And polygamy -- it's like? Who are they, megalopsy?


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There is a widespread belief that the man is always plural. This, of course, a half-truth. Is the nature of men who prefer to try and all. However, there are still those who happily live a century with a single. What they are, polygamous men? Why? Are there such women?is plural

About women, men and family

Let's Start with a definition of what it means “a polygamous man”. It is those who prefer several spouses at the same time. Generally, the term polygamy has been invented in order to define such a thing as polygamy, or polyandry. For women it was even created separate definition – polyandry. That is marriage with several men at once.

The Modern interpretation of marriage as a formal marriage with a stamp in the passport and a certificate and civil status, when people live together without formalizing their relationship. The woman who lives with one man, but in parallel, regularly satisfy their intimate needs with another representative of a strong half of humanity, is also considered to be polygamous. Although to her and use a few other rude and obscene expression.

The Polygamous family-is a family where there is one husband and several wives, or Vice versa (but rarely). In Russia this concept is slightly modified. Polygamous – not one who lives and has several women at once, taking with them the farm, and the one who meets their needs with different ladies. Often they know about each other, but do not resist this state of Affairs. There are also options where one husband - two families, each with his baby grow up. Can we assume that this man is polygamous? It (like polygamy), though illegal, is the place to be. Another thing is that not every man can afford to support several families.polygamous family


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In the East, where traditionally allowed and encouraged polygamy, polygamy is becoming obsolete. More found a normal - monogamous marriages, in which growing children. And the richer the family, the less it is born babies. Men are not very profitable to have multiple women, from each to educate children, resolve family disputes among the chosen ones. Yes, and love each equally impossible.

And yet, many still ask the proverbial question: "plural – how?” This is not polygamy, when a man repeatedly enters a monogamous marriage. the what does a polygamous manThis is a situation where at the same time he had several spouses (cohabitants). Women put up with such situation even possible, due to a more flexible psyche. Men also – no. Their natural instinct is to be the only male from his lady, used to be second or third, even her beloved husband. More! Not everyone is able to forgive infidelity, not to mention the fact to tolerate the polygamous of his lady. Often families do not even know about existence each other up to a point. Polygamous people are always creative in their quest to hide the true state of things. And yet there are still those romantics who believe that you can love one person your whole life and be with him. As well as those who think that living with multiple people at the same time – this is love.

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