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Many girls a large amount of time to figure out how to appeal to a particular young man. Everyone wants love, I want strong relationships, I want to have close person who will always be ready to support, to help and to be there in any situation. And that is why many come up with various strategies of how to pick up a guy. But actually there is nothing difficult: you don't need to become another person, change its character and to adapt to anyone. All that you need – it is slightly change your approach.

In this article you will find ten items that will allow you to get closer to the cherished goal. You need to understand that the guidelines for how to pick up a guy, will not give you an absolute guarantee that your feelings will reciprocate. However, it will greatly increase your chances that the man of your dreams will notice you among all other women.

Seductive appearance

how to pick up a guy

If you want to know about how to pick up a guy, then you will have to work on them – on their appearance, on the behavior of the approach to relationships in General. And the first step – giving your appearance a Flirty touch. No, it doesn't mean you have to wear a mini skirt and a transparent blouse. You do not have to dress provocatively to attract men's attention. You will need a slim figure, which you can obtain at the gym or at a constant physical activity, as well as beautiful skin, perfect make-up, hair care, use of quality spirits. All this together will create an image that will attract the attention of all around. And if you are lucky, your partner will pay attention to you. In this case you will play that other men will also stare at you, then your guy you are trying to win will feel like he won you from all the others around, but this is what men like. However, this is not the only version of how to pick up a guy.


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how to pick up a guy by correspondence

No Matter whether you want to learn how to pick up a guy by correspondence or in real life, a very important role always plays your communication. And speech here goes not only about what you will say, but rather on how you behave in the society you are interested in a guy. Most importantly your weapon – your smile, your laughter, that is all that you can use in order to show the younger man that the company you value most. Naturally, you also need to interest the interlocutor, so try to win him not only in appearance, but the fact that you can say. If you manage to impress on all fronts, the man definitely wants to spend more time with you, as it will feel comfortable next to you.

How to pick up a guy by correspondence, when you can not smile at him? There is already have a greater emphasis on what you can say and not how you will convey. The second part of the leave at a later date, when you go to a new level of communication and arrange a meeting.


how to pick up a guy or a man

There is a view that men love the bold and unrestrained women, but this is not always the case. If you want to learn how to pick up a guy or a man, then you will have to analyze the object of your interest, that is, to understand what it is women he is interested in. However, even if his taste is bold and harsh woman, this does not mean that you need to be rude and to show the cynicism and arrogance. It will scare almost any man. Special traits can be demonstrated in various conditions in the later stages of Dating. But if you want to understand how to pick up a guy for a week, then you better stick to the basics.

But the basics are that every man like that if a woman is gentle, sweet and polite. This does not mean that you need to face my lover as “vanilla” girl – actually very much, and their ostentatious sweetness more than nothing at all. You need to show your character, your principles, and demonstrate that you are a nice girl but interesting person. Just need to know the measure of everything.


how to pick up a guy on the Internet

This paragraph is also relevant for those who want to learn how to pick up a guy on the Internet, and for those who are engaged in winning the hearts of men in the real world. In the previous paragraph mentioned that a man needs to be nice, but in no case do not overdo it. Because cute conversation interesting only at first, then the man can get bored. If you want to have a meaningful relationship, you will need to penetrate deeper to his head. You need to know what he wants, what he enjoys, likes and so on. You can try to adapt to his interests, it sometimes helps to get closer to the young man.

But if you don't want to change their principles, then there is nothing to worry about. Simply share his interests and motivate him to the fact that he was talking about what is important to him. Because if you immediately say that any of it interests you at all distant, and this man you away. Instead, ask him to tell you about the interest in more detail: he will get pleasure from the fact that speaks on his favorite topic, and you can learn more in the future to maintain a conversation with him. If you want to figure out how to pick up a guy in the VC, then the item will be one of the most important, as many others, such as the appearance or touch you in the early stages will not be able to implement.


how to pick up a guy for a week

That means “to pick up a guy”? This means to produce on him the impression, which clearly tell him what your intentions are extremely serious and that you have all the resources to get it. And one of the most powerful instruments of conquest – the eye. When people are in love with each other, they almost always look at each other. So use your eyes to conquer the elect. A shy look away, to interest the young man or keep him when you meet his eyes, to impress him, give him a reason to think about you. Not decide everything in the world words – you can speak very convincingly, but one look can change the whole balance of power. So if you want to learn how to pick up a guy at school, at University or at work, never forget about the look. He can look at you every day because he has to do it: you visit daily same institution. But if you correctly use not only words, but also your eyes, will cause his hand is much more directed attention.


how to pick up a guy in VK

If you are interested in how to pick up a guy in 5 minutes, there is not even enough languid glance. However, there is another approach that can significantly speed up the process – that touch. Naturally, you will not immediately begin to touch you are interested in a young man, pressed him to her other ways to Express your desire location. This can probably discourage a man or give him the wrong idea about your intentions.

All you need to do gradually: first, stay out of the way but then start to let the light touch. Casually touch his hands, but do it as gently as possible. Give him a hug when meeting, and after a while can hold the arms, again by chance, but make sure he knows that you like it. Take his hand when you walk down the stairs or cross the road. It won't be too Intrusive, as this gesture will be a common manifestation of culture and civility on the part of men, but it will give you a minute touch, but we all know what an important role in establishing and maintaining relations is played by tactile sensation. So, if you are tormented by the question of how to pick up a guy that is like, you definitely need to think of a strategy touch in combination with all the above paragraphs. But that's not all of the steps you can take to win the heart you liked men.

Demonstration of skills

what does it mean to pick up a guy

If you are faced with the question of how to pick up a guy at work, one of the simplest methods – it is a demonstration of your abilities. Naturally, you should not try to show yourself like you're better than him: it's guaranteed it will scare away. Show that you are good at something, but it is best if this field does not apply to the activities of the men. It might look harsh outside, but really the guy is always highly vulnerable: his pride can ...

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