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As of today the population of Denmark, taking into account the Greenland and the Faroes is just over 5.6 million people. The number of resident women and men. The average life expectancy in this country is quite high and reaches 77 years.the population of Danish


The First documentary memories of the appearance on the territory of modern Denmark people date from the first centuries of our era. Then here came the Germanic nomadic tribes – given the angles and Saxons. For a long time, the migrants gradually assimilated. In other words, the current population of Denmark has been derived from these nomads, while retaining a slight linguistic, anatomical and linguistic differences. The share of immigrants in the state is only 6%.


In total the country has approximately two million families, most of which has separate houses. The most significant proportion of local residents aged between 18 to 66 years. Only 15% of Danes are members of the rural population. City of Denmark, however, mostly represent small towns where the population does not exceed the mark of 15 thousand people.the population of Danish

The country's Largest city is its capital-Copenhagen. Given the surroundings, it is home to about two million people. More than 42% of the state's residents have for the island of Zealand on which Copenhagen is situated. Other major cities of the country – Aarhus with a population of 275 thousand people, Odense (183 thousand) and Aalborg (160 thousand). In the region of Jutland is home to almost 2.4 million citizens, and the density of settlement per square kilometer here at 81.


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Due to its highly developed economy, such indicators as GDP per capita is one of the European leaders is Denmark. Classes of the population here is mainly related to the activities of small and medium enterprises, of which there are more than 430 thousand. This kind of business structure makes the state economy highly flexible and able to react quickly to changing market conditions. A significant proportion of the population employed in the public sector. Fairly developed are agriculture and high technology. In General, on the Danes, one can say that they work a little, because the working week is 33 hours, which is the lowest rate in the EU. Due to the high level of social protection in the country, many locals don't work anywhere. Not to mention a high level of local wages in relation to productivity.Denmark classes of the population


The Population of Denmark speak Danish public language. Besides him, many local residents (especially young people) speak English quite well, French and German, because they are included in the curriculum. The Danish language can be summarized as not very beautiful, but economical. It has a large number of words with different meanings, so important role in communication is played by the tone and context. His features aren't clearly convey in the transcription. Because consonants are made to say very softly, to catch them is very difficult. Despite the fact that he doesn't look much like the languages of other Scandinavian countries, Swedes, Norwegians and Danes have a decent understanding of each other. Anyway, the locals are very tolerant to all people who make an effort to speak in their native language.


Almost all believing of the Danish population belongs to the Lutheran evangelists. About 84% of local residents are in Danish folk Church, which enjoys strong public support and is one of the forms of Lutheranism. Anyway, freedom of religion in the country is guaranteed by law. In recent years, was the characteristic tendency of a slight drop in the number of its adherents, who become fans of ancient pagan Scandinavian beliefs. His departure forced the Danes to issue legally, which allows them to avoid paying mandatory taxes, provided that in all Lutheran countries. As for other faiths, the most significant religious minorities in the country are Muslims, Catholics, Baptists and Jews.the population of the city Denmark


In General, the Danes are pretty peaceful, reserved and quiet people. They are very considerate, honest, competent and not boring as some of the other Scandinavians. Another feature that the population of Denmark – it's a beauty. This is not surprising, because they are descendants of the Vikings. Local children love to play dolls and many of them even collect. It is not accepted to refuse food out of politeness. It is considered bad manner to come to Denmark's house for dinner without taking a bottle of wine. However, if you bring a drink – no one is offended. However, it should be remembered that strong drink in this country is quite expensive at cost, so there are taken on holidays to drink wine. Throughout the state it is difficult to meet a Dane who does not like beer. As a rule, prefer “Carlsberg” and “just”.


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