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Scientists have proven that the human brain is plastic, it is possible to train indefinitely. Intelligence is a developed cognitive system, which, in turn, consists of many subsystems. And to develop the mental abilities you need to work a separate part of intelligence - logical, spatial, analytical. How is it possible to do that?

methods of development of mental abilities

The urgency of the problem

The Question of how to develop intelligence that is relevant for students, and for students and for adults, people. Intelligence is a complex concept. Its level is difficult to measure, because it includes a lot of indicators. And the measurement results can be interpreted in different ways. For example, if two people have an IQ of 100 and 120, it is impossible to say that one of them is 20% smarter than the second. Because each of us have met people who possessed great knowledge, but he couldn't Orient yourself or remember how to cook pasta-5 minutes or 10. Scientists believe that this is due to the presence of different types of intelligence. Distinguish linguistic, analytical, creative, practical, spatial, emotional, and other types.

Spatial reasoning

The Question of how to develop intelligence, interesting people with different abilities and capabilities. Therefore, to improve mental abilities it is important to determine what type of intelligence you need to hone. One way to improve mental abilities – is the development of spatial thinking. It is responsible for the visual reality of man, his ability to create and manipulate mental images. To develop at spatial puzzles and games, mazes. One of the most aesthetic methods of development of this type of intelligence – Japanese calligraphy.


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To Unsubscribe from your TV

People used to relax by "blue screens" sticking to the couch. However, watching television prevents the development of mental abilities. After all, if you spend too much time doing this, we can begin to think as wish media. If you need to acquire critical thinking, it is high time to abandon the TV in favor of books.

use records


One of the simplest and at the same time, powerful ways to develop mental abilities. For example, in your head had a bright idea. There are two options – or leave it in memory, or to lay out on paper and begin implementing, recording every step. In the second case, the brain start the process very different from the first case-despite the fact that implementation of ideas may be the same. That is why many scientists, politicians and other prominent people prefer to constantly take notes.

The development of the intellect: simple advice of psychologists

What is another way to improve IQ, memory and creative abilities? Consider a few ways.

  • Solve difficult puzzles logic and puzzles.
  • To Develop skills ambidexterity (in other words, the ability to be equally proficient in both the right and left hand). For this you need to brush your teeth, chop the salad, use a computer mouse non-dominant hand. You can also learn to write with your dominant hand, switching hands when using Cutlery.
  • To Block one or more channels of perception. Has a blindfold, to close my ears with ear plugs.
  • Try to find similarities between things that, at first glance, absolutely not similar among themselves.
  • To learn to touch-type, use computer keyboard with different key position.
  • To Change their ordinary view of life on the opposite.
  • In the process of solving complex problems not to dwell on the obvious solution, to try mentally to run on “correct” answer the question.
  • To Change the usual order of things. Ask yourself: “what if?”
  • To Develop a critical view of the world. To refute common stereotypes and misconceptions.
  • To Explore the logic.
  • To Study philosophy of science.
  • Draw and draw.
  • Be creative – sculpture, dancing, painting.
  • Eat foods that are good for the brain: fish, nuts, seeds.
use crosswords

Crossword puzzles

Special exercises designed to improve IQ, not improve the practical intellect – with their help it is impossible to improve the ability to analyze data, learn to make the right decisions. On the other hand, crosswords allow you to expand your vocabulary and to improve memory. Elderly people who love crossword puzzles, they are about as people 10 years younger. Why puzzles and Sudoku-it's a good way to strengthen the overall memory and improve erudition.

learn foreign language

Learning foreign language

For many, the answer to the question “How to develop intelligence?” was the study of foreign languages. Scientists have already proved the relationship of possessionforeign speech and prevention of Alzheimer's disease – one of the most common types of dementia. This effect works not only in the case that the person knew since the childhood two languages. Even if he learned in adulthood, Spanish or English, and became actively used, it will be a good prevention of disease. Scientists believe that the constant switching between multiple languages helps to strengthen neural connections that prevents the process of their destruction.

benefits of reading

Books, developing intelligence and thinking

Reading has a lot of advantages for the development of mental abilities. It is:

  • Increase the level of literacy. Visual perception leads to the fact that the reader remembers the correct spelling of words.
  • Improves imaginative and other kinds of thinking.
  • Develops the skills of writing.
  • Allows you to train memory, improve concentration.

