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Today, people come up with various interesting entertainment only in order to amuse themselves and others. A tradition in many cities of the country is the parade (i.e. competition) strollers when parents try to originally decorate the first transport of your baby. Such action always ends with the award winners. Wanting to win a prize, the parents in advance begin to think about how outside the box to decorate the carriage.

how to decorate a stroller for a parade of carriages

Most Often, child transportation decorate items made from scrap materials, i.e. of all that you can find at home. That's the beauty-you don't need or normal things to create masterpieces. Less specific design order to specialists, but such exhibits immediately visible to the naked eye, so the public quickly loses interest in them. Let's look at some options of how to decorate a stroller for a parade of strollers on their own.


The Most simple variant-to make the stroller into a certain transport sredstva. You can decorate it under a tank and a kid to dress up a tank under the plane-a pilot, under the jeep-cool guy. Girls this idea is also nice. It is worth remembering stroller baby Scarlett from the movie "gone with the wind” – her front was fastened the horses, which fled. Than not idea? Well, the classic version – the Princess in the carriage. Such a girl will look more attractive.

contest wheelchairsHeroes

You Can reflect on whatever hero I wanted to see his child. And in accordance with this to consider it transport. But how to decorate a stroller for a parade of carriages, if the hero has no car? It's simple: you vehicle to equip the baby room, or the abode of the selected character. So, boys suit outfit, Spiderman, Batman, and girls you can dress up fairies, or princesses-warriors.


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For a long time to think about how to decorate a stroller for a parade of wheelchairs, you can decorate it in cartoon style. You must first select the desired character, and more just to consider his surroundings. So, girls will look great in the role of Masha from the cartoon "Masha and Bear”, and boys possible to dress up the Cones, the Warriors, and if the stroller twins – Hare and Wolf from the cartoon "Well, wait!”.

contest strollersNational styles

There are other options of how to decorate a stroller for a parade of carriages, for example, in the style of the peoples of the world. This requires at least a little to know the history of each country. So, imitating the Ukrainian culture, you can dress up the baby Cossack to put on the who, for example, with salt.  Remembering  the history of Greece, from the transport of the baby  do Olympus and to put God or goddess – Zeus or Athena. Well, if you look at England, the idea suggests itself - a king or Queen on the throne.


You Can try to move away from the simple choices and to do something special for the contest wheelchairs. For example, a toddler can wear a vampire and a stroller to decorate in an appropriate style. Also interesting will look kids-a zombie. But this step will be solved not all parents. But to dress up the baby in any animal is not difficult, the stroller will need to make a place where the animal usually lives.

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