Congratulations on the wooden wedding. What to give for 5 years of marriage?


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Wooden wedding is the fifth anniversary of married life. A large number of divorces falls on marriages in which the spouses after 3-4 years of marriage were unable to cope with the family burden. Therefore, it is believed that those who survived the five-year mark of legal relations, can be confident in the reliability of their Union. Congratulations with wooden wedding should be original and require a special approach.wooden wedding

What's in a name

The Tree represents eternal life and immortality. It is the symbol of hearth and home that gives a family hope and warmth. Tree – durable material, and has its roots and shoots, a symbol of new life.

It is believed that the changes that will happen to the couple throughout this year will stay with them for life. Therefore, if there are omissions and inconsistencies, it is better to make the relationship more joyful moments.

Ceremonies on the anniversary

The Most ancient and famous rite 5-year marriage is considered a joint planting of a tree. Because it is a symbol of the family, to put his needs in front of his house. If the couple have not yet got their own housing, and, for example, rent an apartment, plant a tree better around my parent's house. It must be the epitome of the family, so you can't trust anyone is the lesson.

For landing is better to choose a durable wood. There is a huge range of different plants. Perfect birch, willow, oak and even pear or Apple. If you still can not plant a full tree, it is necessary to grow any ornamental plant at home in the tub.5 anniversary


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Anniversary – a celebration of love

5-year marriage is considered a decent date in order to celebrate it properly. Enjoy a evening full of romance, with walks in the place where it was once made an offer hands and hearts or memorable places that would remind you of a romantic beginning of your relationship. This will help not only to refresh your memories of the wonderful moments of your relationship, but will bring variety to your life. Congratulations with wooden wedding you can add a pleasant candlelight dinner at home or at your favorite restaurant. Treat yourself to an unforgettable day spent just the two of us!

Be Sure to make time for co-creation on this day. According to ancient custom, the husband had to do wood crafts, and his wife – to put on her paint and decorate with paint. This tradition is a symbol that the family always gets together.

If you prefer a more noisy festivities with friends and relatives, then a great idea would be to decorate the place of celebration wooden elements in honor of the symbol of your party.congratulations on wedding cool wooden

Congratulations with wooden wedding – is not just a banal feast. One of the fascinating customs of celebrating is the tradition of decorating a tree, greetings of the guests. You can make a "tree of happiness" ordinary houseplant – guests will need to tie on a colorful ribbon with wishes. This ceremony is so fascinating that it will be able to become the highlight of the evening and a gala program, he will be remembered by all those present at the celebrations.

Greetings and Gifts for a five year wedding anniversary

As a rule, on the anniversary it is accepted to congratulate and to give wooden objects. In our time, for this anniversary, perfect wooden objects for home interior or garden, wooden decorations, furniture. Of course, not only wood can serve as a great gift in this festive day, it is possible to present the pair something useful and practical.wooden wedding greetings husband

If a couple with a good sense of humor, then congratulations with wooden wedding funny – this is it! But do not forget that the symbol of the fifth anniversary – the wood, therefore, it is desirable that the gift was just from this enduring as the family itself, material.

If you are a guest at the feast, then, recovering the celebration of the wooden wedding, don't forget to come up with original greetings for the couple. What is greetings with a wooden wedding? Funny or more serious and thoughtful – they can be completely different. It depends on your imagination. As a gift you can present all the same wood. In this case, will be very useful for various boxes, vases and other Souvenirs. You might want to give a couple's gift. Then a great alternative may be the same bracelets made of wood, they will symbolize everlasting relationships and family warmth.congratulations wedding funny wooden

Gifts for husband and wife

If celebrated wooden wedding, congratulations husband you can come up with on their own, giving them all my love. Surely your spouse will appreciate such a greeting is appreciated. In combination with the perfect gift, this approach will not leave him indifferent. This advice is not only for wives but also for spouses, too, after all, to give a piece of their warmth to his beloved woman in this day is a win-win!

In conclusion

As a rule, spouses who came to this date, been able to overcome many difficulties, omissions and realize their life plans, though not all, but still ahead. This family has more and more reminiscent of the symbol of the five-year anniversary of their strength and independence. Tree to five years is already fairly well entrenched, is beginning to bear its first fruits. Also the young couple unable to understand exactly rooted the tree of their family or it dries, bending under life obstacles. So congratulations with a wooden wedding is very important for a couple, it will remind them of their unity, solidarity and love.


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