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Ready For sexual victories the man in most cases takes just a couple minutes, but the woman is arranged somewhat differently and requires a high-quality "warm up". Otherwise, the act of love turns into a repetitive activity without a special purpose. But the progress is not worth it, and to help couples go special tools. For example, gel lubricant Konteks. All types of product do not fit in memory, as there is a product for every taste. The main thing - love to the process, and help will always be in a sex shop!Konteks grease types

By trial and error

For different reasons in women is dryness in the intimate place, and the man to fix it sometimes not. So, the necessary lubrication. Someone who is natural, such as saliva. But it's still unsightly and not very clean. The more that pharmacies and specialty stores to fully satisfy the demand for such products. Someone chooses is relatively cheap and pleasant application of a cosmetic oil, others prefer good old baby cream. The humidifier function these tools perform with a vengeance, but any bonuses will not wait.gel lubricant Konteks all kinds

Best way

The Long way of trial and error most couples and singles come in a generic version, to which, no doubt, is a gel lubricant Konteks. All types in a line of high quality, so that in choosing to lose is unlikely. Buyers appreciate the lack of stickiness, because the lubrication is water-based. Traces on clothes does not leave the product at all, and in addition, it is quite economical to use. On one "session of love" enough portion of gel the size of a pea. The composition includes panthenol, which helps repair tissue and therefore eliminates the risk of "rubs". Mostly couples choose multiple items from a product line Konteks. Grease, all kinds of which, by the way, in his own good product seems unnecessary and redundant, since ideally before sexual intercourse partners get natural hydration. But the fact that the grease - stop shopping, warming and filling partner sex with new colors.


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grease is the context of all kinds of description

Cooling from Konteks

Lubrication of the types has different, not only for heterosexual but also homosexual couples. This does not mean that there is a product line that is completely contraindicated for certain people, but it is harmless to have on a personal shelf in the bathroom several varieties.

There is a gel with menthol, causing a sensation of cold and a corresponding decrease in sensitivity of receptors of the penis of the penis to prolong the act and the pleasure from it. All feelings are exacerbated, and hydration of the vaginal mucosa increases after artificial "makeup". I must say that the pH of the natural environment does not suffer from the products Konteks. Grease, all types of which is safe and non-allergenic, contains no alcohol and does not destroy latex and therefore ideal for use with a condom. Friction is minimized thus minimizing the risk of possible damage a condom or mucous worse. A contraceptive lubricant is not, so it would be strange to assume that the extra layer will protect from the consequences.

Warm up

Sex plays a special role in the contrast of temperatures. But the cooling of emotions and sensations sharpens, but the heat, on the contrary, relaxes. For cooling and a narrowing of the vagina is well suited menthol Konteks (lubricant). Types for heating, in particular "Konteks-Flash", is recommended in cases when you need to stretch your muscles. For example, during anal sex. Partner need to be warmed up and remove the fear of intercourse. The composition of the product is hydrogenated castor oil, extract of pine buds, lactic acid and cinnamon oil, caraway seeds and juniper. Lubrication protects against bacteria, increases the potency and gently warms. Your sexual contacts take place in comfort and with pleasure. The sensitivity increases with wetting. Special attention should be paid to the flavor that makes Konteks - lubrication, types which can be with the scent of Apple pie, cinnamon, or even a Cinnabon. The smell, incidentally, is a persistent, but very pleasant. If you use the product in the process of preparing for anal sex, it shows a gentle but intense massage with a gradual increase in pressure.Konteks grease types prices

Summer fresh

You want to try all the possibilities offered by mark Konteks? Grease with green tea extract is different natural antiviral effect. By the way, it also prevents inflammation and has a slight pleasant aroma of freshness. The gel is soft and delicate, but in some cases can result in irritation. A small tube 30 ml will last for a long time. By the way, summer freshness in the heat will give moisturizing and menthol lubricant Konteks.lubrication Konteks all kinds of reviews

All types: customer feedback

Who will give the most honest and truthful summary product? Of course, the man who first tried it. It is difficult to convince a new member that he needed an assistant in amorous adventures. So beginners choose a series of "Romantic" with strawberry flavor and glycerin in the composition. In tube of 30 ml, and the Bank more than tripled. The scent is pleasant, and the gel is easy to apply, as well as other lubricant Konteks. All of the species the description of which are newcomers, very sweet and have a strong moisturizing effect.

For the experienced lovers are better suited for a series of "Love" with menthol and a corresponding decrease in sensitivity of the penis and vaginal walls. With the use of this tool it is possible to avoid premature ejaculation. And best of all, small material costs requires Konteks - lubrication, types, prices and even the capacity which meet the needs of any buyer. A big tube of grease cost about 500-700 rubles, depending on the variety. The small box costs only 150 rubles, and it is suitable for a pilot experiment couple with a love potion.


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