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The Ability to see all of the unimaginable beauty of the underwater world makes all the more people to diving. For some it's not only fun, but also the opportunity to hunt. Like any extreme sport, dip requires appropriate equipment. Knife for spearfishing is a mandatory attribute of any diver.


There are many different models. They share the specific characteristics inherent in this segment of products. Quality knife for spearfishing (photo in text) shall meet the following requirements:

  • The metal on the blade must withstand exposure to salt or fresh water;
  • Sharp blade if necessary to cut a fishing net;
  • One of the sides of the blade should have a saw-tooth plot of sharpening;
  • The task of the sheath is to securely hold the knife excluding accidental loss, and to ensure instant retrieval of the blade;
  • Solid bolster provides a secure hold in the hand, even with thick gloves.knife for spearfishing

You Cannot use the appliance for domestic purposes, especially for the rough work of opening cans or chopping branches for the fire. The blade is blunted and may fail at the right time.

Types of knives

Knives for diving and underwater hunting are divided into groups:

  • Products with a skeletal arm. It is flat, which facilitates the overall weight of the blade. This is the only advantage negates the uncomfortable grip problem and remove it from the sheath. They are not very popular, but have an unusual appearance.
  • Swords dagger type. They are functional, comfortable, solid handle is made of rubber or polymeric material. The blade is sharpened on one side, on the butt – serrated. Unilateral sharpening requires some skills such a blade. A wide tip is the tip is not very convenient to finish a big fish.
  • Knife for spearfishing type stiletto. He had narrow, long, sharpened on both sides of the blade. The length is enough to one side to put secretornuu sharpening. The handle is massive, with finger grips and reliable focusing. Thin and narrow tip easily penetrate the skull even very large prey.

There is another “tools” underwater hunters – faceted narrow awl, also in a sheath. He has one function - to kill big game.knives for scuba diving and spearfishing


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Any model is quite affordable for Amateur and professional hunters and drivers. Some prefer to make a knife for spearfishing with his hands. It is important to consider the properties of metals for the blade and to adhere strictly to the acceptable parameters of the handle of the product and its blade, to avoid charges of manufacture or possession of knives. Easy to buy licensed knife that meets all the necessary requirements.


That is an excellent choice for a professional diver, it is not always convenient for the hunter. Features blades for spearfishing:

  • Blade length - not less than 120 mm;
  • Maximum serrejtornyj a long sharpened at the butt;
  • With the stiletto or dagger blade type;
  • The handle is made so that the knife can be securely hold as bare handed and with gloves on;
  • Massive pommel will help in case you need to signal.

Caring for a knife is not difficult. After each dive it needs to be washed under running water and grease at least once a month to poison the blade.

Location on the body of the swimmer

In case of an emergency under water life may depend on the ability to use the necessary equipment. Knife for spearfishing include the following:

  • On the external or internal side of the tibia. As a rule, for clean water where there is algae.
  • On the inner thighs, close to groin. Does not cling to the algae, the close location allows you to quickly get the tool.
  • Gruzovoye. The best option would be to place on the back handle down. Disadvantage-loss of the knife when the alarm reset zone.
  • Over the shoulder or forearm. Have a blade up. Not a very practical option. In the case of blocking of the free hand (e.g., network) to get a weapon would be impossible.
  • On the gun. Not a very smart choice. There are times when a hunter is forced to get rid of the spear gun. In this case, he is deprived of all instruments of protection.
  • On the chest near the left shoulder. Some brands of wetsuits are produced with ready-made fasteners for a knife. Such loops can be done independently.knife for spearfishing photo

Selecting a knife

Diving knives (shareware) can be divided into two types:

  • Diving, professional or Amateur:
  • Spearfishing and diving.

When choosing a knife to draw attention to the durability of a blade to corrosion, its strength, the thickness of the butt. At the cutting edge needs to be a high rate of hardening, this affects the quality of the cut under water. Knife for spearfishing must have the plot serreytornoy sharpening. The handle needs a convenient, moisture-proof, non-slip and better in bright colors. In case of accidental loss of the knife it is easier to see on the bottom. Resistant to moisture lanyard will help keep the blade.knife for spearfishing with his own hands

Items are selected according to the shape of the handle, the sharpening of blades, weight, size, material, method and type of attachment. Pay attention to the manufacturer. Coffee brands are more expensive, but the quality of these knives is guaranteed. The most well - known company CRKT (USA); Muela (Spain); Smith & Wesson (U.S.); Extrema Ratio (Italy); Spyderco (USA).


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