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In a small kitchen it can be difficult to accommodate all the necessary equipment. A small fridge, despite its small size, it can be quite roomy and partially solve the problem of lack of space. To select the best option and not to miscalculate, you should determine the right size, functionality and explore possible modifications. Also important role is played by the design: the stylish fridge can be a real decoration of your kitchen.

Features and benefits

A Small refrigerator - a compact unit with a maximum height of 130 cm, Such equipment is indispensable in small apartments, office buildings, and country houses. It allows you to comfortably and creatively arrange the living space and does not require too much space. The main advantage of such models is a compact size, thanks to him, the unit can be easily placed under the kitchen worktop, build in wardrobe, or to bring to the country. Built-in small refrigerator is best for fans of stylish interiors. The engine Assembly also has a modest size, so almost no noise. The device can be put even in the bedroom and not worry about loud sounds.

Thanks to its compact engine and other inner mechanisms of the small refrigerator has a good capacity, for example, the unit height of only 85 cm has a useful volume of 115 liters. Another important advantage is reasonable price, since the smaller size means lower cost. It features a miniature fridge can be applied to virtually full functionality: the ability to outweigh the door on the other side, built-in voltage regulator, Luggage fresh, a freezer, a sound alert when the door is open.


There are several types of small refrigerators, each of which has its purpose and peculiarities. The first step is to distinguish between floor and table models. The former have a bigger size and functionality, and the second are extremely compact and small capacity. Also has built-in models, which harmoniously merge with the kitchen and is completely invisible in the interior.


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Small fridge two-door

Small refrigerators are single chamber and double chamber. One-part have one cell, sometimes divided shelves. This model can be equipped with a compact freezer or produced without it. Small fridge without a freezer is usually used in offices, allowing employees to store Lunches brought in. Two-compartment refrigerators have larger size, usually one camera is refrigeration, and the second freezer. Such models are suitable for small apartments and small families consisting of two or three people.

The appliance Manufacturers have provided a special device for a narrow audience. Portable refrigerator - this compact, portable units, equipped with Autonomous power supply. Bar are used for cooling drinks and desserts. Automotive work from the cigarette lighter. There are also wine refrigerators, in these models the door, usually made of glass. Of particular interest are miniature devices with a USB cable that can be powered from computer or laptop. Although the internal volume is relatively small, this microsite it is possible to cool a few bottles of water, bowls of ice cream or yogurt. Small refrigerator for office - the perfect solution for employees in the summer.

Package contents

When Choosing a refrigerator, you need to pay attention to his equipment. The presence of the freezer, stand-alone power source, pens or carrying case can hold the key.

Roomy small fridge


The Maximum size of a small refrigerator ranges from 130 cm high, 50 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Compact models are smaller. The device is less than 85 cm can be installed under the countertop.

Small refrigerator in the kitchen interior

How to choose

To choose optimal model, one should determine the purpose of such purchase and the place of intended operation: need small fridge for the office, home or cottage. If the refrigerator will stand at home, it is best to choose the two-chamber model of a small height, and to give more suitable portable option. You should also take into account the following parameters:

  • Internal usable volume of refrigerators and freezers - ensure that the size fits you;
  • Dimensions should match the furniture and to blend in;
  • High grade energy efficiency saves electricity;
  • High-quality plastic trim does not absorb odors and is a long time;
  • Zoning of temperature modes allow you to safely store different products;
  • Built-in small fridge will fit harmoniously into the interior, but it is necessary to order a special Cabinet.
Refrigerator in a very small kitchen


The Most popular brands are giants such as “Samsung”, “Gucci”, “Indesit», «Schneider», «Zanussi”. Also in demand refrigerators production "Nord" and "BEKO". In the line of each brand includes several models of small refrigerators with different functionality and appearance. Company Smeg specializiruetsya for the manufacture of designer home appliances. Such devices will delight lovers of retro style. Having a vintage appearance, these refrigerators are equipped with the latest high-tech engines and fittings of the highest quality.

Designer mini fridge

Compact refrigerator is the perfect solution for a small room. A variety of models, designs and possible functions will allow you to select the best option to suit almost any individual requests.

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