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Due To various circumstances, a person has to live in uncomfortable conditions. Some of these are: geological exploration, archaeological sites, naturalistic studies and active rest on the nature. Gas burner for a hike in such conditions is a staple for quick cooking.


Primus is Besfamilny burner on liquid fuel. “Parent” the original portable device capable of three or four minutes to boil water, and for five to roast a piece of meat, was a Swedish inventor Franz Wilhelm Lindqvist.

The Patented device gave impetus for the formation of a company called Primus. For the first year (1892) the existence of the company seven masters have produced 1204 of the device.gas burner for a hike

The company's Engineers are constantly improving the invention. Gas burner stove for camping are available in several models, able to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding buyers.


Gas burner for Hiking have a number of advantages:

  • Do not require pre-heating;
  • Easy operation, virtually maintenance-free;
  • The reliability of the design;
  • Stepless adjustment of the flame;
  • Smoke;
  • Instantly go to maximum power;
  • A fuel leak is minimized;
  • Relatively quiet operation (most models);
  • Safe (to cook them can even in a tent);
  • Compact and light weight.

Here you need to add and a choice of burner size, design and power.


Gas burner stove for camping may fail at low temperatures. The container must be preheated. In this situation, the hose option is much easier. In addition, decreasing the volume of gas in the tank decreases and the pressure, which affects the performance of the machine.


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Power is slightly lower compared to gasoline counterparts. The disadvantages of this index include probation. Not always require high power in a small volume of liquid. This leads to inefficient use of fuel.gas burner for Hiking

Dispose the container anywhere will not work. In the woods or far from civilization, there's no points for used cylinders. It will have to carry over the shoulders. However, many of their perenapravljat (manufacturers forbid it).

The Main disadvantage – the impossibility of transporting a gas cylinder plane. In very remote parts of the world have to buy fuel on the spot or use a different type of burner.


Gas burner for Hiking vary in structure:

  • Hose separate. The unit is connected to a gas cylinder with a hose. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are:

- reliable stability;

- the ability to cook for large numbers of people;

- low height contributes to the effective windscreen;

- you can cook in the vestibule of the tent;

- in the inverted state, the container can be “suck” to the last drop of gas;

- at low temperatures there are no problems with the heated cylinder.

Negative points:

- large size and decent weight;

- the high cost of the device;

- a complex structure has more problem areas (and the hose and coupling can poison gas).

  • Burner is used as the nozzle on the cylinder. The instrument is screwed directly on the gas source. Advantages:

- simple design, in which almost nothing to break.

- low cost;

- compact and lightweight (the burner can weigh less than 100 grams).gas burner for camping reviews


- instability;

- there are restrictions on the size and weight of tableware;

- the height of the model requires a special windshield;

- there is a limit when operating in the cold season (not work to heat the cylinder from the burner while cooking).

  • Bashlakova in which the container is located horizontally. Gas burner for a hike this model have a significant advantage – the cheapness. This is due to the use of cheap collet cylinders. But the capacity of thin-walled, easily subject to deformation, especially at the connection.
  • Gas stove. Such “gas burner” for Hiking, fishing, hunting and family vacation use in a big company. They can be from one (most popular option) or two burners. The connection hose. Cooking is no different from home. Ideal in the presence of vehicle (it is possible to pack a large canister of gas).
  • Integrated cooking system – the latest development of engineering. Cookware is screwed to the burner. Pan original design is at the bottom of the radiator ring. It evenly disperses the flame at the bottom of the tank and is protected from the wind. Reduces cooking time and gas consumption.


Some models have a windproof device. Many have piezo igniter. A convenient feature is fragility of the structure. It is impossible to operate in conditions of high humidity and at high altitude (4000 meters above sea level). Experienced travelers never overlookroute without a couple boxes of matches.gas burner for camping with your own hands

The Cylinders have three main volumes:

  • Small – 100 grams;
  • Medium – approximately 230 grams;
  • Large – around 450 grams.

The device Divided by power:

  • Low power – 2 kW;
  • Medium – up to 3 kW.
  • Increased power – up to 7 kW.

A power of 1 kW is enough to boil one liter of water.

Connection Options

Gas burner for Hiking and cylinders by way of fasteners each divided into three main groups:

  • Collet or valve connection. Foundation – springy split sleeve. Used in some models, gradually giving way to a more lowly methods.
  • Threaded. Most models of all brands "sharpened" under the standard size. The most popular and convenient option. Fit countless designs.
  • Prokolnaya. A fairly common type of connection. Not very practical – after docking with a burner cylinder to disconnect prior to the full use of the entire volume of gas.

gas burner for Hiking fishing hunting and family vacations


Experienced travelers know how of the material at hand, virtually from the garbage waste can quickly build a burner. There are times when leads and brand gas burner for camping. Made machine will last a long time, but will help out in an emergency situation. It can quickly boil water and even to prepare food.

Gas burner for Hiking the numerous reviews of the army of its users confirm this, a very important and sometimes decisive factor for the success of the enterprise (trekking, fishing and other things). Most people prefer to worry about the comfort and buy factory to choose a travel burner for a hike

Before you choose a travel burner for a hike, you need to clarify a few important points:

  • Number of people – it depends on the capacity of the apparatus;
  • The campaign – in the cold it is better to use a hose burner;
  • The need of flights – cylinders on Board will not allow (will need to take into account local specifics under “local” cylinders burner).

Markets are so many different models that you can easily choose a burner to fit your individual requirements.

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