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Although mobile phones have become quite ordinary communication devices, many people are periodically faced with various problems in the operation of mobile phones. One of them is the fact that the computational system cannot see the phone via USB. computer does not see the phone via usbThat is when you connect the mobile phone to a free USB connector using the special cable in the operating system does not receive a drive letter – does not mount the card flash memory (built-in or user-settable). And if you work with an additional flash-card is still possible with the help of an external card reader, then access the built-in sections is impossible. In the end, the usability of the phone greatly reduced. So why does it happen that the computer doesn't see the USB port on the phones?

The Standards and features

Many people used that all the key features any device should work “out of the box”, that is, not require any special settings. In other words, from the phone, it is expected that when you connect it to your computer will automatically be given a dialog on the touch screen to select the mode of operation (charging, tethering, drive, etc.). However, in some models this does not occur, and the owner concludes that the computer doesn't see phone via USB. In particular, faced with this, users of smartphones from “Samsung”. the computer doesn't see usbSo before you panic due to the fact that the computer does not see the phone via USB, you should carefully review all the settings of the smartphone. So, in these models “Samsung” before the connection should go to “Settings”, choose “Network” to activate the item, including USB mass storage mode.


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Chinese wire

The Next problem, where the computer does not see the phone via USB, is in use by the owner of poor-quality cord to connect devices. Suspiciously cheap cords has long been known that the wires inside do not meet the requirements for resistance (cross section, material), so sometimes when you connect the computer sees the phone via USB. In addition, soldering in connectors and sliding contacts material of low quality further reduces reliability. Therefore, it is recommended to use the wire supplied with the device, or to buy quality. In this case, the attempt to save on the “detail” leads to further problems when operating the telephone.

doesn't see the phone via usbChanging the port

Despite the abundance of USB connectors on motherboards and laptops, all connected only to multiple controllers. These chips (or blocks), in particular, control the power ports. So, for a standard maximum current 2.0 port is 500 mA. However, due to the fact that gradually the parameters of the electronic components begin to “float” (capacitors lose capacitance, in coils occur short-circuit, etc.), there may be problems with the connection demanding powered devices. That is, if one USB connector the modem is connected (current of 500 mA) and nearby are included the phone, the controller can not cope with the load. The solution is simple: if you have problems with detection of connected mobile telephones should switch it to another free port.

Software crashes

Sometimes the connection is blocking the antivirus installed on the computer. It should be temporarily disabled. Finally, many users claim that they helped a simple restart of the phone or computer-then the drive is detected in the system.

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