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Barometric pressure – the pressure of the atmosphere. This name is due to the fact that the device for measuring pressure is the barometer. However, the barometric pressure is an obsolete term. In modern meteorology, it is called atmospheric pressure. At sea level its average value – 760 mm Hg, equivalent to weight of 1 kg of force on 1 square centimeter.

Barometric pressure is

The pressure Fluctuations in the atmosphere and under water

When immersed in water is a rapid increase in pressure – at 1 atmosphere for every 10 meters of depth growth. It forces deep-sea organisms to adapt to such effects. At normal pressure they can not exist and perish.

Increased pressure under water is one of the major problems of deep diving. A particularly harsh sharp floating on the surface, which can lead to a dangerous decompression.

Stay at high altitudes also poses potential threat to health, since the human body had adapted to such low values. Due to the decrease in the partial pressure of oxygen may be a shortage of oxygen in the body – hypoxia. At a height of 8 km the atmospheric pressure is several times less than at sea level, and is 270 mm. RT. article.

barometric pressure Sensor

At the earth's surface can also be significant variations in atmospheric pressure, but very rarely. The maximum oscillation range is from 640 to 816 mm Hg. article. However, under certain conditions (tornadoes, tornado) pressure can fall even lower.


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Meteorological processes influence the magnitude of atmospheric pressure, but often the differences are small. Therefore, their influence on the human body are less pronounced.

Units of measure barometric pressure

The generally accepted unit of measurement of atmospheric pressure is Pascal. But in Russia, another popular gradation – millimeter of mercury. Other less commonly used units of measure. The barometric pressure is barometer.

Influence of pressure and height on the gas composition of the air

The Effect of barometric pressure is not limited to the impact on human health. With the decrease of atmospheric pressure at altitude changes, and gas composition of the atmosphere. First of all, decreases the percentage of water vapor, because of its freezing and condensation. Any gases which are heavier than air (e.g. carbon dioxide), with a set height decrease faster than lighter (e.g., methane). This may affect the nature of the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere at different heights, which with the height rapidly decreases, in connection with the reduction of water vapor content. As the methane to a greater extent penetrate into high layers of the atmosphere, the character called the greenhouse effect and climate impacts are not entirely such as carbon dioxide.

the Effect of barometric pressure

Natural fluctuations in atmospheric pressure

The Natural fluctuations of the barometric air pressure associated with the uneven heating of various parts of the globe, with the interaction between land and ocean and the Earth's rotation. The air over the heated areas becomes more fluid and therefore expands and spreads to the sides, which leads to lower atmospheric pressure. In contrast, over the less warm places of the air is less mobile, and therefore more inclined to shrink and harden. In accordance with the formula: P = ρgh, where ρ – density, g-acceleration, h-height above sea level, more dense air at the same altitude creates a higher pressure that is recorded by barometers.

During the storm and immediately in front of her atmospheric pressure usually decreases, which may cause a change in the health of meteosensitive people. The pressure reduction can be observed immediately before the arrival of cold atmospheric front.

Cyclone and anticyclone

Large-scale atmospheric circulation and uneven heating of the earth's surface lead to the appearance of cyclones and anticyclones. Cyclones – it is a large region with low atmospheric pressure and anticyclones, on the contrary, increased.

Barometric pressure

Cyclones are usually more agile and dynamic than the anticyclones. The air in the cyclone rises from the lower atmosphere into the higher, and because it was warm and humid, often formed dense clouds and precipitation.

In anticyclones the opposite is true: the air, on the contrary, descends, presses against the earth's surface. This air flows from the higher atmospheric layers, where the content of water vapor is relatively small. For this and other reasons, the chances of the formation of rain clouds in the anticyclone are small, and relative and absolute humidity is significantly lower than in the cyclone.

Thus, the barometric pressure – is one of the main characteristics of the atmosphere. It depends on the weather, the climate and our health. Barometric pressure – this is the same as atmospheric pressure. Now, however, the term is used rarely.

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