Common Interface Samsung TV - what is it? How to use the module slot common interface (common interface (CI) in LCD TVs


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Television devices allow a new generation with minimal hardware resources to access a wide range of channels of media content. To replace aging system connection standalone tuners come in more compact modules and transmitters of the signals, effectively processing accept information. Advanced technologies in this sphere are actively developing the company Philips, LG and Samsung. In this case the Common Interface in the Samsung TV. What it does for the end user? In essence, the concept of Common Interface (CI) allows for simplified access channels with coded signal. In other words, the TV integrates a decoder that improves the functionality of equipment.

a common interface in the samsung TV that is

General information about the interface

The Common Interface is frequently and wrongly confused with the very tool of decoding channels. It is fundamentally wrong because it is merely an interface for the integration of such cards, which, in turn, are supplied by telecommunication operators. The presence of such a slot in the TV gives you the ability to use the interface as a replacement for a traditional receiver. Therefore, these systems are sometimes called the DVB Common Interface, i.e. a slot that supports a particular format of interaction with the integrated tuner. Moreover, the DVB tuner is currently though popular, but giving way to a more technologically advanced satellite counterparts.

On the practical operation of the slot a user can view the encrypted channels from a particular network operator that issued the card. This CI-module that is inserted into the corresponding interface and after configuring settings in the TV opens the closed program.


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Working Principle of decoder

ci module

The Decoder works in a system of decoding the encoding algorithm used by the provider of telecommunications services. The interface in this case only provides the technical possibility of realization of decoding with subsequent representation of the signal in a particular format. The majority of coded signals received in the receiver together with the access key. This key through the slot is directed to a card that gives a response in the form of the generated code. The latter is sent to the tuner associated with the Common Interface in the Samsung TV. What does it mean from the viewpoint of legal aspect? Using this scheme decode the signals completely legal. The fact is that when you purchase cards at a time paid and the service areas of these or other channels. Usually sold the whole package to which you are connecting and you'll have access installed card.

Features of the CI+module

samsung TV reviews

A More advanced system on the basis of the CI interface, the changes in which caused by just requirements of the copyright holders of media content. The fact that modules of this type are of the first generation provide users with broad opportunities in the treatment of adopted materials. After the initial processing of the signal in the map there is a further stream it to the tuner and, consequently, on the screen in the open, that is, decoded. This feature allows the owner of the equipment to store content.

For the purpose of restricting copy-and-improved Common Interface is implemented in the Samsung TV. What does this mean for the viewer? First, the failure to store materials during the review process. To make this operation possible only with the use of additional devices-play and record. Second, the user cannot skip the ad units. Access to content is available only in a single order – on a single impression. The module with the prefix “plus” does not provide full decoding of the signal, but only gives him the opportunity of entering the tuner, and already before the actual broadcast on the screen is carried out decryption.

This algorithm has restricted owners of TVs with CI interfaces+ in the possibilities of taking additional action taken by the material.

Connection adapter

map common interface

Adapter is required for installation of the card operator. It should be build in a special niche of the interface on the rear panel. And developers Samsung recommend to perform this operation before the TV was installed for permanent operation. This is especially true of models that assume a wall-mounted method of fixation. For convenience, you should install after was successfully completed integration adapter.

Device is attached with special clips, which can have different performance depending on model. This is typically achieved using the clips and holes for a snug placement of the adapter Common Interface in the Samsung TV. What this does in the context of the installation. By itself, the adapter enables targeted work with specific modules using a common interface. That is, when changing or updating the formats of connection of tuner and camera card slot Common Interface will retain its relevance thanks to the possibility of using such adapters.

Module Integration

Installation of the card is performed in accordance with the instructions for the specific model. Usually on the modules indicate the direction in which you want to integrate. Before installation on the TV screen there is a record of the decoded channel, but after the installation is complete it should disappear. Typically the first placement of such modules, it displays basic information about the vendor and specific identity information of the user. Its appearance means that the card Common Interface was connected properly and channels can be decoded. It is important to note that physically these modules are quite sensitive, so handle them carefully should be possible without damaging the surface.

dvb common interface

Plugin Settings via the TV

Normally, the system automatically makes the necessary settings with the withdrawal of broadcast from a connected receiver signal. Learn about the correctness of the connection and the current status of the ligament module tuner in a special section called "interfaces", and in some models this information is reflected in the menu “system” or “stream”. When the desired section is found, it remains only to put on the activity of the CI module and switch the TV to playback mode.

What to do if the module is not connected?

In the process of installation and signal detection may be a different problem. Most often, their solutions can be achieved by reconnection of the components. Thus, for example, corrects the problem, the lack of activity cards. But even if the CI module for TV integrated correctly, not always starts automatically stream channels. In this case, you need to search channels, which will auto scan. But this operation, it is desirable to produce in advance before installing the adapter. Even if the channels will not be recorded as decoded, the system will lock.

Feedback about the interface

digital TV

For the most part these devices receive positive feedback from users. And especially quality performance interfaces decoding renowned Samsung TVs. Reviews note the stability of signal reception, ease in managing the settings and a fairly high image characteristics in terms of color rendering.

At the same time there are negative opinions about the work of such systems. They are related to the fact that it is not always possible to achieve the smooth interface of the tuner and the adapter with the card. Sin this shortcoming and Samsung TVs. Reviews emphasize that a variety of formats, tuners are often misleading in the selection of appropriate modules.


ci module for TV

The Development of technologies in the field of television equipment is focused in particular on reducing components. An example of the interface in question confirms the effectiveness of the experts in this field. Modern digital TV and thus get rid of third-party equipment and do a compact and easy-to-use maps. Another thing is that not always the technical performance of the technology is successful in terms of ergonomics. In addition, there are and dangers associated with the very fact of intervention by inexperienced users in technical stuffing of the hardware of the TV. However, this concept is actively being developed and the emergence of new and more optimized devices gets rid of the technical and operational problems.

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UK - So I've just got a 2nd-hand TV with built in Freeview and a "common interface" port. I *THINK* this is the slot that you would insert a Top Up TV card into, a subscription service (ESPN) which stopped years ago. So I'm guessing it's defunct, which is a shame and I'd love to hear that I'm wrong. How/whether this works elsewhere in the world I have no idea.


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I have to agree with the others. I have just bought my TV and this came with it but I still don't have any idea what it's for


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Obviously a complex subject. An idiots guide would be helpful


2020-10-30 в 09:11:49

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i agree totally baffling


2020-10-15 в 18:48:43

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This article needs to be translated into English. It's basically gibberish. Sorry :(

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