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Ostrava - the ancient city, which was built in the late XII century, is located in the East of the Czech Republic. Is the center of the Moravian-Silesian region. The third city in the country by population. Historical, cultural attractions of Ostrava (Czech Republic) annually involve here thousand tourists.


Since ancient times the city of Ostrava is located at the intersection of major trade routes. Until the late eighteenth century it was a small provincial town with a population of only a thousand people. They were mostly craftsmen.

The Economic development of the city began in 1763, when it was possible to access coal deposits. From this time began to develop the mining industry. At the same time by order of king Rudolph lay the first steel plant.

sights of Ostrava Czech Republic

After the construction of the Northern railway (1847) industrial growth of the city is gaining momentum. In the twentieth century, increasing population, improving infrastructure of Ostrava. During the Velvet revolution (1989) the city is a reconstruction of the industry. In 1994, completely stopped coal mining, and steel mills are sold to transport companies.

Sights of Ostrava (Czech Republic). Description

In this European country tend to get many of our compatriots. And not only in the beautiful Prague. The city of Ostrava (Czech Republic) attractions is no less valuable they will be of interest to adult guests and children.

The Area of it. Masaryk

It is a historical monument of the city, located in the middle of it. Above the square stands the old town hall tower, which was built in Renaissance style in the XVI century. It is now home to the Ostrava Museum. Nearby is a “plague column”, which is decorated with the oldest sculpture of the virgin Mary. This post is set as the gratitude of the townspeople for deliverance from the plague of Ostrava.


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Ostrava Czech Republic attractions

Not far from the square you can see the St. Wenceslas Cathedral, a Gothic structure of the beginning of the XIV century. The Church was erected on the foundations of the Romanesque buildings. It is the oldest building of Ostrava for religious purposes.

The team

The lower part of vítkovice – this is one of the main tourist objects of the industrial city of Ostrava.Ostrava, Czech Republic attractions

The city has always been an unusual – it was famous for its historical and architectural monuments. Here were the factories that worked in different industrial sectors.

One of the enterprises today turned into a Museum complex. A network of factories and mines, which was mined and processed iron ore. The blast furnace has been preserved here since the nineteenth century, but today in a glass lift instead of ore carrying tourists.

The Tour on Rothschild metallurgical enterprises will be fascinating for visitors of all ages. Adults will definitely enjoy the houses, which the Rothschilds were built for the workers, and the kids will love the different mechanisms that helped to get the ore.

The complex had worked for a hundred and seventy years. Today it is the largest technical Museum in the Czech Republic, all ratings in attendance ranked 4th.

Bridge of Milos Sikora

Probably, it is impossible for a short trip to study in detail all the sights. Ostrava (Czech Republic) for tourists – like a new book to read slowly and thoughtfully.

The bridge over the river Ostravice is not just a element, connecting two parts of town – Silesian and Moravian. This symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Czech people. Sights of Ostrava (Czech Republic) it is impossible to imagine without this monument to the 24-year-old boy, who during the Second world war saved the bridge from destruction, cut the wires of explosives, which the Nazis under him laid. Thanks to this bridge were part of the Czechoslovak liberation army. Milos Sikora killed by the bullets of the enemy, but his heroism is not forgotten. Now it is named after the bridge, and before him is a monument (sculptor – K. Babraj).

Zábřeh Chateau

Friendly and warmly welcomes its guests to Ostrava. Czech Republic attractions which fascinate with its magnificence, is known worldwide. Zábřeh Chateau stands on the banks of the Odra river rapid. It is located in the city, so the lack of tourists is not experiencing.

This is a Baroque fortress that was built over the water. It has an elaborate system of fortifications. Once it was the residence of a very wealthy nobleman, but in Communist times they were not wanted and abandoned.

In 2004 by the decision of the Czech Government started reconstruction of the Palace Zábřeh. Three years later (2007) it opened its doors to the public to get acquainted with the history of the city. Now there is a small hotel for a few rooms that charm you with historic interiors, an excellent restaurant where you can taste Czech cuisine, and a small brewery. There Pikard beer is brewed according to the recipes, which are carefully preserved from the XVI century.

Castle kravaře

All visitors admire and are amazed at the Ostrava (Czech Republic). The sights of this city are very diverse. For example, the kravaře castle-the former residence of the lords Benesowitz. It is situated in the eponymous small town, which appeared near Ostrava in the XIII century.attractions in Ostrava Czech Republic for tourists

The Castle was built in the XIV century in the village, which at that time was a Church, a market square and several prosperous farms. The castle was originally decorated in the Gothic style, but over time changed.

After the Second world war it became the property of the state, and the new government has placed a school here. Later it was reconstructed and the Museum was opened.

Around the castle kravaře preserved magnificent English Park with artificial lakes and ancient trees.

The World of miniatures

If you want to see the sights in Ostrava (Czech Republic), don't forget to visit this amazing Park. It is called “the World of miniatures Miniuni” and located in the heart of the city.

It is a favorite vacation spot not only tourists but also residents. The Park was built in 2004 and is growing year by year. He currently occupies the area of 1.5 hectares with neat footpaths, paved by the amazing exhibits that are copies of famous architectural structures, built in scale 1:25.sights of Ostrava Czech Republic

By Staying close to the Eiffel tower or the Colosseum, it is possible not only to consider them in detail, but feel like a true connoisseur who understands all of this was done. All layouts are created with such skill that it only remains to bow down before the talented Czech specialists.

In the Park «the World of miniatures Miniuni” can enjoy not only world-famous buildings, but many buildings, which the Czechs are very proud of.

Of Course, it's not all the attractions of Ostrava (Czech Republic). There are picturesque parks, magnificent churches and cathedrals, theaters and concert halls. We therefore recommend that you next vacation to spend here.


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