Electric pancake maker: reviews and price. How to choose an electric crepe maker?


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The Process of cooking pancakes is not like every owner, as it requires a fairly time-consuming. But there are modern devices, which greatly facilitate the work of women, one of the most relevant – the electric crepe maker reviews, which only good.

For Amateurs and professionals

Well – is an amazing device that will appeal to novice cooks and experienced masters-gourmet. Why electric models have become so popular? This is simple:

  1. Electric models use the same cast iron, whereby heat is retained and evenly distributed.
  2. Griddle surface heats up evenly, so the dough will be well grilled, and the pancakes will not stick to the surface of the pan.
  3. Electric crepe maker reviews received good and with simple operation: just turn the device on and do cooking pancakes in the usual way, only much easier and faster.

electric crepe maker reviews

How to choose?

Electric crepe maker – very handy device that you can use in everyday life. Modern models of pleasing variety, but to make the right choice, you need to consider a few things:

  1. Which family bought the device. Pancake maker electric for the home can be different – 3-4 pancake or 6 pancakes that you can cook at the same time.
  2. Size plays a role, as it determines the overall device as a whole. Most models are compact so they don't take up much space in the kitchen either for cooking or storage.
  3. Choose models that have a non-stick coating: this will not only make the cooking process easier, but also provide easy maintenance of the device.
  4. The power of the heating element depends on the speed of cooking pancakes. Usually it is 1-1. 3 kV.
  5. Replaceable working surfaces will not prevent, however, the cost will be more expensive this electric crepe maker. Many boil down to the fact that the removable surface allow to cook pancakes of different diameter.
  6. The Timer on blinnitsu found, but mostly in expensive models. This feature is good because the timer will automatically disconnect the device as soon as the pancake is ready.
  7. Security. High-quality instruments have a stable and non-slip rubberized legs and heat-resistant handle that ensures safety of their operation.

electric teapot


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What equipment?

What is the most easy to use and functional pancake maker electric? The user feedback suggests that in most cases included are spoons woks that are needed for the spill test. Using them, you can pour the desired portion of dough to pancakes were the same size and thickness. Easy to use the blades of wood, plastics, which have sufficient heat resistance and allow you to easily turn and remove pancakes and spread evenly over the surface of the crepes dough.

Severin CM2198 or Smile PM 810?

These two models United under one title is not accidental: they have roughly the same specifications and cost in the range of 1000 rubles. Electric pancake maker Severin CM 2198, according to users, is convenient because it allows to bake large pancakes with a diameter of 30 cm And therefore are the pancakes you can put almost any filling. The distinctive features of this model include the following:

  • The ability to install a timer that allows you to monitor the baking temperature;
  • In the configuration is a convenient stick-spatula, which allows you to evenly distribute batter over the surface of the pan;
  • Small weight and compact size provide convenient storage;
  • Depending on the filling you can monitor the degree of surface heating.

pancake maker electric for 6 pancakes

The advantages of the crepes users note plastic case, which is characterized by high resistance to temperature changes and provides ease of the whole device.

Teapot electric Smile PM 810 – affordable household appliance that has a stainless steel case, resistant to mechanical stress. Housewives say that the surface is heated evenly, pancakes do not burn due to the presence of the non-stick coating. Among the positive aspects of this device include the ability to adjust temperature baking that allows you to cook pancakes that you like.

pancake maker electric for home

Ariete Disney 181

Well this brand is suitable for moms who are sometimes unable to feed a cranky toddler. Bright the device is complemented by the shape of Mickey mouse, so you can bake pancakes unusual shape, which will not give even the pickiest child. For once you can cook only one pancake. Heat-resistant plastic used to create a model that allows to cook at controlled temperature baking. Housewives who have Ariete Disney 181, suggests that pre-lubrication of the surface oil is not needed, more convenient and safe. The price of the model – from 990 rubles.

3372-2221 Bomann Clatronic CM

This classic domestic crepe maker bakes one pancake. In appearance the instrument resembles a small hot plate, the surface is heated evenly, so the pancakes are neat and tidy at the edges. The working surface is recessed at 29 cm, so frying is not only fast, but as simple as possible. That is why only good got this electric crepe maker reviews. Price, oddly enough, not the lowest-from 2400 rubles, but in terms of functionality and ease of use, and it is considered one of the best. Users report that know-how this household appliance – the presence of special light bulbs-led panel, which allow you to monitor the progress of crepes.

how to choose a electric crepe maker

Tefal PY 5510

This model is the most convenient to use, especially appreciated by novice cooks. Is this crepe maker electric for 6 pancakes, so the process of baking will be much faster. Thanks to high-quality non-stick coating to easily flip pancakes, they do not stick, while built-in sensors allow you to set the desired baking temperature. The cost of the device – about 2500 rubles.

The user reviews noted that included with the crepe maker are the ladle, comfortable blades that are stored under her body. The housing is made of heat-resistant plastic, so the device weighs quite a bit. Intelligent design does not slip on the table surface, which guarantees the safety of its operation.

pancake maker electric reviews price

Tefal PY 3001

This device costs about 3000 rubles. Tefal PY 3001 – pancake maker electric 4 pancake. With such a device the process of making pancakes will be easier and faster. The kit includes universal blade, ladle for pouring the test. The surface needs no oil lubrication, as due to the improved non-stick coating, you can even bake on an ungreased surface.

Simple or submersible?

Today's manufacturers offer a variety of devices that make the work of Housewives in the kitchen easier. But how to choose a electric crepe maker if models its a huge amount? Some people prefer the classic versions, which are similar to the usual pan, and someone more like a submersible model. But what would a crepe maker you choose, they all have a number of advantages:

  1. The surface of the crepes is heated evenly, so it will be the same obzhivatjsya all the product.
  2. With this instrument you can not worry that the first pancake will be lumpy.
  3. Bake Pancakes can be of different sizes and sometimes different shapes.
  4. Quality non-stick coating allows you to make cakes without using butter.
  5. Crepes – functional devices that in addition to the main dishes to cook scrambled eggs, and fine bread, and also reheat the food.

pancake maker electric 4 pancake

It is also Important that these devices do not require a powerful energy, so you will be able to fry the pancakes is not only fast and helpful, but also efficient in terms of energy saving.


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