What to bring to the bath: features, recommendations and requirements


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The bath is a great way to relax, relieve stress, her health. If you visit regularly, it will always be a great feeling. But not everyone knows what to bring to the bath. To relax, you need to prepare a few necessary items.

Russian Banya

Who can not go to the bath?

It is Necessary to know not only what to take with you to the bath, but to whom such a visit is contraindicated. In bath and in the sauna you should not go,

  • With fear to the steam room;
  • Acute disease;
  • General arteriosclerosis;
  • With hypertension;
  • With different infections;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • With psychoses;
  • With epilepsy;
  • Autonomic disorders.

what to bring to the bath

In the bath not:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Bathe on an empty stomach or immediately after meals;
  • Use soda;
  • Drink cold drinks;
  • To reboot physically.

If you are feeling unwell do not go to the steam room, since there can be complications. You need to gradually get used to the heat. When overheated you have to leave the steam room.


For the bath the required gems, if you plan to organize your bath. When visiting public institutions, they are usually not needed. Stones come in several forms:

  • Soapstone;
  • Gabbro-diabase and volcanics;
  • Basalt;
  • Jadeite;
  • Jasper.

Where to get stones for baths? They can collect themselves or buy in a specialty store.


This attribute is most important for the Russian bath. If you plan to visit the Finnish sauna or the Turkish Hammam, then a similar thing would be required. When choosing a broom it is necessary to pay attention to the tree of twigs. This determines the effect of massage.


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the bath what to bring

Birch broom allows you to cure the pain in the bones and muscles. Oak relieves nervous tension and skin ailments. Sprigs can be dried or fresh. Dry broom is quickly becoming fresh, if it is steamed in hot water. Broom you can and hold for a few, then he will become soft.


What to bring to the bath, if not a sponge? Skin steams, exfoliates dead skin cells. And will help this process a sponge. Rubbing have the effect of massage that restores circulation in the skin, has a toning effect.

For the bath will suit all natural, so the sponge must also comply with this rule. The product can be made from loofah, sisal, bast. Each of them hard, so the skin. Small children can use natural sea sponges.

Great washcloth in the form of gloves. It is mounted on the arm with the push we have to execute a massage motion, treating all areas of the skin. If you plan to visit alone, then you need to take a long-handled brush. This arrangement will allow you to RUB my back without anyone's help.


If you plan a trip to the baths, what to bring? Need a special hat. It is necessary for those pairs, where the temperature reaches 80 degrees. This will protect your head from overheating, and the hair – from drying.

where to get stones for sauna

Bathing caps are linen, cotton, or felt wolokolie. Each of these materials. You can select any product to your taste.


What to take to the bath for the body? Need 2 large towels. One of them will need to lay on the hot shelf before you sit down. The second towel is necessary for drying and wrapping around itself.

What to take to a public bath clothes? Necessary a terrycloth Bathrobe, which would be the towels. It will be possible to rest after the pair.


What to take to the public bath? Don't forget about the Slippers. Without them it is possible only with the use of the private baths, and in public places is rarely perfectly clean, which may appear fungus on the feet. And it can be and rubber flip flops, and something original, for example, bath Slippers made of linen, felt, sisal.

what to take to the public bath

Soap and shampoo

What to bring to the baths for hygiene? For this you need soap and shampoo. When shopping, pay attention to the flavor. If it is Intrusive, it is of synthetic origin. Should not buy such products. It is advisable to take the soap from natural ingredients, as it will not be chemical additives or animal fats.

For the bath is a soap-based tar and goat's milk. Such funds differ from the standard bar soap. Usually they are released in liquid form.

Skin Care products

If you plan a trip to the baths, what to bring to care? Since the steam pores of the skin open and absorb the valuable content you need to take remedies. For example, honey, which is rubbed with massage movements. After this procedure the skin becomes smooth, elastic, removed toxins. Honey massage has anti-cellulite effect.

For a sauna suit scrubs the skin. This can be sea salt, coffee grounds, chopped nuts with olive oil. After the sauna you can apply a different mask of oatmeal, honey, cream, fruits and berries. You need to choose the remedy that is right for your skin.


When visiting the public baths it is necessary to take a basin. Will be so much easier. It should be noted that often in the common steam room are an iron container, which heat up quickly.

what to take to the bath for the body


These devices used for massages. They may have long handles. They are easy to massage the back and legs. The brushes are wooden, silicone and plastic. The first is used for the treatment of cellulite. The great value has the look of wood. Every tree has special properties, aroma and favor.

The Disadvantages of wooden brushes are wet from moisture, TRISTANIA and drying up, so they remain bacteria. Brushes made of synthetic materials are perfect for bath procedures. They will not be bacteria, they do not crack, carefully polished and perfect for a wet massage.


This attribute is needed for the foot care. It will work to cleanse the skin from corns, calluses, calloused areas. Quite a few movements to improve the condition of the feet.


During the steaming in the bath, the body loses a lot of fluid. To compensate for this shortage need to take a thermos of herbal or green tea. The drink will quench your thirst and fill with vivacity. For herbal tea will fit Melissa, calendula, thyme, and other wholesome herbs. To prepare it it is necessary on the dosage. To sweeten preferably with honey.

what to take to a public bath

Green tea should be brewed with water of 80 degrees, not boiling water. Then the drink will be useful. In the bath you can take vitamin collection, for example, a decoction of rose hips, sea buckthorn, strawberries. There are many recipes of such drinks.

Drink perfect juices from carrots, beets, and grapes. But they need to be fresh. Suitable natural kvass and mineral water.

This is a required list of things needed for the bath. It is important to pre-prepare for her visit, then relax in the steam room will be effective.


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