False pregnancy in dogs: symptoms, treatment and consequences


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A False pregnancy in dogs – serious psychological and physiological disorder. Yes, it is a disorder, because clearly to call it a disease is difficult, due to a number of reasons. The majority of non-pregnant bitches, periodically show symptoms of psevdoberemennost. External symptoms identical to pregnancy. The difference is that the condition occurs in the absence of the fact of copulation with the male. Signs of false pregnancy in dogs appear most often in two or less months after the next estrus. And it does not depend on ever the female has puppies or not.

What is a disorder?

Symptoms of false pregnancy in dogs

Due to the syndrome of false pregnancy in dogs there are changes in the psyche and physiology. Some reasons of occurrence of this status today is uncertain. Scientists biologists endure only speculation. Many of them describe the symptoms of false pregnancy in dogs in response to hormonal changes at the end of estrus. The condition occurs due to increased formation by the body lactogenic hormones.

Veterinarians have identified several major causes of false pregnancy in dogs:

  • Non-permanent breeding activities, the lack of regularity;
  • Inflammation with pus formation;
  • Excessive production of the hormone which is released only in the process of developing of puppies.

Biology disorders

In the third phase of the estrous cycle of bitches organism produced yellow body. They produce hormonal flow causing pregnancy. Held at fertilization in force in the different types of hormones. In the absence of pregnancy the yellow body is exhausted, and the body returns to normal. The life of yellow bodies is equal to the gestational age – that is, to two and a half months. It turns out, regardless of the fertilization in the body of the dog is the growth hormones that are responsible for nurturing offspring. Their number affects how bright will speak about the pregnancy.


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One of the reasons why the dog has a false pregnancy, is the freezing of embryos. They can disappear on a four-week period. In this case, the females observed the mother's behavior. The dog builds a nest, is there toys, shoes, garments. In extreme cases the dog even straining, as in childbirth.

Symptoms of psevdoberemennost

a False pregnancy in dogs

There are a number of signs of false pregnancy in dogs. At the fifth, eighth week after estrus in the dog beginning to swell nipples to produce milk. All this may be accompanied by outbursts of aggression.

The Dog building his nest. In it, she can bring toys, and if not, any household items, able get her something to remind puppies. Things can be totally unexpected: sneakers, leather shoes, washcloth, brush, bottles etc. And noticeable difference how the dog tolerates them, – carefully, like a real puppy. Also one of the signs-loss of appetite, followed by fever. The dog tends to retire, refuses to walk. Some females this process takes place imperceptibly. But there are severe cases, lameness in the back legs, cramped gait and swaying ass. Should preempt the possibility of development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The dog may show signs of toxicity, fake birth.

A False pregnancy is not dangerous, harmful can only be its consequences. The dog must be under the supervision of a veterinarian. Otherwise, you could develop mastitis, neurosis, purulent inflammation of the uterus.

Dogs false pregnancy. What to do?

Physical activity to combat false pregnancy in dogs

At that time, every owner wants to help your pet to relieve suffering. It is important to know all about the symptoms and treatment of false pregnancy in dogs. You need to create unfavourable conditions in the wild, if the pack is starving. That is, to reduce the amount of protein in the diet and the serving of food in General. Water also give smaller, it will affect the secretion of milk. Need to physically load the dog, as if the pack was looking for food in the wild. And should be removed from the access dogs all the items that she can use as the puppy dummy.

When a false pregnancy is not acute, the steps above will help. But in severe cases, you should show the dog to the vet. The specialist will prescribe the necessary in the specific case of homeopathic remedies or course of hormonal substances.

How long does false pregnancy in dogs?

In most cases, the signs of psevdoberemennost the bitches last up to twenty days. All this time the owners should remain patient. Need for special treatment is not required.

Treatment of psevdoberemennost

Sterilization in case of false pregnancy in dogs

In cases where the symptoms occur acutely, treatment of false pregnancy in dogs. As a rule, veterinarians are the most effective choose a course of hormonal therapy. Prescribed drugs, which include estrogens combined with a progestogen and androgens. Their use is unsafe, so you should carefully follow the recommendations of the veterinarian. May appear bald areas at the injection site, change the color of the coat and other unpleasant consequences.

Myths about false pregnancy

When false pregnancy, the dog replaces the puppies toys

The First myth is based on the fact that the alleged sterilization of the dog saves her from the possibility of false pregnancy. But it does not answer the question of why the dog has a false pregnancy. There is a hormone prolactin, located in the pituitary gland (in the brain). He is responsible for milk production. So, the removal of the ovaries at the onset of lactation is not affected. Sterile dog is less prone to uterine tumors.

Some breeders believe that once mated a bitch is not affected by false pregnancy. That's clearly not the case. However, if mating and pregnancy regular, this saves you from false security. This is the second myth.

The Third misconception – the punishment of the dog. Some think the right decision to select the “adopted” plush toys, shoes, brushes, and even to scold the dog for this behavior. It is extremely cruel. Bitch really believes that all hidden in nest objects really her puppies. To take them from her – that is, to take of these puppies. Better to distract the pet, the more her to run, to play, but not to abuse. She does this not out of stupidity, and under the influence of hormones. Unexpected “robbing the nest” will be her any more stress, and in addition there will be distrust to the owner of the offender.

Among the medical mistakes – linking directly to pyometra false pregnancy in dogs. It is not proven, but a hypothesis based solely on the fact that the disease was cured with hormone therapy during a false pregnancy.

Another popular statement says that tying nipples bitches will stop the flow of milk and this eliminates about pregnancy. Such actions can lead to stagnation in the mammary glands bitches. When it stimulates the nipples for the allocation of a nutrient liquid, it is better to put her on a blanket coat or camphor oil. But again, the camphor oil can harm dogs with congenital heart problems. Not allowed expressing some milk in the dog and massaging the nipples. This will only aggravate the situation.

The Danger of false security

a Pug with a toy

During the “scoops” glands females accumulate milk, in poor condition develops mastitis. In addition, due to the accumulation of excessive quantities of mucus in the uterus, the pregnancy substitute isn often leads to pyometra. The so-called purulent inflammation of the uterus. This disease is characterized by high mortality rates. Treated by removing only the ovaries, in other words, surgical sterilization of dogs. That is, the pet must be neutered. It is important that the procedure performed by a qualified specialist. He also will prescribe the subsequent course of therapy.


Signs of false pregnancy in dogs

From just reading the above has become clear that pseudoscientist – the number of consecutive physiological phenomena, accompanied by a specific neurosis, occurring on the basis of unfulfilled natural needs bitches, that is maternity, which improves the status of dogs in the pack as the perpetuators of life. Coupled with unstable dogs this leads to a described pathological condition.

Defines a false pregnancy in first for a change...

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