Influence of appearance and biography on the name of birds of prey


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Raptors. The most iconic and recognizable group of birds. Bird hunters and bird scavengers. They all have good eyesight, large claws and a sharp beak.

image and name birds of prey

The Principle of hunting some species of birds have influenced their name. Birds of prey from the group of vultures is called the scavs for the reason that they are waiting for the moment when the victim will fall dead to eat it.

Hunting bird of prey with feet, without using a beak. The term “predator” comes from the Latin word "rapere” meaning “the seizure of power”. Killing prey with their claws, they tear its beak into pieces.

Day and night predators

On the Ground, birds of prey, there are about 500 species. Their sizes vary greatly. The largest predator of birds is the male eagle that lives in the upper reaches of the Andes, and the smallest-the pygmy Falcon that lives on the plains.

The notion of “bird of prey” covers a large number of birds feeding on small vertebrates and insects. Often the way of hunting for animals going on their name. Birds of prey klassificeret into two types:

  • Daytime predators;
  • Night hunters.

Names of birds of prey alphabet

The Traditional classification currently include daytime predators to the family Falconiformes, formally dividing them into five families. Are the names of birds of prey alphabetically:

  1. Accipitridae. Squad hawk. This includes eagles and Buzzards.
  2. Cathartidae. A squad of vultures. Including condors.
  3. Falconidae. Squad Falcon.
  4. Pandionidae. The osprey squad. It is sometimes classified as the subfamily.
  5. Sagittariidae. Squad marabou. It also includes the Secretary bird.

The creatures of the Night United in one family – owls and have two subgroups:


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  1. Strigidae, or typical (normal) owls.
  2. Tytonidae, or Laurel (Bay - and the barn) owls.

That two groups of birds, unrelated, but having a great morphological similarity and leading the same lifestyle. Generalizes their only similarity of the vital functions and the name. Birds of prey called sanitation nature for their ability to identify the weak, the sick and fauna, and destroy them.

Factors that affect the name birds of prey

Some names of birds of prey do not correspond to a particular bird type. The historical names of birds were given either in fact the resemblance of, or in connection with the General conditions of their life.

  • Eagles. Large specimens with broad, long wings and powerful legs with feathers. Building very large nests.
  • The Osprey. Live around the world. Medium size species with long wings and relatively weak legs. Main species of hunting-catching a fish. Due to this grounds this group were assigned zmeelov – it is their traditional name. Birds of prey Of this group to build large nests.
  • Hawks. Medium size birds living in the forests. Hunting in the air - “beat in years”, or dive for prey in the water. Have quite a long tail serving as a rudder control in flight.
  • The Falcons. The most common class of medium-sized predators. They live everywhere. Prey on medium-sized and small vertebrates. Have sharp vision and excellent hearing. Rarely build their own nests. They are often built in the hollows of trees or occupy abandoned nests of other birds. Can lay eggs in rock formations.

Diversity of types of birds

birds of Prey. The names and photos

Birds of Prey - quite a variety of the feathered world. They are different in appearance, habitat, lifestyle, nature, nesting. There are giants and dwarfs.

The Most curious feature of birds of prey is their sexual dimorphism. This phenomenon is a strong size difference between males and females. Many birds of prey, names and photos of which can be found in every issue of  the Zoological publications have pronounced sexual dimorphism. Females of some species of falcons and hawks are almost twice bigger than males. The exception to this rule may be only scavengers – the females and males of this species are virtually indistinguishable.

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