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At the moment the home cleaning problem can be solved in many different ways, which do not require any special physical effort and also saves time that can be spend on other useful things. Vacuum cleaners for home allow you to do several things at one time: sweep, wash floors, carpeting, and other surfaces, for example, walls or furniture. Now even washing Windows can be done quickly, easily and without streaks. It is important that vacuum cleaners for the house was supplied with all necessary attachments.

Karcher vacuum cleaner reviews

The details of the choice

If you decide to get this technique, you should use the advice of specialists and focus exclusively on firms with narrow specialization. That is, vacuum cleaners for home worth buying in the stores, which sell only such equipment and related products, not a large variety of devices. This choice is quite justified, because it can serve as an additional guarantee of quality and proper maintenance in the future. The Karcher company is production of household appliances, which is focused on cleaning the house and premises, so buying a device from this brand can be considered as a good solution for people who desire to quickly and thoroughly perform cleaning of the home. It is worth noting that the firm carries out the production of professional units designed to work in large industrial premises – sweepers and polovine machine, economical and environmentally friendly, which is very important for all areas of business.


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Vacuum cleaners for the home "cleaner," easy to operate, and have quite detailed instructions that help them use the correct Assembly and safety. This unit works on a simple principle: water mixed with special detergent is poured into the tank, and then distributed over the selected surface under high pressure through the nozzle. It is important to remember that for wooden and tiled floors, as well as for different kinds of furniture use different devices, differently there can be problems. Experts say that a vacuum cleaner "Karcher", the price of which ranges from 9 thousand rubles, worth taking with a large capacity, if you may need to cleaning carpets and rugs. If these products are made from natural materials, you will need the vacuum nozzle. After a wet cleaning, you should dry the carpet in air or in a well ventilated area to evaporate all the moisture.

vacuum cleaners for home

Functional features

If you decide to purchase equipment "Karcher" (a vacuum cleaner) reviews, which you liked, then you should know more about one important point – the volume of net reservoir, which will be poured water. Consumers should know that cleaning in a one bedroom apartment only two or three liters. And if you have no desire during the cleaning run and change the water, it is necessary to calculate the volume, suitable for cleaning a given area. For larger homes will need a tank of 7-10 gallons in aggregate from "Karcher". Vacuum cleaner reviews which are mostly positive, usually equipped with indicator (for user convenience), showing the degree of fullness of the tank.

You should pay attention to the filter installed in the device. Already all and well known the fact that all the dust particles that pass through the device while cleaning, take to the air we breathe. Vacuum cleaners for the home "cleaner" are equipped with filters of different actions, so you must select the suitable to suit your individual needs, while also fulfilling the task. You should pay attention to the length of the cord from the device that it was enough for the entire area of the premises that will clean up. The choice of detergent cleaner is influenced by a number of factors: the tube, the number of nozzles for various applications, design, appearance – all of this is in direct proportion to the desires of the consumer.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Disadvantages of traditional vacuum cleaners

With the advent of the vacuum cleaner we got great helpers to clean the house or apartment, but they present certain disadvantages. Many Housewives are most dissatisfied with the need to throw out bags and dust collected dust and clean the clogged filters. Often they have to replace the bags, otherwise gradually reduced the effectiveness of cleaning. A regular vacuum cleaner is able to suck only the debris, and fine dust just goes right on through, up in the air and it turns into a human lung. Cleaning efficiency from dust from such equipment is not too high, as it usually is not too much power. Such a device can help in cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets, as well as to collect debris from the floor. Usually their functions are limited to that. Soapy dust that rises into the air when cleaning, is often the source of allergies.

The Advantages of new solutions

So, it is necessary to consider products "Karcher". Vacuum cleaner reviews, which speak about its high efficiency, equipped with a systemmultistage filtration. Because of this, they not only keep fine dust, but also clean the air and hold it ionization. It can be used to clean not only furniture and carpeting, but also to wash floors, Windows, to collect accidentally spilled liquid. Dry method of cleaning in the event of their use will also be very effective, as they usually have more power than their traditional counterparts.

