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This article considers the virtual mobile operators, which have become popular on the territory of the Russian Federation. A lot of them, here the most famous and profitable for the subscribers. Most of them appeared in this field recently, but has already managed to gather its users. Each operator tries to reduce prices to the optimum, to reduce the outflow of consumers.virtual network operators

“er Telecom”

Recently (2016) "" can be considered as a virtual operator. At the moment are permitted to purchase SIM-cards under the brand “er Telecom”. In March the connection was available only to those who live in Kirov. By the end of year service hooked up throughout Russia. Powered by operator "Tele2".

While buying a SIM card is only possible on top provide mobile network services. We are talking about the Internet, telephony and television. The cost of using the map is 250 RUB./month. Also will be charged subscription fee for the basic package: 300 minutes in the network, 6 GB of Internet and 300 messages. Local calls cost RUB 0,9 per min., in other regions of the Russian Federation – 8 RUB, SMS will cost 2.5 € If the network exhausted the limit, then for each minute, the user connection will pay 2 rubles.

To the end of the year “er Telecom” implemented network throughout the country. The intention of the operator – to best protect themselves from the outflow of users by providing a whole set of communications at a low cost.


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If you take into account minimum prices in the tariffs of the operator, we can safely say that the proposal was “average”. For example, these services are offered “MegaFon” and “Beeline", where they are much


As you know, 2014 «Rostelecom” provided the inhabitants of Russia mobile services. In the third quarter of 2016, the company signed a contract with “Tele2". Then at the Federal level, she began to work with the services of a virtual mobile operator. During the planning of the functioning of the representative of «Rostelecom” said the focus will be on 4Play, but rather at rates that work within it.

The Full amount of the contract is 330,4 mln. This value is calculated taking into account the VAT. What will be the calculations depends on the amount of use a full range of services. The contract is valid for a year or until the exhaustion of all the limit of funds.

The areas served by the "Tele2" will be able to use the services of MVNO “Rostelecom”. But there is a possibility that will be added to any special agreement. A little earlier, before running the core network, the company conducted a pilot project of the virtual operator in the Urals. Representatives of “Rostelecom” completely satisfied with the results offered by the pilot program. Before starting the virtual operator, the company said that all services are in any way connected with 4Play. Other options MVNO “Rostelecom” is not going to promote.

The Announcement of the carried out project of two companies took place in 2015. Even then was practically completed work on the technical and commercial parts of the project.

It Should be noted that the Alliance between the “Rostelecom” and “Tele2" not the first. In 2014 described a representative on the basis of the second provide various services of mobile networks, which worked on the territory of the Urals and the Perm region. To use them could only corporate clients.mvno Rostelecom


On the basis of “MegaFon” company “matrix Telecom” launched a virtual network in Russia in 2003.

A Representative was founded in 1998, he has provided international and long-distance communication. In 2000 was the updated technology of the alarm, and three years later the company signed an agreement with "sonic Duo", better known under the name of “MegaFon”. As a result of this contract brand has provided first rate “Unlimited”. This was the beginning of the work as a virtual operator. In 2008, the network used about 155 thousand people. The most active of which 75 thousand inhabitants.

The Company “matrix Telecom” extends the provision of its services. She is constantly working to integrate options outside the capital of the state. To this end, it cooperates with the North-Western branch of the partner. This gives you the opportunity to believe that soon the relationship will be available there.matrix Telecom


"Skylink" (Moscow) was established in 2003 in order to strengthen the regional network operators, operating on the technology NMT-450. Thanks to the introduction in 2005 of a special standard EV-DO operators providing services on the basis the company was able to improve the speed of the feed.

"Skylink" gives you the opportunity to contact different 30 regions of the state. In addition, there are services that allow you to interact with the users located in the territory of Latvia, Belarus and Transnistria.Skylink Moscow

“the Centraltelegrams”

On the basis of "Skylink" (Moscow) operates a virtual mobile operator "telegrams". His activity began in 2013. Coverage is available only on the territory of Moscow region. Competition in this field is quite large, so that the operator has taken care of the quality of their services and reduced prices to the optimum. Representatives have repeatedly stated that they want to do the universal option, that the user was most convenient to use them. We are talking about, for example, forward calls to a specific number, a single main account.

“Plus one”

In 2011, based on "Skylink" launched a virtual operator "Plus one”. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it – one of the projects already known to “Rostelecom”.

Services are broadband. Emphasis is placed on access to the Internet. The advantage of the company is given to the combination of 3G coverage in Moscow and the region, working remotely with various apps and information management.

The Main users of the services of a virtual operator are private and legal persons, who are in need of cheap and reliable framework for the use of office and home networks while traveling. Moreover, this company can be interesting to those people who are not satisfied with the provided options on other surfaces, or for those who are not in your district above ground utilities.

