The main mistakes when using a condom — tips to avoid trouble


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A Condom — the most popular and reliable means of contraception. All men sooner or later encounter the need to use it, but not everyone will bother to learn the rules of operation. They are not so simple as it might seem at first glance. The main mistakes when using a condom be an occasion to visit the STI clinics or lead to unplanned pregnancy. These troubles can be avoided if time to read the relevant suggestions.

Ignoring the shelf life of the product, improper storage of a condom

Very rarely one looks at the manufacturing date of the condom and even more rarely think about how it should be stored. Not because he doesn't care about the rules, but because a rare percentage of people knows, how important it is. But in the failure of these two items usually are the main mistakes when using a condom. The facts eloquently confirms that over time the material from which made the product go bad, covered with small cracks; hence, it may tear during intercourse. Warm and humid air will accelerate this process, so keep a condom in your bag or pocket for a long time is not recommended. Any contraceptives should be kept in a cool and dry place, for example, in the bedside Cabinet. If intimacy is planned suddenly, it is always possible to look at the pharmacy.

major mistakes when using a condom

Wear a condom not at the beginning of sexual intercourse; reusing products

Perhaps this is the most typical of the major mistakes when using a condom. Many women, and this, according to the surveys, about 44%, asking partner not to wear a contraceptive immediately, they think you can afford this procedure and after penetration of the penis into the vagina. Not only that, such negligence will lead to the transfer of venereal diseases, if any, there is a risk of unplanned pregnancy. A secondary use of a condom will not lead to anything good. Some people believe that the product can not be changed for several ejaculations (one sexual act). Let the condom and made of rubber, it is designed for one use, and the neglect of this rule will lead to unexpected consequences.


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major mistakes when using a condom the facts

The Wrong opening and the delay with the removal of a condom after sexual intercourse

It Seemed that the main mistakes when using a condom may not include such absurd things but they look stupid at first glance. Whatever passion may defeated man as much if he wasn't in a hurry to get to the main event, he should remember that it is better to linger with the opening of the package than accidentally touching the condom with your teeth or scissors. After completion of sexual intercourse is not always desirable to perform such a simple action like removing a condom, it's much nicer to lie in the arms of a loved one, using the moment of special closeness. As soon as the erection subsides and the penis will decrease in size, contraceptive can slide off him and stay in the partner. It is these major mistakes when using a condom lead to incidents when expect it the least.

a typical major mistakes when using a condom

Using two or more condoms at the same time; lubricant containing base oil and vegetable fat

Some people believe that using two condoms guarantee absolute protection, but most products simply break, unable to withstand the constant friction against each other. Vegetable fats and oils corrode the material of a contraceptive why it can be formed hole. It is important to remember the main mistakes when using a condom, and then the trouble can destroy a person's life, pass by him.

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