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Today's Popular motion sensor was developed as a device for protection of objects, allowing his surprise to detect "uninvited guests". Now without him it is hard to imagine the ‘smart home”.motion Sensor light

Is it needed?

Not so long ago to find the switch, especially in an unfamiliar room, it was quite difficult. Later manufacturers began to equip switches with led indication. But it's home. In the hallways and places with large concentrations of people fared much worse. Especially in the common areas without Windows. The light in these places lit for days. In the current situation, with the aim of saving energy, becoming more and more popular instruments for monitoring light. They turn on the lights as needed and turn it off when the illuminated area is empty. This device is the motion sensor on the light.


The Device responds to movement and turns on and off light, give you the opportunity to enter the already lit room, to know what's going on in the yard (adjusting motion sensor allows you to set it to any movement), and thus significant savings on the payment of electricity bills. Most often, these smart appliances are installed:

- on the stairs leading to the cellar or basement,

over the entrance door to the porch,

on the staircase or in the hall that do not have natural lighting, for inside the house,adjustment of movement sensor

in the basement or cellar.

- in the toilets, bathrooms, showers, etc.

Modern motion sensors allow you to set on (with him or without) any household appliance. Air conditioning, for example, or TV.

The Optimal setting is considered, if the motion sensor is duplicated on the light switch. Usually a scheme for the installation, including the nuance that comes with the device.

Types and methods of installation

The Principle of operation of the motion sensor to switch on the light allows you to divide them as follows.

  1. The sensor responds to the ultrasound. That is, the device detects movement by means of reflected sound waves.
  2. Sensor for its operation uses high-frequency waves.
  3. Sensor based on infrared radiation detects any movement warm-blooded creatures.

Setting the motion sensor to activate light may depend on the system of fixing the movement. There are two;


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- Device is active and itself emits a signal, and then reads the reflected from. The design of these devices usually consists of two elements: emitter and receiver. It is this structural complexity increases the cost of the device;

- the Device is passive. Able to register only their own radiation, an object caught in the area of operation of the device. The design of the device is simple, so is much cheaper. Minus, quite sensitive, a high level of false positives.

Ultrasonic motion sensor

Often it can be found in security systems for transportation and Parking. The advantages include:

- resistance to external influences and environmental factors,

- the readability of the signal reflected from any object

- the average price category.setting the motion sensor to turn the light on

It is realistic to assume that the installation of the motion sensor to turn the light on this type suitable for residential use. But here we must note that:

  1. Ultrasound is great to hear the animals.
  2. The device Responds to sudden movements, so objects that move slowly, they are not perceived.
  3. The range of the device has certain limitations.

Microwave sensor

Motion Sensor light this type, as the previous refers to active. It differs only by the waves. They are electromagnetic. The device emits, and detects reflected from the possible objects. If they move, it changes the frequency of the wave, which causes activation of the sensor. If they are static, the wave is returned unchanged.

This is the most frequently used device in protection systems. The advantages are significant:

- long reach,

- small size, allowing the device to almost invisible

- high accuracy and reading slight movements in the area of the device;

- detects the movement behind the barrier, if it is of non-conductive material.

In a residential installation microwave motion sensor for the light is used infrequently. First, it is calming and often works unjustly, and secondly, is quite high compared to similar devices. And don't forget that prolonged exposure to microwave rays has a negative effect on the human body.motion Sensor ceiling

Infrared sensor

As we know from school physics course, any object has the radiation of the infrared spectrum. Pyroelement located in the sensor check, react to temperature change and catch the signal.

If the working area of the sensor is a movement, which, of course, is accompanied by radiation of infrared waves, the magnitude of the output potential varies, and the sensor is triggered. If, like radiation, no, the potential is constant and causes to trigger either.

Infrared sensors are ideal for any premises, including residential. They are perfectly cope with their responsibilities and have the advantages:

- adjust the motion sensor of this type has an additional angle adjustment of range and threshold,

the device is a passive (not self-radiation), therefore no adverse effects on living organisms

- the device is in affordable price range

- sensor can be used on the street and indoors.

The Disadvantages are not so significant, but still there.

- the temperature difference might cause malfunction of the device

- heaters, radiating warmth, can cause false positive

- objects with a coating that is not conductive, the IR rays are not read by the sensor.

Adjusting motion sensor

Modern devices allow you to adjust the installation angle, turn-off delay time, light and sensitivity. The model of the previous model years have only the infusion of light level and delay time or the last and sensitivity.Lamp with sensor dvizheniia on batteries

To Adjust the range of the sensor is possible only by setting the installation angle. Models of sensors manufactured today, have hinges. They are fixed so that the infrared rays covered the maximum area for motion detection. An important issue is the installation height of the device: best is 2.40 m.

Sensitivity to set a little harder. For its intended adjustment swivel the lever (Sens). To configure it in such a way that the sensor is "not seen" animals, and only respond to the person. Experts recommend to first put the lever on high, to wait until the light goes out and check how to trigger the sensor. Then you need to gradually reduce the sensitivity until you find the best option.

Setting up light means that the sensor will be triggered only after dark. To start, as the previous setting, you need setting the maximum. With the coming of dusk to celebrate the triggering sensor and, at its discretion, increase the illumination or decrease.

Last configured time delay. It ranges from five to ten seconds and is configurable on personal feelings. There are models of the sensors each time you switch on increase the delay time.

As you can see setting the motion sensor is not extremely difficult.

Ceiling unit for fixing the movement

Set this device, because of its structural features, only on a horizontal surface. A spherical housing, with a viewing angle of 360O gives you the possibility to cover a large area. Motion sensor ceiling is considered a detection device. With the appearance in the zone of action of a moving object, a contact closure in the power grid that operates the mechanism for turning on the light. The basic element of such a sensor-Fresnel lens. When installing the need to take into account that it can not overlap with any objects.

A Device that is installed on the ceiling, has a 360O. If you set it at a height of not more than three meters, the diameter of the working area will be 10-20 m. that is, in a small room a single sensor is enough. In larger rooms, motion sensor ceiling it is desirable to combine with a wall.

The Ceiling unit are overhead, wireless and embedded. The latter can successfully hide from prying eyes. Any of them is inexpensive and effortlessly installed yourself.

Standalone lamps with motion sensor

The first year in stores you can buy a lamp with a motion sensor on the batteries. Impresses almost all. For example, it is not necessary stroebe walls for wiring, no need to pay for increasingly expensive electricity. And editing, a real pleasure: removed protective tape.

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