“Hello Incognito”

Another network operating on the basis of "Skylink". Also as the basis she uses “MegaFon” and “Beeline", and many other virtual operators of cellular communication. Started its work in 2001. To date, some communication services it delivers using its own networks. This virtual operator is considered to be one of the oldest in Russia. Coating captures Moscow region, St. Petersburg and all other areas located in the North-West region.

The First basic statement was “MegaFon”, the contract was signed in 2003, the Second was "Skylink", with which the company started to operate in 2008 became the Latest «Beeline". The contract was signed in 2011.

“people's mobile phone”

The virtual cellular operator was licensed in 2009. But still services are not available. There is no evidence, why it happened. Let's look at what the principles of operation had company.

It was Originally planned that the operator will conduct business on the territory of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kemerovo and Rostov. The operation provides "Tele2".

The Main feature of the company is to discontinue using the towers that would guarantee coverage. All they have to work from the basic operators. The company managed to test the quality of the network, which she is happy. When a connection is available to residents of Russia, is unknown.national mobile phone


Atlas & ndash; virtual operator that runs on the company «Beeline". Activity news began with the end of summer 2016. Available in Moscow and the region. Operator free and is a project of the organization of Russian Ventures. Its purpose is the task for the next three years “cover” not only the Russian Federation but also other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

If a person constantly uses the services of the operator, each month the company provides free one of the tariff plans. There are only five, designed for communication, Internet resources, movies and so on. How large a gift, depends on the frequency of use of the application. If you wish, you can buy any fare. The operator focuses on the fact that it doesn't matter whether the user pays. If you do not have enough traffic, you can always buy it for the virtual currency. It is earned from inside the app. The utility allows you to quickly and instantly find and purchase any equipment or other goods. For this the user will get virtual money.

The Basic rate of charge calls in the network, is made so that the person does not give money. No subscription fee. Furthermore, there is no accidentally connected services and the like above which are many mobile network operators. Consumers using “Atlas” to link, will never be able “to leave in a minus». It's impossible.

Sorry, the virtual mobile operator «Atlas» does not provide international connection. According to the statement from the representative, it will appear as soon as the company will be able to make the services affordable and high quality. Communication throughout the territory of Russia charged the same, so you can easily call to the other side of the state.

SIM cards released in a limited quantity. They provide an opportunity to use good and quality services of the operator.Svyaznoy mobile


Another virtual operator - Aiva-Mobile, operating on the basis of "Tele2". Also the control network is of MTS. On the territory of Russia the company is considered a leader. The launch was carried out in 2014.

The Operator guarantees to its users the most convenient and profitable conditions for cooperation. He focuses onthe inhabitants of the countries of the former Soviet Union, especially paying attention to Central Asia. The Russian Federation was deprived of was not, so the coating is present here. The first country where there was a link from this operator, became Tajikistan.

Representatives of the company assert that, working with them, the subscriber will receive a quality, profitable, and full options to use the mobile network. Of benefits separately, there are two numbers associated with one SIM card, each of which is permanently active, forward, cheap roaming charges. Users often connect to the operator.atlas virtual operator


On the basis of this company operate virtual mobile network operators. A brief look at each:

  • “E”. Works since 2008 Serves seven areas of the Russian Federation. We are talking about Mordovia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, the Chuvash Republic, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Astrakhan. Differs in that it has low prices. If the subscribers are in the same tariff, to communicate with each other they can charge. Practically the only operator that operates with a large number of users and growing.
  • “Fly”. Works with 2012 only services of Tatarstan. During the year bought about 1 thousand users. Now the operator purchased “SMARTS-Kazan”, but continues to provide mobile services.
  • «Euronetwork». Operating since 2007 Functioned only up to 2009 Is due to the fact that the success of the inhabitants of Russia the operator is not acquired. Based company stopped the service after a portion of the stock was purchased “Text”.
  • “NMT”. About it it was already discussed earlier. The license of Roskomnadzor was issued quite some time. Work has not begun. The company makes no warranty that the plans will be completed and cover is secured. Interest from potential users has long faded, so it is unlikely that even after the launch of the network will receive commercial success.


On the basis of the MTS operate virtual mobile network operators, it is useful to consider them briefly:

  • “Hello”. Work began in 2010. Is a joint product from a network of stores «Crossroads», «Carousel» and so on and MTS. There is only one rate, like many other MVNO operators. It enables subscribers to use mobile services for a small fee, moreover, is allowed to accumulate points and to make purchases at the above stores. The project was closed in 2012. The people who served in it were transferred to the MTS. Tariff and his plan is preserved.
  • “mobile”. Operating since 2008. Also is a joint product. This time the Union occurred with hypermarket “Auchan”. Fares can be purchased only in him. The basic plan is that the subscriber is provided with 15 minutes a day to talk with the interlocutor, using the same services. If the second user is connected to another tariff, the cost in General average for Moscow and the Moscow region.
  • “mobile Messenger”. Before you start the project of a virtual mobile operator, together with MTS was released a line of tariff plans. In the fall of 2013 in Moscow and the region provided with the coating. Later, the network became available to all users of the MTS.

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