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At the moment. stay in the famous sea of Azov. And although in recent years the local resorts much lost towns and villages of the Black sea, today the gap is shrinking.hotel in Yeysk

One of these resorts is the Eisk. Quiet holiday here will complement the beauty and diversity of nature estuary that separates pensions from the beach. To improve well-being, a well-landscaped extensive grounds, which are located on the property.

Southern sun and warm sea of Azov, rich steppe and sea air, the resort provided excellent conditions for developing various tourism facilities in Yeysk on the Azov sea.

Hotel “stands”

People who are tired of the polluted city and the constant hustle, good to go in the amazing city of Yeisk, which is located on the coast of the Azov sea. Private hotel in Yeysk “stands” is perfect for everyone for a relaxing hotels of Yeysk

Here for recreation was established prerequisites: a cozy cafe with excellent cuisine, comfortable rooms, and for children there is a special Playground with swings and sandbox.

Cost: from 1800 RUB/day.

Hotel complex «Rest»

The Hotel “Holidays” in Yeisk is situated on the shore of the Azov sea. On the territory of the complex there is a cafe where you can eat and includes food to popular today "buffet". Every visitor will appreciate the fact that the price includes a pool with Finnish sauna and Turkish in Yeysk with swimming pool


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This hotel in Yeysk is comfortable and very cosy rooms. Each of them has all the necessary equipment. The property offers hardware cosmetology, which without any surgery there is a possibility something to improve your appearance. The staff at this hotel complex will help you with all questions that arise during accommodation.

Price: 1700 RUB./day.

Hotel “seaside”

Considering hotels in Yeysk with a swimming pool, select “Seaside”. The school has a speaking name, since from the Windows of its rooms offer incredible views of the sea. Nearby is the seaside Boulevard with lots of restaurants and cafes, a Dolphinarium, a water Park, children's Playground and an aquarium.hotel rest in Yeisk

“seaside” to place offers accommodation in 13 rooms. They have everything for a pleasant, relaxing holiday. All rooms have plasma TV, split-system and a fridge. Features provided by table tennis, children's Playground, car Parking and a summer cafe.

Cost: 1500 RUB/day.

Hotel "Harbour"

The‘Harbour" located on the coast of the Azov sea. There are three levels and offers 21 rooms. They are all equipped what you need for summer holiday.private hotel Yeysk

Near this mini-hotels of Yeysk amusement rides, water Park, shopping pavilions. Institution at the request of guests organize trips to the surf, hunting and fishing, recreation for children.

Price: 1600 rubles/day.

Hotel “Helen”

This mini-hotels of Yeysk very interesting location-it is located near the descent to the beach. Nearby you can see the water Park, Dolphinarium and other entertainment venues of this city. The complex is set on 2 floors of the building.hotel in Yeysk

The hotel has eighteen rooms which are equipped with comfortable elegant furnishings and custom design.

Cost: 1500 RUB/day.

Hotel "Roadside"

The Hotel Yeysk "Roadside" is a convenient stopping place, situated a little beyond the center of the town, with in walking distance to it. Here there is a car wash, shops, tire service, Parking, cafe serving a range of dishes for every taste. The rooms of different categories with all facilities, fridge, TV, comfy hotels of Yeysk

Here for tourists to rent Hairdryers, fishing rods and a grill. The hotel is located on the second floor of the building, while the ground floor is a cafe.

Cost: 1000 RUB/day.

The Hotel «Khan beach”

This hotel in Yeysk is located on a sandy spit that divides Beisugskoie estuary and the Khan lake. Khan shore of the lake – this is a great place for fishing, hunting and recreation, for recreation of mind and in Yeysk with swimming pool

The Hotel Yeysk “Khansky Bereg” offers harmony with nature and the comfort of home. It offers comfortable rooms of different categories. Each of them has all the necessary furniture that is needed for a comfortable stay. The facility features a sun terrace and a restaurant. Friendly staff your stay will be an unforgettable one.

Cost: from 1300 RUB/day.

Hotel "Verona”

Hotel complex "Verona" is located on the coast of the Azov sea. This is a cozy place suitable for temporary residence here, and also for pleasant hanging out with friends. In this hotel complex included the famous city is a wonderful karaoke club.private hotel Yeysk

The Hotel "Verona" is one of the most cozy all over Yeysk. Comfortable rooms of different categories at an affordable price, incredibly hospitable and caring staff, European level of service, convenient location and a homely atmosphere – all are the hallmarks of this hotel. Once in "Verona", you will want to return again to repeat this unforgettable vacation.

Cost: 2100 RUB/day.


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