What is a Black Moon in astrology?


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In the birth chart of each person there are a few key points. They define character traits, way of life, destiny. These are the Givens with which a person comes into this world. We develop each with its own starting position.

The Black Moon in astrology is a powerful factor of development. It's a tough teacher, who opens our negative qualities, weaknesses, fears and complexes. They prevent to go further. Black Moon opens our eyes to our true essence.

But People do have the right to choose which path they will follow after this discovery. But the Black Moon will summarize all of our actions.

General gist

A Very serious and deep science that is astrology. Black Moon it is also called Lilith. Is a fictitious planet. Not in space, even with the help of most advanced technology. The opposite entity is the White Moon (Selena). It is also impossible to see in the night sky. These categories are applicable only in astrology.

They reflect our deepest images, thoughts, feelings. Black Moon shows our negative qualities. This is the weakness of man.a Black Moon in astrology

The White Moon, on the other hand, reveals those areas in which the person receives a reward for his good deeds, help. The struggle between good and evil is endless. So finally to abdicate from one and from another state is impossible. They are two sides of the same coin.

The Essence of Lilith

The Black Moon in astrology, calculate which position in the Natal chart today and is very accurate with the help of special programs, is one of the most important points of the horoscope. Passing through the signs of the zodiac, the dark Moon opens the gaps, the negative karma of the past.Astrology Black Moon


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Getting to the moment of birth in a particular house, Lilith determines from what area should expect temptation, fatal rock. Black Moon – is a teacher. But her lessons are very hard and at times extremely painful. But only in times of hardship and suffering we become stronger.

Lilith makes you look at yourself from the side. And in this moment we are able to see all of their most disgusting quality, weakness. Aware of them, a person makes a choice, to live with him the way he is, or to develop and improve.

The next time the Black Moon appears in the fate, she appreciates the amount of actions during her absence. And reward it each and every, evaluating the degree of development or degradation.

The return

A Full cycle of Lilith is 9 years (or, more precisely, of 8.85 years). She returns to the point of the horoscope which was at birth. In the Natal chart the position of Lilith certainly studied astrology. The black Moon cannot be ignored. The periods of its return are checked. The level of development determines what they will be.a Black Moon in astrology to calculate the

For the 5 months before and after her return there can be different events that affect the rest of your life. Lilith asks for all that person has done wrong to themselves and others.

Conventionally, there are 3 levels of development. In fact, the lowest of which the person openly takes the side of evil. In the period of karmic checks this individual is lucky. He achieves success. Black Moon helping him. It is a symbol of the dark side of the man elected. But this success ends tragically and dramatically.

At the average level of development of the person attack different troubles. He should take it as a given, experience is everything. This is not to return evil for evil. This redemption. At a high level of development of the person avoids the temptations. During the period of checking with him does not happen neither bad nor good.

Age checks

At a certain age in human life intrudes Lilith. Black Moon in astrology occupies an important place. She comes for the first time in 8 years. By this point people have not had time to do much evil. Therefore, this presence he cannot feel. But at 17, 26, 35, etc. already performed a certain way.Astrology Black Moon in the 11th house in Virgo

If person still have a chance to work off their bad deeds, he will face them face to face. It looks sometimes as a cruel shock. But whatever happens in this period, that need to be taken to the conclusion.

Lilith is not experiencing pleasure from the pain of the people. It is her unique gift. After all, for those who are not discouraged and went through a difficult period, open the door to a new and better life. It is not cheating, insults and all that was bound the man before.

White Moon

In the birth chart determines their influence at the same time Black and White Moon. Astrology indicates the periods of the return light of karma. Every 7 years, Selena pays the man for his good deeds. And it happens exactly in the same area where the man showed himself to be a good side.Black and White Moon in astrology

If the person took the side of evil, in this period, it mishaps occur, plans fall apart. Supreme justice does not allow to make wicked plans. White Moon – is the angel. She paid in kind.

Lilith in the signs of the zodiac

The Black Moon in astrology and the zodiac signs reinforces a negative quality. It highlights the most negative aspects, exposing them for show. Each sign of the zodiac. Knowing these features can suggest where to wait for the arrival of the crisis.the Black Moon in astrology and the signs of the zodiac

Lilith indicates the area indicated by a weak person. In this area requires intensive work on yourself. This tip where personal growth is most inhibited. Hence there are other weaknesses and errors.

Lilith in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer

To understand what it means Black Moon in astrology, you must consider its manifestations are all signs of the zodiac. The first in this system is Aries. A man whose got Lilith in this sign, overly active. He lavishes around the sea of energy, spending it thoughtlessly. Must be respected, it's impossible to do or say rash things.

The Black Moon in Taurus makes a person greedy, greedy. He can lure others or to take money, values. And he spends only on himself and in large quantities.

Lilith in Gemini gives people the gift of persuasion, which he uses for evil, deceiving others. In your own words, such individuals can cause great harm.

If this fictitious planet is in the sign of Cancer, you need to reconsider your attitude to relatives. There is a great danger to betray his family, to be without ties with her.

Lilith in Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

The Black Moon in astrology gives people a certain gift. But this quality sometimes leads to collapse. Lilith in Leo gives people talent to please people, easy success. It is important not to be selfish. You need to be modest. You need to become warm sunshine for all, not Sizzling ruthless star.

The Black Moon in Virgo makes a person petty and picky. He does not tolerate mistakes of others. You must learn to be sensitive and understanding, tolerance.

Lilith in Libra gives people that quality, as a bad partnership. This, for example, kept or Gigolos. May appear that, in the desire to give advice, often bad. People should understand the responsibility into contact with other people.

In Scorpio Lilith gives people magical appeal. But this gift is used in the bad purposes. Partners fall into a web from which no way out. If the level of development of the person with Lilith in Scorpio, it leads to madness or even death of the partner. In bad study people drink the juices of those who like it.

Lilith in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

The Black Moon in astrology, shows the sphere of temptation. Lilith in Sagittarius gives a person the gift of the speaker. But his philosophical ideas he uses for selfish purposes. You can't go on about his selfishness.

The Black Moon in Capricorn gives a despot and a tyrant. He does not accept compassion. Objectionable to it people like this just destroys the Capricorn I mentally or physically.

Lilith in Aquarius makes a person irresponsible in friendship. He is ready to frame his friends for the new mercenary ideas. You need to appreciate people and friendship. Requires self-sacrifice and humanism.

Lilith in Pisces clouds the mind, not allowing to distinguish good from evil. These people are too self-pitying, but I don't see the pain of others. You must learn to distinguish between what is bad and what is good for all.

Lilith in the houses

12 spheres of life distinguishes in Natal chart astrology. Black Moon in the houses also selects all their negative qualities. This is an area where a fate is coming all of the most terrible events. This is the part of life that will never be perfect.What's Black and White Moon in astrology

Each person experiencing fatal events, shocks. It makes you move forward through difficult times. If in these circumstances is the development, the person develops himself. Not wanting to deal with difficulties, people can go the easy, but wrong way. This leads to the collapse.

So the house that was hit by the Black Moon, neo...

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