Clothes for pregnant their hands: the idea of creating a stylish wardrobe


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Rapidly growing midsection requires frequent changes of clothing. However, to acquire the necessary amount of clothing that will be liked, to be comfortable and made of natural materials, can not afford every woman. To look beautiful and desirable always. Excellent alternative to the purchase will be clothes for pregnant, with his own hands created.Clothing for pregnant your hands

Where to find suitable patterns

Now there are a large number of magazines on sewing, which are ready-made patterns and describes the entire sequence of works, suitable fabrics and material consumption. Beautiful maternity clothes can be created independently, however, it is necessary to have the skills and experience of tailoring works.Clothing for pregnant women

A Large number of patterns presented in women's magazines. You can also ask for help from more experienced moms. It is recommended to start to use very simple patterns that have few pieces and minimal seams.

The greater the number of separate parts present in the product, the more time will be spent on tailoring, the fit and the seams.

What kind of fabric to choose

During pregnancy it is desirable to eliminate the use of artificial materials, they prevent proper ventilation and can therefore significantly degrade the health of women. Summer maternity clothes have to be made in bright colors out of light fabrics. It will not only allow the body to breathe, but also create airy and delicate look.

It is Better to give preference to natural light materials such as silk, linen, cotton. In cold weather you can use woolen fabric or knitted models with natural yarns. Sewn from these fabrics are clothes for pregnant your own hands will allow you to feel attractive, without harming the family budget.


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Important points of the simulation

If there are no special skills and talent for sewing, you can just alter existing clothes for a new size. Alteration is performed by adding parts in the thighs and abdomen. For this purpose, suitable elastic fabric: knitwear, spandex, elastane, cotton. To change the size, simply add the sides of pieces of suitable material, or to insert directly to the abdomen.

Clothes for pregnant your own hands can be created from old pants, t-shirts, sundresses. Update your wardrobe sets the mood, after all efforts are being made not only for themselves but also for the future baby. This method will allow you to save money and to spend a minimum of effort and still look stylish and attractive.

Summer maternity clothes

In the summer heat pregnant to particularly difficult, so it is important to wear light clothing made of natural fabrics. The most appropriate option is the sundress.Summer clothes for pregnant women

To Sew sundress simply. To do this, take a piece of light fabric (cotton, chiffon, silk, Batiste), a wide rubber band and ready to Mike. Cut the shirt along the chest line, the selected tissue prestratified waistband (skirt work uniform builds), sew the ends of the skirt and elastic bands and prostrachivajut the bodice of the shirt. It remains to sew the hem of the skirt and sundress ready.

Such clothing for pregnant are made, not constrain movements and allow the body to breathe. Using a variety of fabrics and colors, you can create a large number of sundresses at low cost. On the same principle, you can sew an evening dress, and was decorated with elastic lace and adding stylish jewelry.

Maternity Evening dresses

Fashions for pregnant women in a wide assortment of and evening fashion. The most popular options are the dresses in the Greek style. Fit with a high waist, a lot of ruffles, flowing skirts to create a gentle image.

To make the image brighter, you can use unusual colors or shades of fabric. Add festivity to help trim dress with stones, lace or sequins. For Greek dresses you should choose lightweight fabrics that drape well and not crease. These include muslin, satin, chiffon, and thin Jersey.Beautiful clothes for pregnant women

Tailoring Greek dresses possible without creating a pattern. You need to take a piece of cloth and trying on, to choose the most appropriate drape, secure with pins and then finally needed to stitch seams.

Maternity Pants

With the inserts, you can alter the pants. They need to try on, not buttoning, to determine the line that goes around the belly, then cut the pants along this line and sew a piece of knit in the form of a brace.

clothing for pregnant women

Similarly, you can increase the size of the pants and in the hips. For this you need to unpick the side seam, find the right fabric and sew it on the sides.

Clothing for pregnant women, created by your own hands, to be a versatile approach to any term of the pregnancy, and not have to constantly buy things a size larger. The main advantage of this rework is the opportunity after delivery to return the items original appearance.

This will need to unpick the seams, remove the insert and re-stitch them. Thing is not be spoiled, which will save on the next update of the wardrobe.

The Only clothes you do not want to sew by yourself, with no experience – sports. Sports clothing needs to be sewn based on many criteria, to be of especially high quality and beautiful.


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