Hoover karcher reviews

Working Principle

It's all quite simple. Into the tank filled with water with detergent which then, through a special tube is sprayed on the surface, dissolving mud deposits. After that, the absorption of water into another tank. The user has the option to choose your own mode of sprinkling or automatically at a convenient time, and this is an important advantage equipment "Karcher". Vacuum cleaner reviews, which could be good for you, will not only dissolve and remove the usual dirt, but also to eliminate odors, as well as body fat. Water filtration makes the air after harvesting fresher and it eliminates allergens and dust mites. This device helps to do the cleaning in the room is much more efficient, because it has a great suction power. Dust can't seep back, because it immediately dissolves in water or compressed into small lumps.

What to clean this device?

This method of cleaning is very effective for carpet, carpet wash, parquet and linoleum. We can also clean upholstered furniture, automotive interior, textile upholstery of the walls and mattresses. Hoover Karcher reviews, which you can find below, even able to cope with blockages in the sink. All of these features and capabilities make this a truly indispensable device in the house.

vacuum cleaners for home Karcher

Vacuum cleaners "Karcher": reviews, price, and other things

These devices should be considered in cases when a family has Pets or a small child, or someone of the family members is allergic. Professional vacuum cleaner "Karcher" cleaning deserves the attention of consumers, because it embodies the most convenient and functional solutions. As Russian consumers are not very familiar with this firm, he did not immediately make a final choice. Europe's appliances "Karcher" is in great demand.


It is easy to use and highly functional devices that can help in implementing effective in dry or wet. There are models for every taste and for different levels of income. Compact solutions - vacuum cleaners small size - convenient for work in small spaces. Vacuum cleaner for car "Karcher" – the perfect solution for the car owner who cares about their vehicle. There are bulky models designed for professional cleaning. However, the greatest demand is ordinary household vacuum cleaner.

vacuum cleaners Karcher reviews price

Variety of vacuum cleaner company "Karcher"

This German company is one of the best manufacturers of equipment designed for cleaning. In addition to bulky units, aimed at the professional cleaning, from its pipelines go devices for home use. There are several types of such devices. Vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning dry, very compact and easy to use. Their cleaning ability is very high. Vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter is designed not only to clean the premises from dust, but also for air purification from mites, allergens and bacteria. The air after cleaning is fresh, there is also the possibility of aromatization. Device with steam generator able to cope with stubborn dirt even old furniture and carpets. Since the steam temperature is 150 degrees, it allows also to kill bacteria.

Robot vacuum cleaner "Karcher" is capable of both dry and wet cleaning. These devices are quite powerful and extremely effectively cope with a variety of contaminants. In comparison with most devices from other manufacturers it is more compact and easy to use device. They are easy to assemble and wash after cleaning. They are equipped with a capacious water tank that does not require to disassemble the whole unit to wash it. Their body is light, but it is characterized by a high degree of strength. Robot vacuum cleaner "Karcher" is characterized by the presence of many attachments intended for different purposes. The device is useful for wet and dry cleaning, can effectively deal with all types of dirt, effectively collects the dust and debris, and cleans the surface. It is characterized by such a high suction power that the furniture and carpet remain after the harvest is almost dry, final drying will be sufficient hour.

Professional cleaners

This category of cleaning equipment designed for use in workshop areas, pavilions and other places of similar scale. Difference professional cleaners from home is not only more power, but to use to create the most modern technologies and implementation of innovative ideas. Karcher adheres to this approachwhen creating their instruments.

Professional vacuum cleaner "Karcher" cleaning has such technical innovations:

- system intensive cleaning of the filter;

- environmentally friendly filtration system;

- a set of solutions to reduce noise;

- the enclosure and parts are made of new materials characterized by high strength.

Professional cleaner Karcher detergent

Area of application professional technique

These units are characterized by a combination of modern technical solutions, so they are used for certain tasks:

- cleaning of dirt, dust and spills in the areas of service and repair facilities, car washes and garages;

- cleaning of carpets and upholstery, automobile interiors, upholstered furniture with the use of chemical compounds.

- daily cleaning diverse floor coverings in the premises and public buildings: offices, hotels, cinemas, hospitals, entertainment and shopping centers;

- use cleaning companies to provide services.


Professional sound Equipment solves very specific task, which put forward specific requirements. That is why there are a lot of features for such vacuum cleaners:

- elements and details of the device are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the maximum permissible loads. The design of the device is that you can quickly and easily replace any component if worn or broken;

- high tolerance of working parts and components to wear and tear allows the unit to operate for a long period of time without interruptions.

The Company took care of all aspects of life where you might need equipment for cleaning, and where the robot vacuum cleaner "Karcher" can be a great helper.

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