TV "Samsung" does not turn on, flashing red light: possible causes and their elimination. TV repair Samsung


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Despite the fact that more and more people use computer technology in your life, TVs still occupy a dominant place in every apartment. Today, the market represented a huge variety of producers of these products, but the most popular technique Samsung. However, despite the big name, high quality and modern technology devices of this manufacturer sometimes start to work correctly. As a rule, they are not much different from standard information.

For Example, some are faced with the fact that the TV “Samsung” does not turn on, red light is flashing, but the screen remains dark. In this case it is not necessary to sound the alarm, as the problem is solved.

Samsung TV does not turn on flashing red light

What to do if the TV does not turn on

The TV, like any other complex technology, can periodically fail to work. However, as a rule, there is no relationship with his life. In some situations, when the TV “Samsung” does not turn on, flashing red light or monitor immediately goes blank, the problem may be hiding in the wrong relay switches or other nodes. Such failure is typical for old TVs with picture tubes. Newer LCD models are complex fillings, respectively, self-mending of such devices is complicated. But it all depends on, the failure occurred in the hardware, or the user just messed with the settings.

It is Worth noting that in some situations you can do yourself to troubleshoot. However, in this case, you need to be confident in their knowledge and once again not to risk it. You first need to try to determine why the TV “Samsung” is not included. The problem may manifest itself in different ways.


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Why not turn on LCD TV

LCD screens today are equipped with almost all modern TV. If the TV is “Samsung” is not included, the indicator blinks or goes out constantly, the first thing you need to pay attention to some of the most common symptoms. Most often they are associated with breakdown of the remote control. If the indicator is triggered, then most likely left the batteries installed in the device. Also, it may not be included due to wrong mode or improper use of extension cord. Many face this problem when you connect the computer to the TV.

television repair services Samsung

Why the indicator is blinking and the TV does not work

If red, blue or green light delivers the “signs of life”, it means that the technique is trying to self-diagnose the type of failure. To determine exactly what happened with TV, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of flashes of the indicator.

As a rule, all self-respecting manufacturers to accompany their equipment with a detailed user manual, which States indicate that the "Morse code". In some situations this problem arises from the fact that the user is using an LCD TV instead of the monitor from the computer. If in this case, PC is on sleep mode or it is disabled, in this case, the remote control of the TV cannot be turn on. The red lamp should flash for a few seconds. Then she goes out.

To deal with the fact that the TV “Samsung” is not included, and the red light flashes, enough to re-enable the computer or disable it. After that, TV should begin to function normally.

why not turn on Samsung TV

If the led is continuously lit

If this happens, the first thing that indicates that the control unit does not receive the necessary nutrition. Usually LCD TV refuses to turn on with the remote control.

In this case, most often, the failure lies in the remote control. In order to solve such problem, it is necessary to disassemble the device and to pay attention to is not oxidized contacts. Also need to check the shelf life of the batteries. The emitter needs to be an integer. If the remote buttons were filled with a sweet drink, it may well be the cause of failure. In this case, it is sufficient to clean PU or purchase a new device management.

If the TV is “Samsung” does not turn on and red light is flashing, you should try to turn the device on using the control buttons located on the side or rear of the TV. However, this method does not always work.

Samsung TV will not turn on indicator light blinks

If the TV does not turn on using the buttons on the toolbar

In such a situation there are two likely causes of the fault. In the first case could work built-in protective device system. This will be proved by the fact that the device does not turn on or turns on for a few seconds, after which the monitor goes blank. In this case, the probable cause of the problem is a power surge or sudden power outage. In such situations, the TV automatically goes into sleep mode.

To restore normalthe TV, it is recommended to pull the plug for a few seconds and try to turn the device back on.

If such interruptions happen regularly, the experts recommend to purchase an uninterruptible power supply, surge protector, or a special voltage regulator.

TV Samsung LCD not included

Also, the reason of such a failure may be a failed processor or control unit. In the case of a self fix will not work, so you'll have to contact the service center on repair of TV “Samsung”. If the device is purchased new, the official salon Samsung recovery services system needs to be free.

Choosing the right mode of operation

In a situation when the TV “Samsung” does not turn on and red light is flashing, you can safely rule out any fault with the food. Quite often users simply choose the wrong mode of device operation. Consider that every modern TV with LCD monitor, can operate in several States. Mode can be: duty, DVD, or gaming.

So in this case, it is necessary to study in detail the user manual of the specific model “Samsung” and to specify exactly how to switch your TV. It is possible that the device simply works in standby mode. It is in a sleep state the screen goes out and the indicator light stays red or green light.

In Order to rectify the situation, it is necessary to try different modes. In some modern models “Samsung” there is a special button, clicking on which you can specify the current state of the system. Also worth checking the connectors, which are usually installed plugs from gaming consoles or iPods. If the device chosen game mode, but the device is not connected, the very LCD TV “Samsung” is not included, although the indicator light works. However, not always so rosy.

the fault of the Samsung TV not included

If the TV does not turn on and the led is not lit

In this situation there are many causes of this problem. The most common of them – the absence of voltage at the outlet. In this case, you need to buy a special tester or a screwdriver with a dial indicator and check the voltage.

If power do not, the answer to the question about why not turn on the TV “Samsung”, is obvious. In this situation is to try to activate and deactivate electricity in the room with the shield. If the problem is not solved, it is recommended to contact an electrician.

Another common reason for this failure – damage to the extension cable (if used when connecting a TV). If not turn on the old TV “Samsung”, it is possible that fuse. However, such problems tend to only CRT models.

old Samsung TV not included

The building could reach any other component responsible for the operation of the device. Therefore, in some situations, no service for TV repair “Samsung” is not enough.

Technical issues

In the first place is to understand that modern LCD Samsung TVs have a very complicated technological structures, which fix by yourself is almost impossible. When hardware malfunctions, usually in the depth of the building you can hear a clicking sound. It indicates that the device lock is activated and any node in the accident. If this clicks well heard, it is necessary to consult specialists.

In conclusion

If the TV is “Samsung” is off and will not turn on, then it can be anything. More modern models have built-in protection against surges of energy, but older devices may fail if abrupt power outage. In addition, the new TV have a huge amount of settings which are very easy to get lost. And if you have a small child, that he could “play” with control panel and set the screen lock and so on. Therefore, it is especially important to study in detail the device's user manual.

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