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Rada adzhubei — the middle daughter of the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU N. S. Khrushchev. Having received an excellent education, more than half a century she worked in publishing “Science and life”. Today Rada Nikitichna is retired. Despite his advanced age, 87-year-old woman willingly shares memories of his life with reporters.

Rada adzhubei

Happy Parents

Adzhubei, Rada Nikitichna (nee — Khrushchev) was born in 1929 in an item family. Her father was Nikita Khrushchev, who at that time held the post of Secretary of the party Committee at the Industrial Academy in Moscow. Subsequently, he worked as the First Secretary of the Kiev regional Committee of the CPSU(b), First Secretary of the Communist party of Ukraine, First Secretary of the Moscow regional Committee of the CPSU(b). In the years 1953-1964 father Happy was the First Secretary of the CPSU, and in fact — the main man in the state. The girl's mother — Nina Petrovna Kukharchuk — at the time of meeting with Khrushchev worked as a teacher of political economy at the party school of the city of Yuzovka (now-Donetsk). A wedding in the family parents are Happy about the Nikitichna played in 1924, however, officially their marriage they registered only in 1965.

adzhubei, Rada Nikitichna

Brothers and sisters

Also Glad Nina Petrovna and Nikita had two more children. In 1935 the couple had a son Sergei, and in 1937 — daughter Elena. To Kukharchuk, Khrushchev was married to Euphrosyne of Pisarev, who died in 1920 of typhus. From his marriage with her he had a son Leonid and daughter Julia. So Pleased to have had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Sergei Khrushchev became an engineer, studied Cybernetics and rocket, after the Soviet Union emigrated to the United States, where he became a Professor at brown University.


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The Younger sister of Lena Rada Nikitichna chose the profession of lawyer and worked at the Moscow criminal investigation Department, died at 37 years of age. Half-brother Leonid was a military pilot, killed in aerial combat near Kaluga in 1943 Elder sister Happy father Julia originally chose his activities to journalism, but, disillusioned with the profession, became head of the literary Department at the theater named Yermolova.

Rada adzhubei photo

Early years, the school

How was the fate of the middle daughter of Khrushchev? Rada adzhubei, biography which will be described in this publication, was born in the period when her father began to make a rapid political career. Despite the constant pressure of work, Nikita found time to chat with the family. Shortly after the birth of Rada Khrushchev was transferred to Moscow. The family of the future General Secretary of the USSR settled first in the hostel Pokrovka, and then — in a separate apartment government house on Quay street. Happy weekends spent with her parents at the recreation center in Ogarevo, where going to the families of the workers. Her best friends from childhood was the daughter of Bulganin and Malenkov Faith and Will.

Khrushchev's Daughter Rada adzhubei growing independent girl. Her mom held the position of head of the party office in Moscow radiolampovogo plant and was often on the job from early morning until late evening. She continued to work even after the birth of her son Sergei. Left work Nina only in 1937, giving birth to the youngest daughter Lena. The girl was born very weak and required greater attention. Taking care of her, the wife of Khrushchev could not devote time to other children. While it was small, looked after her her half-sister Julia. Becoming older, she was completely left on his own. Glad I went to the nomenclature school located in Arbat lanes. In the same class were the younger son of a member of the Politburo, Anastas Mikoyan, Sergo. School the girl I liked, she enjoyed his visits well in school. After Nikita Khrushchev was appointed First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, Parliament has transferred to the Kiev school, which he graduated with a gold medal.

Rada adzhubei biography

Rada was surrounded in childhood luxury. Despite the high position of Khrushchev, his family lived quite modestly. They do not eat the delicacies, did not go on expensive cars, and all the furniture in the apartment that was occupied by the family of Nikita Khrushchev, was breech and had a tag with the inventory number. Nina preferred to get to work by tram, and many of her colleagues were not even aware that she is the wife of Khrushchev. To farm helped her housemaid who ran away from the village and, not having their own homes, sleep in their owners in the corridor on the trunk.

Admission to MSU

After leaving school in 1947, came to Moscow to enter Moscow state University and Rada Nikitichna adzhubei. Her biography contains facts proving that the influential father has not provided her any help when applying to University. Happy differed unusual for her age with independence and decided to choose a profession without the guidance of parents. She dreamed of becoming a journalist, but MSU was not of the faculty, training such specialists. Then the girl, who from childhood had a weakness for literature, chose the faculty of Philology. However, Rada Nikitichna were in luck: entered the Department of Philology, she learned that based on it has opened a new branch of journalism. Without thinking, the daughter of Khrushchev was transferred to him and began the development of the profession of reporter. Graduated from Moscow state University girl in 1952.

Khrushchev's daughter Rada adzhubei

Marriage, birth of children

In 1949, immediately after the second course, Glad married her classmate Alexei Ivanovich Adzhubei. Nikita and Nina believed that their daughters early to start a family, but to oppose her desire did not. The wedding of the daughter of Khrushchev was purely student: instead of the restaurant young people walking in the country at a friend of the bridegroom, and the tables covered in the yard. In 1952, Rada adzhubei gave my husband a firstborn Nikita. In 1954 the couple had a son and in 1959 — Ivan.

Adzhubei Relationships with influential father-in-law was fine. In 1950, Khrushchev helped in-law to get a Intern in the sports Department of the all-Union newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», and after a few years, Alexey was appointed its editor in chief. In 1959 the husband Glad Nikitichna headed by the editor of the newspaper «news» in 1961 he became a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU. After 1964, Khrushchev was removed from power, Adjoubei lost all the high posts. His work place was the Department of journalism in the journal «Soviet Union”.

Rada Nikitichna adzhubei biography


After Graduating from MSU and giving birth to first son, Rada Nikitichna Khrushchev, adzhubei came to work in the magazine “Science and life” was elected head of the Department of medicine and biology. In 1956 she was appointed Deputy editor-in-chief of this publication. On the post she worked until her retirement in 2004. After Khrushchev was removed from office, Rada Nikitichna was able to stay in the alternate editor. Among colleagues, it enjoyed great prestige and was on the job the actual leader. In front of her “Science and life" from the boring second-rate publication has become one of the most interesting and widely read magazines in the Soviet Union.

Overseas trips

During the reign of Khrushchev, Rada adzhubei have repeatedly been able to travel outside the Soviet Union. Nikita was the first in the history of the USSR began to take his wife and children in their trips abroad. The most memorable was a trip to Washington and new York, where her father was from a long working trip. In the United States and been Happy with her husband, who also went on business trips abroad. During one of such visits the couple Adzhubei invited to the White house, where the daughter of Khrushchev personally met John Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline.

Rada Nikitichna adzhubei, Khrushchev

Happy Life of Nikitichna today

Rada adzhubei, a photo of which is presented in this article, lived with Alexei Ivanovich until his death in 1993. Their family Union, which many thought a marriage of convenience and he predicted a fast decay, was surprisingly strong. The couple managed to live in perfect harmony for 44 years and raise three sons. Today Rada Nikitichna is retired. Due to old age, she rarely appears in public. Most of the time the daughter dedicates Khrushchev reorganising the family archives, in which are gathered many interesting documents and photos. She is absolutely not interested in politics and tries not to lose contact with his younger brother Sergei, who lives in the United States.


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