to Kemer and so on. For each there is a place for everyone. Today we will discuss about hotel "Belpinar" in Beldibi.

Why choose Beldibi?

This is a very comfortable and relatively quiet resort village small area. The main part is concentrated between the Taurus mountains and Mediterranean coast. Nature and climate are similar to Kemer: pine and olive trees, pomegranate trees, orange trees, clean large beaches with crystal, clear water. The mountains protect the coastline of Beldibi from the North winds and strong storms. A very calm sea and the sunset in the water smooth, gently sloping. You can swim from mid-or late may to early October. Beach season starts a little earlier, sunbathers relax on the beaches from late April.


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Turkey Beldibi hotel Belpinar

Infrastructure of the resort is quite well developed: there are shops with the famous Turkish goods (leather handbags, clothing, jewelry yellow gold, Oriental sweets, Souvenirs, etc.), bars and restaurants, night clubs and of course, hotels. As at other resorts, the most expensive hotels are practically on the beach large grounds and private beach. The type of accommodation that relates to the Golden mean, also often is on the first line.

Hotel "Belpinar" in Beldibi: features, location

The Distance from the international airport of Antalya is 45 km and to Kemer is 15 km away. "Belpinar" in Beldibi is located on the first line. To get to the beach, need to go through the complex and then go through the underground passage to the sea.

Belpinar Hotel Beldibi Kemer

The Main building was commissioned in 1991, the hotel is regularly updated. Every year there are minor cosmetic repairs, the last big renovacija was made in 2014. The hotel is positioned as a club, but the audience is very diverse. A lot of young people, active holidaymakers in middle age, families with children.

How not to get lost on site

The Area is 22 000 m2, enough space for everyone. The large space occupies the territory of the other pools in the courtyard. Nearby is the bar, a little further is the open area of the restaurant. On the soft lawns and tidy lawn with bright green grass to romp around the children, relax on the sun beds for adults or to arrange an impromptu picnic with wine and appetizers.

Hotel Belpinar in Beldibi

"Sanitized area", "vegetation", "very nice and neat" - as described in reviews visitors hotel "Belpinar" in Beldibi. Also note that for children there is a real Paradise: bright swings, roundabouts, slides not including water activities in the pool.

Among the buildings of the hotel, which will be mentioned below, grow to spreading trees, subtropical trees, fragrant shrubs and flowers of incredible beauty. Light and fresh sea breeze merges with the fantastic aromas of the garden, soar subtle notes of pine needles... giddy happiness!


At the "Belpinar" (Beldibi, Kemer) and four corps (1, 2, 4 and 5 floors). Housing is about 350 rooms. On site are two restaurants (main and "a La carte"), bars, an indoor pool and two outdoor pools with slides, Laundry, lobby, lounge, gym, shops, where you can buy goods of wide demand and Souvenirs. For a small additional fee you can use the Finnish sauna and Turkish Hammam. In the building of the amphitheatre hosts live entertainment, discos and other interesting events.

Club hotel, Beldibi Belpinar

For younger guests there are play areas both indoors and outdoors. Of sports facilities "the Club Hotel, Belpinar" (Beldibi) differs from the other large area with two tables for ping-pong, volleyball, basketball, football pitches, Billiards room. Guests can play tennis in spacious courts with artificial grass.

Tips for selecting numbers

The number of rooms represented by the category standard. This spacious and bright rooms, designed in modern Turkish style. Their area is about 21 m2, the maximum can accommodate up to 4 people (three on main and one on extra bed). The room shown below. "Belpinar" in Beldibi.

Hotel Belpinar in Beldibi reviews

Slightly larger area (30 m2) has a category (family). Here there is a separation of sleeping and living areas. All rooms have quality, modern renovation, bathrooms have new fixtures, showers and toilets. In some rooms the floor is covered with laminate, others carpeted. For each guest prepared a set of towels, bathrobes, perfume and cosmetic compositions.

People vacationing at the hotel "Belpinar" in Beldibi, write that the rooms were very clean and tidy, furnished with solid, comfortable and spacious beds. Modern appliances: LCD TV with satellite and cable channels, individual air-conditioning system, a mini-fridge with free water, phones, Hairdryers in the bathroom. The relatively good quality of wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

Power 4*

Judging by the reviews of hotel ", Belpinar" (Beldibi, Turkey), the food is great, amazing and varied, excellent. Many parents liked that there was plenty of choice of food for children (porridge, cereals, dairy products, soups). On the concept of All inclusive the price includes everything except imported alcohol, fresh juices and ice cream.

The hotel employs a true master of his craft. This applies to the professional team of chefs. The most popular Turkish and international dishes turn out delicious. Bars there are in the building of the main restaurant and around the pool. A little further away is the restaurant "a La carte", where you can treat yourself to a pizza, or baking all your favorite French fries, but and drink delicious local beer, juices, cocktails.

How to brighten up leisure club hotel or everybody Dance!

According to numerous reviews of tourists, the animation here is at the highest level. There are guys from Russia and Turkey. They say that the entertainment staff can't safely walk through the property: it immediately surrounded on all sides by the little guests. Children delighted with the entertainment, games, educational programs. On the lawns and clearings, near the pool with slides and paddling pool is always noisy and fun, kids have fun to the fullest.

In the Evening there comes a time in adults, when burnt by intense programme and the sea the children are fast asleep in their cozy beds. Disco lasts until midnight and many of the guests move to the club in front of the hotel to have fun until the morning.

Hotel Belpinar in Beldibi photo

In the basins on the roller coaster rides many adults, there are plenty of free sunbeds with mattresses and without having to sunbathe and relax. The beautiful half of humanity for a nominal fee can enjoy a massage, someone goes to the Hammam and sauna. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle, engaged in fitness room with modern training equipment.

Sunbathing, swimming, have fun

Private beach "Belpinar" in Beldibi (photo below) very clean, pebbles mixed with sand, equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, showers, changing rooms and drinking water. Sunset in shallow sea, some suggest to buy coral Slippers, others are fine without them.

Hotel Belpinar in Beldibi photos and reviews

Water activities available to vacationers of any age and different complexion. On bananas and buns ride, adults and kids, young people on the jet ski cuts through the water carefully, so as not to hurt the swimmers, and then picks up speed.

The Most interesting excursions from Beldibi

This yacht trips along the scenic coast, a trip to Kemer with the purpose of sightseeing and shopping, fusion on rafts on mountain rivers. You can go to the been helping travellers enjoy Pamukkale, visit the splendid waterfalls and the canyon near the village of Goynuk. Lovers of antiquity will enjoy the ruins of Termessos...

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