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The Development of networks and the Internet gave people not only the ability to quickly access the world wide web, but also many interesting technologies, such as mobile TV. The operators, not knowing what to get a user started to access the services and view your favorite channel straight from your phone. Experts predicted that mobile TV will become very popular in the modern world, and they were right. Constantly late people the opportunity of viewing programs on the go very much. Especially popular are sports, for example football. Let's take a closer look at what mobile TV is, and discuss whether it is in principle.

mobile TV


In our country TV on mobile phones has come later than in Europe and Asia. The first company who organized the broadcast, has used the technology of Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld. She became an official in the territory of the Russian Federation, and for her work was released, some radio channels. Soon the opportunity to develop services based on technology and large operators. Mobile TV "Beeline" has become the most successful and widespread in this area. Broadcasting DVB-H is conducted by means of relay towers. To view the transfer does not require a connection to the Internet and high speed data transmission. By the way, MegaFon chose this way of broadcasting. The company's costs are minimal because of the widespread use of the cell towers.


IPTV settings

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To view a channel in accordance with this standard requires a special telephone receiver and software to display information on the display. Technology DVD-H runs with a constant speed of 8 Mbit/s can be viewed even while roaming.

Mobile TV over IP

The company was the first introduced the service "Mobile TV" over the cellular network, having in 2004, the best data transmission technologies. Mobile TV MTS appeared a little later, but the groundwork they had at the same time. First service was launched in Moscow, and a year later spread to St. Petersburg. The user had the opportunity to watch the news, transfers, videos and more. To view the necessary video support to 3GP, and player RealPlayer. In addition, the required fee for WAP access. With the development of smart phones there is the option of watching in high quality, and available has become even more channels. Some of them require a paid subscription.

mobile TV Beeline

The Service has become quite massive, by 2009, it enrolled more than one hundred thousand people. Today mobile phone with TV, it is not surprising users, but ten years ago it was a novelty. The following statement, which launched a service that became MTS. Worked option is only in the networks EDGE, so quality pictures could be obtained. Widespread service obtained in regions where a smaller load nets. Enjoy watching your favorite transmission was impossible: despite the high degree of video compression, often the result was a slide show. In Russia, mobile TV from MTS in those years has not gained wide distribution, but in Uzbekistan the company, business was bad.

Another company that used IP technology to broadcast was "Skye the Link". In 2006 at one of the exhibitions she has demonstrated the capabilities of its services. Had enough of 600 kbps to get a good, stable image. Advantage was and the low pay. Users of Windows Mobile and does get a chance to watch about 20 channels for free, pay only for traffic.

mobile Internet TV


In addition, most smartphones support mobile Internet TV that you can watch, by installing a small app. The most popular is SPB TV, which is best proved themselves on the market. Works on all known platforms. Installation file has a size of several megabytes. Often comes preinstalled on many modern smartphones. Regularly appear and new apps, but to get SPB them is very difficult. The program does not require high-speed Internet, has over one hundred channels from different countries, perfectly adapts to small displays.

After installation of this app, the user is not operator-dependent. TV shows can be watched for free, paying only for traffic. Of course, it is better to have high-speed Internet and a large pack of traffic, so as not to feel discomfort while browsing.

Mobile TV in the world

Despite the rapid development, the technology has not received proper distribution. The reason may be that many users don't really need TV in your mobile phone. Many American operators are providing mobile TV services for its users. Half of the channels available for free, the other part requires a subscription.

mobile TV MTS

In Europe, mobile TV is more popular. In Italy, for example, in 2009 there were about 1 million regular viewers. Some operators provide the possibility of free viewing atstandard DVB-H. particularly popular are news channels that are regularly reviewed by users.

A popular service in Asian countries.


mobile phone TV

Today, mobile TV is available to any smartphone owner. Of course, most of the devices supports only IP standard. Operators regularly offer services that allow you to view a huge number of channels. Quality is also improving. Even on large displays a high quality picture due to the speed of data transmission. The development of such services are especially conducive to sporting events. Every football championship is accompanied by the growth of interest in mobile TV. Reduced and the cost, which has to pay operators. You can avoid additional costs by downloading the free program for viewing TV.


Mobile TV is an interesting service that will appeal to fans of viewing different programs. The development of technology has allowed to abandon the technology DVB-H which requires a special terminal. A quick Internet all you need today for comfortable viewing.

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