How to understand who is a good friend and who's not


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A Good friend is not just someone you can talk about everything and nothing. Choosing the best friends need to take responsibility. In this article we will talk about how to recognize potentially close-minded person.

A Good friend and problem solving

good friendIt is a difficult situation will offer assistance. If you have problems with a guy, you will be able to share her experiences. Of course, not everything we are able to find the right words and to give advice in such situations. For example, if a friend is in a similar position, it is unlikely she will be able to give you valuable and useful advice. But will listen to you, support and try to make you distracted.

If you need financial help, a friend will not hide the presence of her money and to look for any excuses to deny you. Of course, do not have to expect from her and think that she is ready to give the last penny. But a friend will always help to the extent possible.

A Good friend and chat

quotes about best friendThe Communication with her is not a burden. When a friend calls, you have no desire to mute or ignore the call. Are you excited for the chat - and it's mutual. You can discuss with her any secular news, talk crap, laugh, but not only. Communication on serious topics for you also easy. You consult with a friend when making important decisions, happy to share your joys and sorrows - and she shows interest in your business.

Also, you can be sure that what you say best friend in secret, will not be made public. She won't discuss and condemn you behind your back. In fact, if girlfriend is talking about you, the conversation will not be kowtowing to others, belittling your strengths and so on. Of course, if something in you she doesn't like it she can discuss it with others. But a good friend will not put you in a bad light in front of other people. Friend would only say what speaks to you in person.


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Quotes about best friend

Why do they need? Many use these phrases in social networks, placing them in the form of statuses or comments to joint photos. And I must say that it is a topical form of recognition of importance to you such friendships. Of course, that friend will be nice to read some flattering words about her. Many of these quotes are humorous in nature. For example, some are designed in the spirit of "best friend will never say you look bad, she's in the street will shout: "Yes... well, you're ugly today!". And this is the truth. We let best friends more than just friends. And with great condescension about such things. The main thing that it is not abused.

wish a good friendWish a good friend

We can wish your friend on birthday or other holiday? The first thing to note that you appreciate it, thank you for all the good that binds you. And much better increase the benefits that it has. It is better to avoid painful topics. For example, if a friend could not arrange his personal life, it is better not to focus on the desire to find a soul mate. It can remind a friend that in this respect she is not all right.

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