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Such items as entrenching shovels are popular tools and machetes used by the soldiers. Originating a long time ago, they have proved their universality. There is therefore nothing strange in the fact that their use has not stopped and today. They decided to devote this review.

Versatile tool in the hands of the infantryman

sapper shovelEvery infantryman in the Soviet Army carries with him a small shovel. When he gets the order to stop, then proceeds to dig a hole in the ground near you. Within three minutes, he will dig a trench 15 centimetres deep, so that the bullets whistled safely above the head.

The infantryman uses the same shovel to dig a grave for his fallen comrades. If he has no ax in his hand, he uses the blade to slice a loaf of bread. He uses it as a paddle when on a Telegraph pole under enemy fire crosses a wide river. And when he gets the order to halt, he again builds an impregnable fortress around himself. He knows how to dig the earth efficiently.

Taking the tool in hand, you can feel that it is quite easy grip. The handle is comfortable in the hand. Thus, the dimensions do not affect the comfort. Mount blade powerful enough. In addition, the free end blends in with the focus, improving in this way the grip itself is made in a variety of positions. The handle is slightly rough, additionally polished skin, a bit singed over the fire. It doesn't slip in the hand. Therefore, we can say, that to hold subject do not need a lot of power. Only the shovel can become an ideal extension of the hand, which is a single monolithic tool.


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Measuring the soldiers became easier to clean

The Sapper blades are not only a tool for pulling the earth: they can also be applied for measurement. Gun has Dean 50 centimeters. Two equal length meter. The blade has a width of 15 inches and 18 inches in length. Remembering these data, the soldier can measure anything he wants.

All three edges of the shovel sharp as a knife. It's painted a matte green paint, so does not reflect direct sunlight. The blade is not only a tool for measurement. It is also a guarantee of stability in the most difficult situations.

Official name

sapper shovel folding
Sapper shovel appeared on comparison with a knife or axe, not so long ago. For the first time on this instrument became well-known after the Russian-Turkish war. The infantry had to dig in the earth due to the increased speed of musket balls. Small blade has become the companion of every soldier present. The name "sapper" is not quite correct. The tool is officially called "small infantry". But everything in life has caught the term "sapper".

Excellent edged weapons

Over time the shovel began to be used not only directly, but also as a multi-purpose tool. Yes, and very effective tool is obtained from a simple blade. The use of the tool as a weapon was forced during the First world war. The need arose in the absence of firearms. Therefore, entrenching shovel and began to be used as bladed weapons.

The Specifics of trench warfare contributed to the manifestation of the knowledge of the soldiers. As a result of simple actions sapper shovel on three sides were sharpened. It took some time, and the combat function of this tool was officially recognized. Also, with time, it was decided to develop special kits for close combat, where the shovel was seen as a throwing and melee weapons. In addition, the versatility of the tool was greatly expanded.

Using as a kind of bulletproof vest

shovel sapper titaniumOne of the domestic firms are entrenching shovel titanium. It can protect against bullets TT pistol. It is proposed to use a shovel as an element of armor. It's not really a lie. Shovel really able to withstand bullets. But to use it as a defense is almost impossible. There were cases when the bullet hitting the shovel, caused such a heavy blow that the cutting edge of the tool has pierced the body.

Differences from each other

Despite the simplicity of the design - she can even say primitive, I assumed the blades are significantly different from each other. The bayonet consists of two parts - a tubular fabric and lining for attachment of the handle. A fairly long tube reaches the middle of the handle and is fixed by means of rivets.

Now use lighter options. However, such tools have less functionality. Bayonet spade, despite the ribs, not very durable. Therefore, there is the complexity of its use. The most common is a simplified shovel, in which a tube for mounting the arm is a continuation of the bayonet. However, this design, although it is considered a classic of the type is not always reliable, because the tube is a bit short. Thus, it is not designed to provide fixation rigid forms. The handle is fastened by a nail.

Creation of entrenching tools for the border

sapper shovel spetsnaz
abroad entrenching shovel Soviet production reproduce some American company. From the domestic models, it differs only in a more careful finish and the lack of a folding handle. Gullible Americans a shovel advertised as a formidable weapon of the Soviet secret police.

Negative feature universal tool, which contributed to the improvement of the model

Despite the obvious features of the entrenching shovels, which are rigidly fixed to the handle of the bayonet, they have one big disadvantage. They are very long, they are awkward to carry. To reduce the size, as it will affect the ergonomics.

Thus, at the present time, there is a foldable sapper shovel and bayonet, in which the handle is connected to the hinge. The creation of such tools has markedly increased the convenience of wearing. After folding entrenching shovel requires much less space. Thus, the length of the instruments was reduced to the length of the bayonet. And in that and in other case, provided with high safety. There are simplified versions, when the shovel is attached an additional section, lengthening the handle. She, in turn, is screwed on the thread.

sapper shovel USSRAnother model of home - sapper shovel “Commandos” - is formed on the principle of balisong. These products can already carry in a simple case, made of fabric. The presence of a long handle attached to the hinges, allows you to use the tool as pliers, tongs or detonator. In addition, one of the halves includes a folding saw (changes in the civil version - wrench).

The Bayonet on all sides of the shovel is sharpened. One of them is made in the form of a saw for metal, able to cut the rod with a diameter of 10 mm. the Other end has a curved shape and is used for cutting something. The bayonet has two holes that you can secure the cord.

The Tool is made entirely of steel, except the handle, which is made of wood. Entrenching shovel “Commandos” made for use not only as a tool of the generic type, but also as knives. There is also a product, which has the addition of a folding bayonet, an optical lever. Inside her is drinking.

Spade used by German troops

foldable sapper shovel

The Size of those blades, which are used in different countries and at different times, are virtually indistinguishable. But nothing in this strange there, since anthropometric data of people is also not very much different. Therefore, trophy spades was valued by almost all soldiers. You can use them in battle without a variety of complementary explanations.

In the German army sapper shovel was divided into different models. Such a tool is typically worn by soldiers in the pouch on the left side. The shovel was attached directly to the belt. The tool had a blade steel of rectangular shape and the handle from wood. A similar model has remained unchanged since 1880.

In addition, the same shovel was used extensively in other European countries. Blade small tools for digging were usually painted black. Handle the soldiers were left unchanged. They relied on the fact that otherwise the hands will have blisters. But it is worth noting that the handle is still covered with the lacquer layer. The total length, which reached the German sapper shovel, was equal to 50 cm But you can find models that have a smaller size.

Major changes versatile tool has not undergone

Generally speaking, since the 19th century, the entrenching shovel has not undergone any major changes. In Soviet times, its production passed through the sample, which was designed in 1983. At the moment, can still be sapper shovel, the Soviet Union, which was actively used during the war. Besides, their quality is much better than those, the production of which is established now.

Small blade of the infantry is quite durable and comfortable because it combines practical...

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