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A Lot of people, occasionally getting on the scales remain dissatisfied with their testimony. Here they may come to the aid vegetable soup diet. The recipe for this soup, usually simple. The set of products available in our climate at any time of the year. And hits the pocket. A set of vitamins and minerals in them makes it easy to get rid of extra pounds and make any person more perfect and attractive.

Achieving this goal can guarantee vegetable soup for weight loss recipe it contains a set of green vegetables such as parsley, celery, onions, which not only contribute to the breakdown of fats in the body, but also have a unique feature – energy costs for their digestion requires much more than the body receives. And vegetable broths help cleanse the liver and excretion of toxic substances and wastes.

There are many different options for which you can prepare vegetable soup for weight loss. The recipe is not much different from the other. Their main principle – they do not contain fat and contribute to the maximum saturation of human organism with nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, the amount of soup eaten is not limited. It can be eaten at any time and in any quantity. The greater the amount of soup eaten, the more fat deposits is burned in the body.

For a specific application let's look at a few of these vegetable soups.

Recipe 1. Onion soup

Undoubtedly, the popularity of all vegetable soups it is in the first place. It includes: 6 medium size onions, medium size head of cabbage, a few tomatoes, 2 Bulgarian pepper, celery, vegetable broth, pepper, salt, spices to taste, water.


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Cut Vegetables, put in the pot, bring to a boil, cook on slow fire to readiness, focusing on the cabbage. To taste salt, pepper, add spices. The soup is ready.

Recipe 2. Cabbage soup for weight loss

It includes:

Onions, cabbage (possibly white + color) 500 g;

Celery, carrots, green onions, parsley, tomato juice 250 g;

1 head garlic; tarragon, Basil, pepper, salt - to taste, water.

All vegetables are cleaned, cut, pour water and cook until tender. Next, wipe them, add to them the tomato juice and spices and cook another 8-10 minutes. The soup is ready.

Recipe 3. Pea soup for weight loss

1 Cup peas, onions, carrots - 100 g celery, any greens - 50 g; Rast. oil for frying – 40 g; salt, pepper and any spices - to taste; water.

Peas, bathed in the evening with cold water, cook until tender. Carrots and celery root, grated on a coarse grater, and onions are fried in vegetable oil. The roast should be ready add in the peas. For a couple of minutes before the end added chopped greens. The soup is ready.

Allowed in the last recipe of vegetable soup instead of peas put beans green beans or grain. In both cases, it will be a worthy alternative to traditional meat dishes for dinner.

Chosen as one of the variants of vegetable soup for weight loss recipe which you like the most, it should be remembered that the use of the soup – is only one of the aspects to a vegetable diet. In addition to the soup, use a range of products that ensure the intake of vitamin and mineral nutrients necessary for its normal functioning.

The First day: any fruit except grapes and bananas.

The Second day: greens, vegetables, dinner allowed a couple of baked or boiled potatoes with vegetable oil;

The Third day: vegetables, excluding potatoes;

The Fourth day: 2-3 banana and low-fat yogurt or milk.

The Fifth day: fillets poultry or fish, tomatoes;

Day six: steak, chicken or boiled chicken breast with a green salad.

The Seventh day: natural rice and vegetables.

During vegetable diet should drink at least two liters of fluid. Tea or coffee is permitted, but strictly no sugar. But there is a strict limit on alcohol, sodas, sweets, fried foods and flour products.

I would like to wish good luck to all who have chosen vegetable diet. And health to all!

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