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The Famous singer Cornelia Mango, not so long ago released on the big stage ‘American idol" pleases his fans not only creativity, but also appearance. And it must be noted, is being transformed right before our eyes.

More recently, Cornelia Mango, whose weight exceeded 100 kg, was considered a delicious butterball. Now the pop diva is markedly postrhinal and, by her own admission, plans don't stop there. And help her in this physical activity and proper nutrition, which the singer called "Diet of Cornelia Mango." diet Cornelia mango

The Basic principle of dieting that deduced Cornelia: food should be fun. And because the diet restrictions she admits minimal: fat and sweet, as well as canned and refined. And then - sometimes you can indulge and banned these products, it is important not to lean on them constantly. Cornelia mango thinner

Diet of Cornelia Mango - a godsend for the lazy

The Main part of the dishes, which now prepares the singer are a couple. By the way, it is possible not only to avoid the use of oil, but also to retain vitamins which are in vegetables a lot. The scope for diversity here is so great that it makes no sense to limit it to the specific recipes. Although, perhaps, one of the most beloved Cornelia: sprinkle with vinegar cauliflower steams, dressed with low-fat natural yoghurt and sprinkled with finely chopped greens. Everything is beautiful, delicious and ridiculously low in calories! Cornelia mango weight

By the Way, special attention the singer advises to be given to portion sizes and frequency of meals: nothing will, even if the low-calorie food, there is a lion doses once a day! But because the portion should be no more than one glass, and the number of "approaches" - not less than six.


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 Cornelia mango weightBy the Way, for the weak-willed. Diet can not hold continuously, but only to arrange a fasting days. For these purposes the perfect strawberry: 1.5 kg of berries need to be spread throughout the day. Needless to say, the strawberries do not need to season with sugar and even more cream as many are accustomed to do it. At the same time feel its natural taste and will get a big boost of vitamin C. 


But, as you know, one of the limitations in food harmony will not succeed. And Cornelia Mango diet implies also physical exercise. What it will be is up to you, the singer prefers swimming, aerobics and dance, recognizing their advantage and higher efficiency compared to machines.

- Ah, Yes! To diet you need to be happy and faith in a good result and be sure to get enough sleep. This, according to Cornelia Mango, the key to your harmony for many years.

Seeing as Cornelia Mango thin, Russian women were inspired and enthusiastically began to look for recipes slender figure from the former “fabrikantki”. Diet of the artist is consistent with the basic principles of nutrition. You can be sure: follower of the singer, the result will be happy and your example will prove that a diet of Cornelia Mango works!

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