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Dmitry Yudin – a promising and talented Russian professional ice hockey player, who plays in the 2017/2018 season for the hockey club «Dynamo» in Moscow. The main role on the ice - defender. Grip-left.

Repeatedly called to the youth and Junior national teams.

Biography of the hockey player

Dmitry Yudin was born 31 July 1995. He is a native of the city of Nizhny Tagil.

To get Involved with hockey began with a very early age. The first sports club began attending at the age of 5 years. In 15 years, parents of Dmitry determine the son to the Academy Nizhny Tagil hockey club “Satellite”. Here Dmitry Yudin begins professional career of a hockey player.

In 2011 played in various clubs of Youth and Continental Hockey League, and also volunteered on game of Russian national teams of different ages.

Dmitry Yudin

Career in professional hockey

A Career as a professional hockey player Dmitry Yudin begins from the moment he entered the Academy of the club “Satellite”. In the season 2011 Dmitry as a defender for the youth hockey club «Mammoths”.

High Quality game in defense, high performance and excellent hockey player anthropometric data (height-187 cm weight-90 kg) to create the preconditions to ensure that in 2012 during the draft Junior Continental Hockey League Dmitry got under the tenth number in the first round of the hockey team «Yugra». The following season Dmitry Yudin in favour of the youth team «Yugra» in the Youth Hockey League.


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On the ice, Dmitry Yudin acting as a tenacious defender, willingly goes on the attack, helping the attackers. While aggressive play Dmitry often leads to the violation and intended penalty minutes.

In late 2012 for a young promising defender and draw the attention of scouts from the St. Petersburg SKA. After some negotiations between the «Yugra» and SKA is shared, and hockey player Dmitry Yudin begins to advocate for a new, more ambitious club, with whom he will tie the most significant achievements in his career.

Dmitry Yudin hockey player

First he goes into the basis's youth teams and SKA, and then, in 2014, Yudin gets into the extended list of players for pre-season training the main club. In the same year Dmitry debuts for the first team, going on the ice with players. Later Yudin becomes a major player SKA St. Petersburg.

30 June 2017 official website of HC «Spartacus», Moscow has announced the transition to the team a new player – Dmitry Yudin. A contract with a young hockey player was signed for 2 years, and SKA received monetary compensation. Thus, from season 2017/2018 Dmitry Yudin - in «Spartacus».

Achievements in clubs

A List of accomplishments for a 22-year-old hockey player is quite significant.

So, the most important trophy Dmitry Yudin was the Gagarin Cup, which he won twice in the seasons 2015 and 2017, playing for SKA St. Petersburg.

In 2015, Dmitry became the silver prize-winner of the regular season Continental Hockey League and automatically championship of Russia on hockey.

In 2017, part of SKA Yudin received a gold medal of the championship of Russia on hockey, as the army club scored the most points in the regular season Continental Hockey League.Dmitry Yudin Spartak

In addition, Dmitry Yudin has some individual achievements. So, he became the youngest player who played in the team SKA in the KHL. Moreover, Dmitry managed to play in all clubs in the system SKA-SKA Saint Petersburg, SKA-1946 and VMF-Karelia.

Achievements in the international arena

Dmitry Yudin was repeatedly held in various Junior and youth teams of Russia on hockey. So, in 2013, he received an invitation to perform in the Junior national team which in the same year became the winner of the Tournament five Nations. In addition, in 2013 Yudin in the Junior team of Russia participated in the world championship.

In 2014, Dmitry Yudin in the composition of the national team becomes the winner of the tournament Subway Super Series. And in 2015 – silver medalist of the youth world championship on hockey.

Also, as a player of the team «Russia 1» Dmitry became the winner of Black sea Cup.

Dmitry Yudin photo

Player Statistics

Statistics on the player given in the questionnaire, which is on the official website of the Continental Hockey League. There are the photos of Dmitri Yudin, his basic anthropometric data and game statistics.

In the Youth Hockey League Yudin spent a total of 78 matches in which he scored 4 goals and gave 11 assists. In all games of MHL Dmitriy earned 92 penalty minutes for a player his role is not so much.

In the games of the Continental Hockey League season 2015-2016 inclusive Yudin spent 101 matches and scored 1 goal and gave 10 assists, earning while 66 penalty minutes.

Last season, playing for SKA St. Petersburg, Dmitry held on the ice for 16 games, not typing while scoring points and after spending 22 minutes in the penalty box.

In the 2017/2018 season, while playing for HC «Spartacus», Yudin spent 33 matches, scoring no points scored. Penalty minutes was only 8.

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