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Since ancient times, people attach importance to flowers. Today can be heard in the evenings, as the women discuss the outfits - who has what color. Some people are more comfortable to the eyes, someone make someone look fat. Remember chivalric novels, they describe in great detail the coat of arms of the barons, the Dukes, in which the color is made. Paint indicate social status, nationality, wealth, and merit. I especially love red or purple, it meant royalty. What symbolizes the color red in Russia? We have red flags on the occasion, the red line and days of the calendar.

Some people Have colors in clothing can determine the caste of a person, the coaches of personal growth argue that subconsciously we define our own caste and choose clothes.

What means red color

In Russia, you can meet thousands of interpretations. Using the color red in the stage show passion and energy, crimson jackets meant for young active people who know how to make. The girl in the red dress automatically attracts attention, it is expected energy and hot temper.

what is red

Red means holiday, it's no wonder we have red days of the calendar. Our ancestors used the words red and beautiful as synonyms, remember the expression "red sun”, “maiden”. Also, this color symbolizes love, because the color of the cards in the shape of a heart on Valentine's day? Definitely-red! And loved usually give red roses!


Everyone saw it, even those who live in another country. Among the flowers are red. The colors on the flag of the Russian Federation are treated differently. There are different jokes that colors encrypted name of a legendary organization of the KGB – red, blue, white. Officially, the colors of these nowhere to be interpreted. But there are at least three established opinion. First, red means the power of our Fatherland, white – freedom and independence, and the blue color of the mother of God. On the second view, the colors of the flag signify the unity of the three branches of one nation. Red is Great, blue – little Russia and white – Belarus. According to the third opinion, red is, again, the energy, the power of the state and the blood that was shed on numerous wars.


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what means red in Russian

Character colors sometimes surprise you. Previously, red was the color of kings, and in the twentieth century became the colour of revolution, freedom and blood. Remember the flag of the October revolution, it's red, and blood for this flag flowed freely. Again, I recall the anecdote where Chapayev wore a red shirt to battle on it was not visible blood.

red color on the flag of the Russian Federation


What does the red represent in the Russian army, we can say unequivocally – blood. Some military units have such a reward as guards flag. He and red means blood and life of the soldiers of this unit who carried out his task to the end. If you read the history of the great Patriotic war, the banner guard received no units, and their residues after heavy fighting, outputs from the environment, deter the enemy.

What does red mean for the military, you already understand. Draftee, hitting the guards division, understands that there is something wrong. Officers, contract soldiers and some conscripts are little red flag on the chest, the marine corps has it is another take. In the armed forces are very proud of their history, and the newcomer begins to respect the armed forces and is committed to the right too wear the red flag on the chest. Have been exceptions in history, when the banner guard gave the new unit, but they were mostly armored units of new modern machines, they quickly fell on the battlefield, and tank crews were not long in debt to you for this award.characters of color

Red color in the armies of other countries

Now, scarlet is used only in dress uniform in the field, all the tone areas. Characters of color that is unambiguous for the military – again the blood and the decision to go to the end. Warriors of Carthage wore before the battle the purple clothes, it did not save them from the ubiquitous Rome, but the glory added. Spartans wore red cloaks, and remember them so until now (for example, a film about the three hundred Spartans where they keep the defense of Thermopylae, and then fight the Persians at sea). In China, too, love this color, and they have units with the names of red warriors, red dragons, etc.

In summary

What symbolizes the color red in Russia? Yes the same thing all over the world, except for the colors of royalty. Perhaps the reason is that kings have long gone, and presidents prefer blazers dark tones. Clearly, what is the color of energy and life, and then there are the separation energy of celebration, of joy, of beauty and rage, strength, and someone spilled blood.

Will use in his clothes scarlet, don't be surprised that people turn to, especially if you're a girl. Though the red lanterns are officially forbidden in Russia, everyone knows what they mean. No matter how argued psychologists, red is not only irritation.

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