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A set of interior doors is not complete without appropriate accessories. Along with handles, chains, eyes, and various inserts manufacturers are making sets of loops. This is probably the main element door set, which depends on the quality of the fixed blade in the opening. Commonly used traditional model of loops, the device which involves tapping into an array – for this is formed by a groove.

butterfly loop

The Development of technological methods of manufacturing and installation of doors led to the development of the loop "butterfly", which does not require tapping. New hardware has other fundamental differences, which are characterized by both advantages and disadvantages. Proper installation will preserve the dignity and minimize the disadvantages of ready-made door design.

Design Features

door hinges butterfly

The Main difference of loops butterfly, which affects the features of the installation with the further operation is fit to the door surface. Such fittings does not require creation of slots to insert – looped map is superimposed on the surface and also twists. Side mounts are arranged so that one part with the closing doors is embedded in another, hence the name “butterfly”. The number of screws varies depending on the kit, but on average corresponds to the classical sets mortise the hinges.

The installation Process

To understand how to set a loop tie correctly, it is necessary to elaborate its design. Technology installation of overhead models, as noted above, due to specifics of their work. No need of forming the grooves is a significant advantage of such loops, the rest of the course corresponds to the usual installation method.


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how to install hinge butterfly

First marked the location of the hinges. It is desirable to make the inner side, and then to fix the point of drilling. The distance between the edges of the fabric shall be not less than 200 mm – the average indentation not only for loop "butterfly", but for the regular versions of this hardware. Then made neat holes for the screws, which usually come complete with hinges. The final touch will be a direct screwing of the parties “butterfly” to the door frame and canvas.

Details of the setup

The apparent ease of the installation process and especially the lack of the need to create niches in the array of many captivating. But all the advantages of the door hinges "butterfly" on this end. Just after installation, you can estimate how ambiguous such accessories.

hinges for doors butterfly

The fact that to get the proper effect of the use of hinges without the frame only provided a flawless installation. Compared to traditional models, “butterfly” do not provide a wide field for improvement. First, the parties should ideally be otherwise formed uneven – the door will bounce or, at least, not to lie down. Secondly, we have to live with a small gap, which is naturally formed from the protruding looped cards. And one more unpleasant moment, which also characterizes the door hinges butterfly design without the frame itself – it is the impossibility of removing the door leaf without twisting screws.

How to fix the error?

To get Rid of all these consequences of the use of such original loops is impossible, however, to minimize their impact on usability. Among the most important challenges addressed by the master during installation, loops of butterfly is to ensure the uniformity of the convergence maps. Usually, inconsistencies are eliminated by creating linings. To do this, use cardboard, thin wood, paper and similar material – you need to put in the part opposite the side that is not imposed.

In addition, the hinges for the doors "butterfly", the structural features that provide a high degree of reliability. Of course, it all depends on the products but hinges mortise type they are inferior. It is therefore important to efficiently execute the fixing screws – no peek-a-Boo hats and tilts in the sidebar will be reflected in reliability.

Another dubious feature is the location of the screws on the map. On one side they are located closely, and on the other – at a distance from each other. The configuration can't be fixed, but you can eliminate the possibility of damage to a door on which it is planned to strengthen the loop "butterfly". The installation is performed on a solid and reliable areas – that is, suitable to tighten.

What doors fit?

Define segment optimum door under the hinge construction of butterfly can be based on the strength of the attachment. This nuance has been reviewed, and it is quite natural that to Supplement such systems and heavy models is not desirable. Still, the operation of the implementation in array adds reliability to the mount, while external fixation without insurance seems very risky when mounting a 40-pound blade.butterfly loop installation

Conversely, the door hinges butterfly, the installation of which is carried out as smoothly as possible and clean, ideal for lightweight doors that do not necessitate much effort to install. In particular, representatives of the veneer combined with the category “butterfly” not only technically but also visually. Models made from solid, it is recommended to equip mortise hardware – the difficulty of installation kompensiruet their reliability.

Decorative effects

Invoice attachment system of the loop "butterfly" due to aesthetic considerations. What would be neat, nor was the box, the wizard will not be able to the same extent to maintain the integrity and perfection decorative doors. Beating all the complexity of the installation of such loops, it is possible to achieve unsurpassed results. Since there is no need to intervene in capricious laminated surface, doors with hinges-butterflies should be considered as the best option for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and other facilities where important stylistic harmony.


Overhead of a loop is difficult to name the best choice for Amateurs and beginners who can count on easy installation without creating a tie. Some risks are excluded, but there are others. However, subject to strict markup and adjusted toe-in card loop "butterfly" will provide the result in the form of an aesthetic interior doors with the original attachment configuration.door hinges butterfly installation

Finally it is worth to refer to inset models, which still remain the most popular solution for fixing the door. This choice should be made, if you need a durable and reliable design, however, have to sacrifice decorative. Still clumsy, the principle of implementing such loops are incomparable with delicate trim without damaging the wood.

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