The culture of Ancient Rome: its formation and development


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The Culture of Ancient Rome has greatly influenced the development of European and world history. Back in those days was laid on traditional values, the norms of public life and socio-psychological patterns of behavior that for thousands of years was the basis of the European enlightenment. Rome was also a "founder" of democracy, separation of powers and civil liability, which indicates a high social level of development, which contributed to the formation of a strong and developed state.

Culture of ancient RomeThe Original culture of Ancient Rome was influenced by Greek and Etruscan peoples, but the Romans later largely surpassed their teachers, reached admirable heights. It all started with religion, which recognized the power of the spirits and deities. Since the Pantheon has always been open to “foreign” forces, it was believed that the new deity only increase the power of the Roman people, so the mythology of Rome began to identify their gods with the Greek.

It was Also with philosophy and literature. Initially the Greek sages and writers "became" Roman and their works were translated into Latin, but then, studying the works of great philosophers and complementing the conclusions their experience, demonstrated their abilities a truly great Roman writers and scholars. So was born the culture of Ancient Rome.

Further development took place in all spheres of culture. In architecture the Romans made a significant step forward. They gave preference to the construction of buildings that are more in line with practical needs and emphasized the power that overwhelms the person with its grandeur than the temple (spiritual) complexes. As a result, they had new types of buildings (amphitheater, Thermae, and Basil) and structures (arches, domes, pillars). Culture of ancient Rome briefly
The Culture of Ancient Rome and describes briefly some of the achievements of Greece, because during their conquests, the Romans took out of the Hellenistic States, a large number of values and works of art. These trophies were later copied that, unfortunately, prevented the development of their own painting and sculpture. Thus, culture of Ancient Rome was characterized by a fairly good development of a portrait genre (statues, depicting a figure in a toga, busts), which is characterized by simplicity and accuracy of the image.Artistic culture of ancient RomeAs already mentioned, the main feature of thinking the Romans had practicality, which contributed to the development of applied Sciences. In this regard, a high level of jurisprudence, which have reached us numerous literary masterpieces. In addition, "invented" new household utensils, glass and bronze utensils, water mills, devices for heating of premises and water heating and much more.

One of the reasons that the culture of Ancient Rome began to flourish, was the improvement of material-economic situation of the Empire, which provided the necessary conditions for the formation of values, gave rise to the ancient intelligentsia (poets, teachers, philosophers, and other masters of art).

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