Kick in the groin: the history and technique of hitting, consequences and features


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A Primary goal in the melee when the need to quickly eliminate the attacker act as the eyes and genitals. What about hitting in the scrotum area will be discussed in this article.

An unexpected Strong push in the crotch area immediately suppresses the aggression of the enemy, and in some cases may lead to death. As practice shows, even the lightest blow to the groin can deprive the attacker of consciousness due to rapid development of severe pain syndrome. Why? Try to understand, what is so dangerous kick to the groin.


knee kick to the groinIn the last century a kick in the groin was considered a permitted technique in some martial arts that have distinguished the possibility of warfare in a free style. Today, however, these actions are categorized in the professional sports environment as dirty, unlawful, and therefore prohibited. Similarly, the state of Affairs in modern Boxing, karate, judo, and other popular disciplines.

Due to the applied protective linings that are used by fighters for protection of the perineum, many of them do not know how to reflect the blow in groin. This drawback was first seriously considered by the actor and martial artist Bruce Lee, who actually developed a technique of destruction and the protection zone genitals. Especially the right to strike will be discussed further.

Why kick in the groin so effective?

groinUnlike the rest of the points on the body that can act goal of a person when hitting, the scrotum is no natural protection in the form of fat, muscle or bone of the skeleton. Genitals, by and large, are a set of glands covered with skin. Therefore, the part of the body completely absorbs the force of impact.


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In the groin area is home to a great many super-sensitive nerve endings. This allows the male to enjoy the unique sensations in intimate terms, but at the same time makes the genitals are the most painful place on the body when it strikes.


After a blow to the groin you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Involuntary flexion of the body as a result of the rapid spread of pain in the nerve endings in the pelvic area;
  • Preload the lower extremities due to the reduction of muscle mass;
  • Overexertion of the tissues of the abdomen;
  • The growing pains spread from the genitals to the chest;
  • Rupture of the bladder, contusion of the testicles, total shock (in severe injuries of the scrotum).

Choose the location when you take a shot

after hitting to the groinTo Make a blow to the groin from fighting stance, and from a free position. The recent decision rationally before a fight when it is important not to open the enemy's own intentions.

To make a stand, enough to stand up straight, position feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend at the knees, take the working foot on the step back. Hands it is necessary to hold at chest level with open hands or with clenched fists.

Technique of

To perform a successful kick in the groin, it is important to calculate the distance. If you stand too far or close against the aggressor, the victim may be too weak or go casual, that will not cause a knockout of the enemy.

The Impact is as follows:

  1. Weight of a body moves on the anchor leg.
  2. Knee kicker limbs plays forward. It rises up to approximately the waist level. The thigh is in the position parallel to the floor.
  3. Kick in the groin from girls to apply with a small deviation of the upper body back. This allows you to maintain balance when lifted and extended leg.
  4. Directly in the defeat of the groin area of the attacker leg straightens up. And a jab is the upper part of the foot. If the toe is wearing tight shoes with a firm sole, you can beat the so-called ‘Pyr” – with a sock.

In cases where the attack is too sudden in nature and leaves no time for training, you can perform a quick knee kick to the groin. It is made of the same stand, but without straightening the tibia.

How to practice?

blow in groin from girlsThe purpose is to seek the assistance of an experienced teacher club of self-defense. It is recommended to train with a partner. To do this, take a durable, but soft protective equipment, it is best punchbag or manual sporty “paw”. In the course of practicing proper technique strike enough to partner kept such a rag at the level of the groin, behind your own pelvis backward.


In some situations, one blow in the groin may be totally inadequate to neutralize the enemy, because the butting legs simply repay with your hands. So sometimes it is better to disorient the attacker, forcing him to initially protect the head, but only after producing the defeat of the groin area.

If you punch in the genitals is planned the first impact, it is desirable to redirect the gaze of the enemy higher. Alternatively, you can watch the attacker in the eyes, clap your hands over your head. At a time when the attention of the aggressor will be diverted from the legs, andis to perform the sighting of the attack.

In fact, if the victim makes every effort to prevent conflict, but it does not give the result of self-defense with kick in the groin is one of the most correct decisions. In such situations, in any case should not play on their terms, competing in skill unarmed combat or to measure physical strength through struggle. When there is a real danger, it is sufficient to take an accurate shot in the groin and escape to a safe place. Especially the choice of such tactics for physically weak women.

In conclusion

a kick in the groinBefore you take the kick in the groin, should think about the consequences and to assess other possible scenarios. Accented effect on the genital area can not only seriously injure the enemy, but to cause death. For this reason, it is not recommended to resort to such strike without extreme necessity, when there is no real threat to health and life.

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