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Dispenser for paper towels — a device, without which it is hard to imagine today, places such as clinic, restaurant or business center. This is one of the most important hygiene products can often be found in suburban homes and apartments.

Purpose dispenser

In places of a mass congestion of people, there is a risk of spreading infections that can lead to disease, colds, flu, etc. Thorough hand hygiene helps to reduce the chance of infection, it is important not only to wash them with soap and water, but always dry. To do this in the dressing rooms put special dispensers, allowing the right moment to have at hand such a hygienic material such as paper towels.dispenser for paper towels

They are in our lives went in very recently — in the eighties of the twentieth century. The first is rather bulky dispensers, in which there is mechanical knives, appeared in the corporate offices of Ford and GSM. Paper towel of this unit had to be removed with considerable physical effort.

Types of institutions

Over time this device has been largely improved. Today the dispenser for paper towels are manufactured in a wide variety of options, from plastic and metal. They differ not only in appearance but also in strength. Plastic devices recommended for use in private dwellings. They have a large window, through which you can control the availability of towels, besides a much cheaper metal, and at home application of their strength is enough.dispenser for home towel price


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In public places where a large crowd of people, it is better to install dispenser stainless steel. They have high strength and can withstand severe physical exertion. This is the most reliable dispenser for paper towels. Its price is much higher than that of the plastic of the device – 9000 R. and more.

Device Type

Systems differ and the addition of towels inside the device. For medical and educational institutions, public toilets, where the level of traffic is particularly high, the most suited device with ZZ– addition. The system of issuing towels in them is rather simple and allows you to use towels as a leaf, and Packed in rolls. Devices having addition method Z, provide for less intensive operation.

The Most simple and accessible is a dispenser for paper towels With the addition. They are designed for home use, because it is designed for moderate use.

Most modern devices are equipped with sensors and capable of issuing the towel automatically, just hold it in your arms. Such a dispenser programmed for a certain length of issued material and provides maximum comfort because it does not require touch holder.

Dispensers for paper towels "TORK"

This is the most popular system used in public places. "TORK" offers a very wide range of devices, differing not only in design but also functional abilities. Many of them are designed to use several types of consumables, including dispensers designed for other brands.

Made device "TORK" special impact-resistant plastic or stainless steel. For the more expensive interiors company can offer a lightweight and stylish aluminum construction with high strength.

Which dispenser to choose

What model should you stay depends primarily on the premises where you plan to install a dispenser for paper towels. For the bathroom or kitchen is fine not too expensive plastic device with the system-addition. At low load in the home it will last a few years. Also for the house or premises, visited by only an elite audience, you can also purchase a fancy model with a touch or an infrared sensor, an outstanding scented and heated towels.dispensers for paper towels TORK

For public places, tougher load, recommended models stainless steel system stacking towels ZZ.

The Dispenser that is installed in certain health zones will have a positive impact on company image and will help to save some funds allocated for maintaining cleanliness.

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