Climate class of fridges: from permafrost to tropical savannas


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Still, there are cases when the refrigerator is out of order, it shall be in the Studio, there is a denied warranty repair, and the owners of the refrigerator are outraged: "About a climate of tales to tell!" Affected by long-standing habit of bought-in refrigeration unit - "Morozko", "oku" and "Donbass" - switch on and forget, at least for the black sea coast, though in the Arctic. The quality of the refrigerator especially nobody watched, and for the electricity meter and certainly not looking. Gives the cold - okay.Climate class of fridge N

However, the climate class of refrigerators - is not a marketing ploy for higher sales. Buyers in the pursuit of prestigious brands and sizes completely forget that the basis of the principle of operation of any refrigeration unit is necessary the second law of thermodynamics. According to him, for negative temperature it is necessary where-that to put formed in this process the temperature is positive. And heat transfer is not the same on the Black and Okhotsk seas, and says climate class of refrigerators. The closer to the equator, the thicker should be the insulating layer of the refrigerating chamber, the more powerful the compressor, the large area need to have the condenser. All this is necessary for the normal, and most importantly, uptime.

Manufacturers of refrigeration units are eight climatic classes - four major and four double. Each of them has its own designation, common to all manufacturers, regardless of in which country the unit was manufactured.

Climate class refrigerator SN TClimate class of fridge N (normal) is considered basic, although versatile, it is no different. Its operating range room temperature +16...+32.

The Symbol SN (subnormal) would mean that the fridge will work fine at +10...+32.

Subtropics are generally characterized by high relative humidity. In these difficult conditions (+18...+38) can operate the unit with the designation ST (subtropical).

Actually the tropics are hotter, and drier, in addition. For them climate class of refrigerators T (tropical), operating temperature range +18...+43.

It is Worth noting that the Russian market is quite naturally most often offers the consumer a "normal" and "subnormal" refrigerators. However, global warming brings about changes in marketing strategy: even in the middle latitudes, the temperature can often jump up to +35. Therefore, demand dual climate classes fridge with wider temperature limits.Climate class of refrigerators

Climate class N-ST is designed for normal operation in temperature range +16 to+32, N T - +16...+43, SN ST +10...+38. The most universal is considered a climate class of fridge SN T: such a unit should have no problems if the room temperature does not fall below +10 and not higher than +43.

In the cooling devices of the Russian production, you can also meet a Russian marking: (obselescence) corresponds to class ST and T, UHL (moderately cold) - classes N and SN.

Climate class of fridge - determines the parameters for its normal operation. Remember: if the chiller fails within the warranty period, but in the workshop it is determined that the temperature regime in which it operated, did not meet its climate class, you will rightfully be denied warranty repairs.

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