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Previously, the company "Olympus" had the name "Takachiho". It was founded back in 1919 in Japan. Earlier, the company was engaged exclusively in the manufacture of high quality thermometers. Then continued work on the production of microscopes. Soon the company's business went up, and her staff began to grow rapidly.

Olympus digital camera

The appearance of the first cameras

At the time of the founding of the company to think about the mass production of cameras before. The first copies appeared only in 1936. Soon the company introduced Japan, its second improved model "Olympus 2". Then began the development of medium format cameras. This helped in 1956 to release a line of very high quality film cameras. Model "Olympus 35" saw the world in 1955. After this was released the camera with a non-interchangeable wide angle lens. Then appeared the first model with interchangeable lenses. Their difference consisted in the location of the shutter. Now he was already inside the lens and use the camera easier.

The price of the first model "Olympus" was quite low. This is largely due to the peculiarities of the film, which is applied to them. One frame was two shots instead of one, and it was extremely effective. Since 1963, the company "Olympus" started producing professional cameras with compact housing.

Olympus digital camera reviews

The Advantages of models "Olympus"

In the first place, you can highlight an excellent matrix that is fitted to most models of cameras "Olympus". Additionally, they have good lenses. The average optical zoom has increased 24. Wherein the focal length is about 4-100 mm. In turn, the maximum diagram is at the level of 6 mm.


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Additionally, manufacturers of some models equipped with special aspherical elements to improve image quality. Focus all models "Olympus", in principle, not bad. Additionally, you can highlight the possibility to maintain different formats. This will greatly help when you transfer photos to a PC.

Olympus cameras SLR

Instructions for choosing a camera

Released by the company "Olympus" camera (models below) must be selected on the basis of the General characteristics of the device. First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to the indicators matrix. Additionally it is necessary to check the parameters sensitivity. Basically the parameters "ISO 100-6400". The more zoom, the better. Focal length models also plays an important role. High performance of this value will allow you to shoot high quality photos.

More highly valued in the cameras various functions. In the first place needs to be set autofocus. However, he must work with contrast detection. There are also modes tracking auto focus or spot. Sequential shooting the camera is not so important. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to the formats supported by this model.

Olympus digital camera instruction

Model "SZ-16": overview and features

Matrix in this model is set to 16 pixels. Parameter sensitivity is at the level of 6400. Manufacturers have equipped the camera "Olympus" high power zoom 24. This wide angle lens has a focal length of 4.5 (minimum). The maximum value is 108 mm. Mounted a diaphragm has a size of 6 mm.

Additionally, manufacturers have equipped this model with three aspherical elements. The digital zoom of the device is divisible by four. There is also the opportunity to take pictures with contrast detection. In standard mode, the wide angle is 0.4 degrees. Also you can mode with focus tracking. Sequential shooting available and running at high speed.

Olympus digital camera photo

Reviews about the "Olympus SZ-16"

This camera is "Olympus" has good reviews. Many customers liked this model a good zoom. While it is possible to take photos with closeup. The model setup is quite nice and there is nothing superfluous. The sensitivity of the sensor is high, and it was good. Quality processor in the camera allows you to very quickly take a lot of photos in a reportage mode. Overall picture quality is very high resolution. Additionally, the owners loved this model for the ability to shoot video.

Model "FE-4000"

These cameras "Olympus" SLR has a unique CCD-matrix. The focal length of the model is as much as 18 mm. the minimum values are at the level of 4.6 mm. Diaphragm, in turn, has a size of 5.9 mm. four-time zoom is set to combo, and has excellent performance of the approximation.

Auto Focus with contrast detection. Additionally, there is a possibility to choose the macro mode. Formats supported a variety of practical and read any devices. The ability to record video are also available. The file format will have a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. Also set a very high quality shutter in the camera with the regime of the candle.

Olympus camera model

Reviews from experts about "FE-4000"

This camera is "Olympus" gets good reviews. The majority of experts assessed the positive side, the processor of this model. While the camera has the special metering. The video quality is pretty good. In General, many formats are not supported and when you transfer photos to a PC can cause problems.

In addition, specialists do not best describe the focus with face detection. In General, to use this feature is not too practical. Zoom is equipped with a fairly powerful, but the clarity suffers. Additionally, there are some problems with the lens. For the Amateur level of this camera is "Olympus" fits perfectly, but for professionals, absolutely no good.

Camera "OM-D E-M5"

This camera is "Olympus" has a matrix with an index of 16 million pixels. Its size is 17 by 13 mm. Additionally, there is a crop factor of 2.00. In General, the maximum image resolution is exactly 4608 x 3456 pixels. Additionally, one should note the sensitivity of this model. In addition, there is image sensor cleaning. The lens in this model comes separately in the kit. It also includes the documentation for the camera "Olympus" (instruction).

A Measure of aging "OM-D E-M5" is 60 s. the settings manually. You can also adjust the aperture. Automatic processing of the exposition occurs with the shutter priority. Its step is equal to 1.3 mm. Metering can be spot or multizone. The AF illuminator is available along with manual focus. The performance and the speed of shooting is quite high. In this model, this parameter is 9 frames per second. It is also important to note that the producers set a timer avtobuska. Frame formats, you can easily choose between 3:2 and 1:1.

There is Also the possibility to set automatic white balance and black. In addition, there is a manual installation color. In General, the menu convenient and will be enjoyed by many. Image stabilizer optical standard. The system works by shifting the matrix.

digital cameras Olympus

Consumer reviews about the "Olympus OM-D E-M5"

In General, produced by the company "Olympus" camera (photo shown above) a estimated the positive side for the picture quality. The producers set a very good electronic viewfinder. In this case it is used with the screen. His field of vision is as much as 100 %. In General, the screen size is quite acceptable and equal to 3 inches. In addition it can be easily rotated.

Also included is the Shoe bracket for the flash, which is very convenient. The quality of video taken with this model are pretty good. All the necessary codecs available. The maximum resolution of video is 1920 x 1080 pixels. At the same time in excellent quality spell the sound. Memory card, in turn, is small, but for photos is enough. To record video you have to buy additional media.

Connect the USB drive provided. Batteries digital cameras "Olympus" have a powerful. On average they will last for 3 hours continuous shooting. Case manufacturers are made durable. And it is absolutely not moisture proof. The ability to mount the camera on the tripod provided. The dimensions of this model is quite compact: the width is 122 mm, height 89 mm, and the depth only 43 mm. and the weight of the camera fully assembled is equal to 373 g.

Overview "Olympus Stylus 1"

This camera is "Olympus" has a whopping 12 megapixels. In addition, it boasts a good resolution of images. Digital zoom lens is 10 mm. Minimum focus distance is around 10 cm

Display size - 3 inches, with the ability to rotate. The viewfinder also...

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