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Both adult and child the main thing-to have their own living space where he will feel the master. Adult habitat is reduced mainly to the three rooms in the house or apartment is the kitchen, living room, bedroom. And the children of your world - the room in which they are interested with your toys. According to psychologists, making room for a baby affects its development, character and actions. Therefore, the room should be such that in it the child was comfortable to live and play.

Choose a room for the baby

Design begins with the solution of the question which room of the living space to allocate to children and how to make it zoning. Next, you should choose furniture for children's room. With his own hands father might want to make toy boxes and small shelves for books, pencils, clay, etc. This is a useful and interesting case. A set of furniture is usually dictated by the age of the child. For a kid in his room most importantly – a place where you can play with your toys. The room should be light tones. However, given the temperament of the child and following the advice of psychologists, for spirited children need the calm tones of the walls, quiet children will be bright.furniture for children's room with their hands

Which choice is better

A child's Room can be decorated with furniture, which includes modules for play and sleep. But the best would be furnished, made of natural wood. Better yet, if a children's table and chair is not bought, but made by my dad. Making furniture with his own hands, the father displays his soul, and the child feels it. He likes exactly the things made by the hands of a loved one. The child, depending on his age, trying to help the father, giving the necessary details, bringing tools. So he learns the process of creating objects that surround it, and directly takes part in it.
wooden chair


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Design from

The design of the nursery like to participate older children. They are still alive the memory of childhood, and they know better, that may appeal to baby. Wooden high chair for a child can make an adult brother a schoolboy. Moreover, the lessons they learned to make small items for kids. Original decor from my mom can decorate the crib of the baby. It's beautiful embroidery, and fun homemade toys, made by the mother. Loving parents are better than any designer can decorate the space with their offspring.

Offered in stores baby furniture sets does not always correspond to the design that parents would like to see in the room of your child. For example, children's table and chair, priobretennyi in the store will look like “how”. It will be something like a coffee table, not the place where the child will be interesting to play, draw and sculpt. Created with love of children's furniture with their hands and so different that it has zest, it is possible to provide such details, which are not available in standard children's furniture sets. This can be a Board where you can draw with crayons or markers. Such a thing will be useful for children of all ages.

child table and chair

Security in the baby's room

Making a children's room, it is necessary to ensure child safety. Baby furniture must be without sharp corners, and half - warm, as during games the children are mostly sitting on the floor, and, of course, should not be drafts. The height of the shelves for storage of toys should be available for the baby with its growth. The outlet is closed to the young researcher had not thought to stick something in the hole. Designed and manufactured children's furniture with his own hands just to meet the security requirements. Table and chair can be done with rounded details.

Baby grows

The needs of the child change as they grow up. Some of the details of the situation of his room will need to be replaced. This applies to furniture and filling the room. If the child is of primary school age, it is not necessary to load the room with items to remind them of the study. After all, adults can not stand in their way of life items associated with the work. While playing, the child develops, so should not deprive him of the opportunity to spend time with their favorite toys, dolls, toy cars. If you have created children's furniture with their hands in the room primary school children, it can be transformed and under his growth, and new interests. We should think about this, creating it initially.

children's furniture with his own handsThe Teenager is not necessary to arrange the room, relying on your rational approach - how to arrange the furniture and where everything goes. You need to give him the opportunity to arrange his room based on his interests, his color preferences. Of course he "grew out of short pants”, so the furniture surrounding it should correspond to its age. And where will get children's furniture, with his own hands made? May be kept in a safe place pending the completion of the family. Or through the sites of online sales it will get a new baby.

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