There are books that are aimed at the development of certain parts of the brain. The most popular topics are the strengthening memory, improving the speed of perception of information, development of skills of abstract thinking.

It is Possible to allocate the following books, developing intelligence and thinking:

  • “the Development and training of memory” – O. Andreev, L. Khromov.
  • ‘Photochemie” - Paul Shelley.
  • “Consider in the mind as a computer” - bill Handley.
  • “Entertaining mathematics” - Ya Perelman.
  • “the Art of thinking" - Bertrand Russell.

Logic games, math

Games, brain training – chess, backgammon, various online games of various genres. They allow you to train the mind to improve concentration and memory. The Board game represents one of the most ancient forms of competition in which they demonstrate their quality by the best minds.

For many, the answer to the question of how to develop intelligence, became mathematics. Exact Sciences allow you to develop a whole range of useful qualities. This is abstract thinking, analytical ability, speed of thought processes. Mathematics can be compared with the physical exercises intended for a set of different muscles.

A Moment for memory

Consider a useful exercise that develops the intellect. Below are the names and dates for some events in my life. You need three times to read this list. Then remove it and play that out to remember.

Kate and Peter were married 15 August 1994.

Elena Petrovna defended his doctoral dissertation on 30 January 1998.

The Mayor has planned Grand festivities on April 19, 2016.


Intelligence can be developed through the creation of a specific verse. One such exercises are limericks. They should be 5 rows, where 3 rhymes with 4th, and 1st – 2nd and 5th. For example:

"once there was a cute Masha

Sister her name was Glasha.

They feasted.

Swearing, put up,

Until they hear the mother".

To Write their limericks – is a fun and useful for the development of intelligence activity.


It is also Useful to think of and que – a humorous poem, in which already pre-written rhyme. This game is for the development of intelligence first appeared in France in the XVII century. According to the rules of this exercise, it is impossible to rearrange the rhyme, or in any way change their endings. First we need to define the rhyme. For example: “Cow – again”. Then you need to come up with a poem. For example: “Peter takes to graze a cow, and she rests again and again”.

Exercise “the Look of a fool”

How to develop intelligence of an adult? It is often a very difficult task, as a Mature person already has a certain framework of thinking. Look at the world of the adult is limited. To broaden their horizons helps exercise called “the Look of a fool”. Nor can it be called the simplest, however, it helps to break the usual frame of thinking. For its implementation need to answer a few questions.

  • How it behaved in my place, you fool?
  • What dreams he sees a fool?
  • That would be a real fool could understand from this article?

If you periodically perform this exercise, can significantly improve the same respect for their intellectual abilities and to broaden their horizons.


Boost your brain power in children

For many parents, the actual question of how to develop intelligence in the child. There are several different directions that can improve the ability of the baby. For example, the skills of practical thinking help to develop:

  • The Constructor.
  • Modeling clay.
  • A Variety of toys that reflect the result of the child's actions.

Visual-figurative thinking develops through:

  • Coloring.
  • Mazes.
  • Design for a given sample.
  • Puzzles.
the development of intelligence in children

Classes that allow to develop logical thinking:

  • Puzzle.
  • Composing the story in the picture.
  • Various games in the compilation (for example, the grouping of objects in categories).

How to developemotional intelligence of a child? To start to do from early childhood. Mother or the person who replaces her should serve as a kind of “mirror” experiences of the baby. “Peter smiles”, “Peter weeps”, “Peter wants to eat" - this phrase can truly be called miraculous. After all, it is through this the child learns to understand their feelings, to understand them.

Also for the development of emotional intelligence of the baby is useful to name those experiences that fill the mother: “I'm tired”, “I care”, “I wonder".

It is Useful to teach the child to give feedback. For this you need to talk about their emotional reactions to his experiences, and also ask how the baby reacts to the mother's feelings.

Working with children with intellectual disabilities

Correction-developing training for children with intellectual disabilities must include a comprehensive approach. First, it is necessary to consider the problems of development. The kids are much more difficult to comprehend the surrounding reality, so the need for special classes corresponding to the capabilities of the baby. In addition, it is important to pay attention to communication. Because often kids are unable to fully communicate, to build a conversation with other people. All this kid needs to patiently teach. It is also important to take into account psychology. As we grow older, children start to be ashamed of themselves, as something different from the others. They are in need of assistance and understanding from adults.

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