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Every little girl should have their favorite toy. Spanish doll "Antonio Juan" is a cherished dream of every girl, which parents can make a reality. They are like real children, so they can become the child's daughter or son, friend or other. It all depends on what kind of doll will choose a favorite child. Great toys are made in great detail and have a natural appearance that meets a particular age of children.

History of company

Spain – the birthplace of these wonderful dolls in the nineteenth century has established itself as a true European capital of toy production. This country in large quantities delivers quality toys at the shops of Europe and the CIS countries.

Spanish dollThe Company Antonio Huan, thanks to which appeared this Spanish doll, has a long history, but presented their products on the markets of Russia only in 2010. These toys are developed by European designers and produced in a small Spanish town of Onil in Alicante province.

“Antonio Juan" (Spanish doll) meets all international quality standards. And no wonder - producing wonderful toys factory is an honorary member of all international exhibitions. Of course, for children, the doll company is completely safe, because are made from absolutely harmless materials. The main slogan of the manufacturer – perfect quality, the special style of the product, continuous improvement and affordable prices.


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Description miracle toys

Spanish doll "Antonio Juan" is a true copy of live birth with gender, each of which is unique and has individual facial features. Her skin feels like real due to the fact that it is made of extremely soft vinyl with added silicone. Why toys are so realistic that at first glance you think, it's a toy or a real baby?

This Spanish doll is created by hand by a master, who in her way has put all his soul. From their beautiful cobbled together of individuals who, perhaps, give them a strong resemblance to the author's or collector's toys in the form of a child, there is only friendliness and kindness. Its charming faces they are like all kids, without exception.

Clothing for the ‘Juan Antonio” is a fashion designer and are sewed at the factories that produce these baby clothes. Every wrinkle and the bow is exquisitely beautiful, and the fabric of the doll's dress has a soft touch texture and vibrant colors.

Also a huge plus the children's fun is that they are not scented and do not emit any smell.

Spanish doll

Features of the collection

Spanish doll brand “Juan Antonio” designed for children ages three years old. They have an interesting "voice acting". When you press on the tummy toy funny laughs, says some words and can cry. This built-in mechanism toy is powered by three batteries.

Basically, the doll body soft and Packed with special material, movable arms and legs made of vinyl. But there are types of toys that have fully vinyl appearance. Her hair can be washed and combed without fear that they will be damaged.

Available data puppet masterpieces in different sizes, depending on what age the child passes the doll. It can be as kids as infants and children of preschool age. The toy is Packed in a large, beautiful box, so perfect as a gift. All products produced by this Spanish firm, is certified.

doll Juan Spanish

Toy in the form of a newborn baby

Spanish doll-babies dressed in pink or blue knit outfit, depending on if it's a boy or a girl. They have the appearance of this just-born baby with the correct anatomical proportions.

These doll-babies even have all the creases on their little hands and legs, which are characteristic for these children. Mimicry repeats infant that can not bribe when choosing toys for my beloved daughter. The growth starts from their 23 centimeters and a weight of 700 grams. Playing such a doll, the child learns to care for and to care about the little man, acquiring the skills of adulthood from the earliest years.

Spanish doll Antonio Juan


This Spanish toy can be your best friend or girlfriend for a little girl. Complete with the dolls you can buy different clothes and accessories so that the girl could take care of her, do her hairstyle, dress up and play. It is not difficult for the child as “Antonio Juan" is small in size: its height starts from 37 inches and a weight of 900 grams.

The Company has released in a large number of dolls in this age category with different settings and unique in appearance. So every buyer can find the toy to your taste.

Feedback from satisfied buyers

Dolls "Juan" (Spanish) won the hearts of consumers all over the world and became popular in many European countries and in the CIS. Parents leave only positive feedback. Thanks to the realistic and pleasant appearance the children from them are just crazy. Their kindness and prettiness encourage the child to make friends with them and spend all their free time caring for his favorite doll. It's not to please their parents, because their beloved child develops feelings such as love, care, neatness.

Spanish doll babiesMany moms say that these Spanish dolls look extremely natural, and one gets the impression that acquired another family member. Over time, unlike many other toys, “Juan Antonio” all the hair remain in place, and she keeps making all the sounds originally laid, without distortion.

Collectors also fell in love with the wonderful puppets, so eager to replenish their collection.

This gift will surely appreciate every little girl. He did not bother with the time and will delight her for years to come.


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