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In order to provide comfort in the house, which was built in the region with a harsh climate, it is necessary to arrange efficient heating system. If the dwelling is not connected to the Central communication, it is possible to take the opportunity to install the boiler. The attention of consumers today are presented the heating equipment in a wide range.

Before making a purchase, it is necessary to get acquainted not only with the technical characteristics of a particular model, but with the reputation of the manufacturer. Quite a while ago on the market there are boilers “Prometheus”, reviews about which you can read in the article. They are made in the walls of the Novosibirsk plant and may have specific modifications, advantages and characteristics.

Varieties of boilers “Prometheus”

boilers Prometheus reviews

Visit the store, you can find heating equipment “Prometheus” in a wide range. Among others, stands out:

  • Solid fuel boiler “Prometheus” on coal;
  • Automatic boiler “Prometheus machine” lignite;
  • Universal boiler “Prometheus Kombi” on wood, coal and pellet;
  • Pyrolysis boiler “Prometheus eco” lignite and wood.

Technical characteristics of solid fuel boiler “Prometheus”

boilers Prometheus owner reviews

Consider pot “Prometheus”, reviews (for solid fuel), you can read below. But first you must consider the specifications. The range includes models with power ranges from 12 to 60 kW. The base of the case lies antirust 4 mm steel, and as the main fuel used is coal. In rare instances, permitted the use of the wood, but the efficiency will be reduced.


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Loading chamber is so large that you can ensure continuous operation for 8-12 hours. An additional option is the possibility of installation of an awning, and power range for use not only as an emergency heat source, but also the main source of heat. Three-pass heat exchanger increases efficiency due to improved heat removal.

The Most powerful model differs from the line, because instead of a mechanical throttle is used in the exhauster. The loading chamber was also modified, to the design of the added leverage of the shaking grate. Supply system primary and secondary air was changed. The area of active burning is supplemented fireclay brick, which guarantees higher temperature resistance and catalysers of combustion products.

Solid fuel boiler “Prometheus”, which reviews will help you make the right choice, for sale in 7 varieties, each model is able to heat the room a certain area. If we are talking about the boiler 12 kW, it can be installed in the premises, the maximum area is 100 m2. The most powerful boiler is able to heat a 600 m2, but should be considered and averaged. For example, a boiler of 20 kW will heat up to 180 m2, whereas at 24 kW-230 m2. The consumption of coal at the very low power of the model is 3.2 kg per hour, the most powerful – 18.6 kg per hour. The efficiency ranges from 82% to 84%. It is noteworthy that the highest coefficient of the low-power boiler. You will be able to purchase 35520 rubles., while the equipment at 60 kW will cost RUB 92700

Reviews about solid fuel boilers “Prometheus”

feedback boiler Prometheus machine

Boilers “Prometheus”, the owners of which are presented in the article and will help you make the right choice, I assume the top fuel charging. The coal have to fill through the top cap, which, according to buyers, it is more convenient in comparison with when the fuel has to throw in the side door.

Consumers like that the grate is the high-strength cast iron, it increases the life of the product. The desired temperature is now able to maintain thanks to the integrated traction control.

Technical features automatic boiler “Prometheus automatic”

boiler Prometheus reviews for solid fuels

It is Very important before making a purchase, study the reviews. The boiler is “Prometheus machine” is no exception. This equipment relates to domestic coal devices, the capacity of which may exceed 800 kW. But the low-power equipment for home in this case is the unit of 40 kW. The device is long burning and has a silo for the storage of coal reserves.

Fully loaded hopper the boiler will work up to 5 days in offline mode. You can install it in the premises, the maximum area of which reaches 400 m2. The fuel used is brown coal, consumption of which reaches 9 kg per hour. Hopper capacity is 360 liters, the efficiency varies from 75% to 90%.

Reviews about solid fuel boilers “Prometheus automatic”

gas boiler Prometheus reviews

These boilers, according to buyers, it is very easy to run in. This will only needfill fuel tank and close the cap tightly. The operation is carried out through a special hatch, it will require only a few splinters of wood. After several minutes, the equipment enters automatic mode and the control unit has the ability to regulate the combustion process.

Buyers particularly like that the fuel consumption is equally distributed, because this is a stepper motor, which through a system of levers provides the rotation of the grate. These boilers “Prometheus”, which will allow you to make the right choice, demand loading of fuel no more often than once a week. Fuel economy is ensured not only by the adjustment of the combustion process, but also an automatic mode.

Specifications universal boilers “Combination”

solid fuel boiler Prometheus reviews

A long burning Boilers “Prometheus”, which is quite often the most positive, presented and versatile models. The power in this case varies from 25 to 45 kW, and the area of the room can vary from 250 to 450 m2, respectively. As the fuel acts as coal and firewood and also pellets. The consumption of pellets per hour varies from 7.2 to 11.6 kg, which depends on the power. The capacity of the furnace is the limit from 80 to 95 liters, and efficiency on the pellet reaches 90%.

Technical characteristics of pyrolysis boiler “Prometheus eco”

boilers long burning Prometheus reviews

Boilers “Prometheus”, reviews about which you can read in the article, are brought to the attention of more consumers to “Prometheus eco”. In this case, there is only one size of the model, its power is 30 kW. Install this equipment in the premises, the area of which reaches 300 m2, the chamber volume is equal to 170 l, and the efficiency achieves 93%.

The Device provides almost complete combustion of the fuel and ash this produces a minimal amount as gaseous waste. Therefore, the equipment meets the highest environmental standards.

Reviews about gas boilers “Prometheus” with infrared burner

Gas boiler “Prometheus”, which reviews are the most positive, is supplied with the infrared gas burner “Hippo” with volumetric matrix. Consumers like that the burner is flameless and is used in the manufacturing of high quality ceramic. Consumers emphasize that the efficiency of the burner reaches of 99.9%. In addition, managed to achieve savings in comparison with the flaming kind.

The Supply of secondary air is not required, and the dimensions of the boiler are minimal. It's consumers like, because most of the heat produced in the infrared spectrum that is absorbed within the combustion chamber. Such boilers “Prometheus”, which you can consider when making a purchase, and have special holes, the emitters that allow you to burn gas with little release of harmful products. It sometimes is a determining factor in the selection.


After Reviewing the range of products “Prometheus”, you will be able to choose for themselves a particular model. For example, “Prometheus machine” has a thermostat, which provides efficiency and convenience in operation, like gas boilers. The consumer will only need to set the temperature you want to maintain the premises.

And after all service will be to load the hopper with coal, but these works need to be repeated only once a week. It is very convenient, because the consumer does not always have the opportunity to be at home and the heating system sometimes requires a smooth operation.

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