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Currently, there are a lot of different breeds. All their names will fail to remember. So you probably know not all breeds of dogs. The Norfolk Terrier, for example, do you know? About these cute doggies we want to tell you.

When did the breed?

She was Bred in the English County of Norfolk. These dogs are very similar with the breed Norwich Terrier. The main difference between them – the shape of the ears. Some even believed that the Norfolk Terrier is a variety of the Norwich Terrier. But it is not, in 1964, the breed was officially recognized different.

The Norfolk Terrier: breed description

The dog belongs to the small Terrier. Members of the breed weigh about five kilograms, and their height at the withers on average 24 see generally, males are bigger than females.

Norfolk Terrier

  • Norfolk Terrier rounded wide skull, powerful ears. The transition from the muzzle to his forehead clear.
  • The Muzzle is strong, wedge-shaped, lips tight. Such dogs have very strong jaws, large teeth, healthy. Neck strong, of medium length.
  • The Eyes are black or brown, oval-shaped, planted deep. Look smart, alert and perceptive.
  • The Ears are medium in size, triangular in shape, slightly rounded at the tip.
  • The Tail is not very long, thick at the base and tapering towards the end. Arrest is not necessary, but possible.
  • Muscular back. Well bent knees.
  • Powerful Front legs, straight, short.
  • Shoulders sloping.
  • Movement correct and strong. The hind legs are placed in the track of the front, move smoothly from the hips. Knees and hocks are very well bent and unbent.
  • The Coat is wiry, hard, straight, fairly tight to the body. On the shoulders and the neck it is longer and coarser than on head and ears.

Norfolk Terrier description of breed


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  • The Norfolk Terrier comes in many colors - you can see red, grey or pale yellow of the breed. There is even a black Terrier. The white markings are undesirable, but some dogs of this breed they are.
  • Speaking about the health of these dogs, they have it good enough.

Character and temperament of the breed

By nature, dogs of this breed are calm and kind. These Terriers are hardy, aggressive, fearless. They are loyal, sociable and courageous. These dogs love to play with children. Usually find a common language with other Pets, especially if you live with them since childhood.

Its owner can be jealous of other people and Pets. Need to communicate with people. Some breed members can be stubborn. Possess watchdog and hunting qualities, so you can bark to warn the owners of danger. I love to hunt for small animals such as ferrets, weasels or rabbits.

Training: features and important notes

The Norfolk Terrier is well trained. As a rule, problems do not happen, but you need to always be persistent and determined. To start, you need to teach him from an early age to positive qualities fully manifested in the animal.

Norfolk Terrier reviews

Training must be balanced. Terriers love these walks, so you can combine them with learning.

The course should teach at an early age, so that in the future a bored pet is spoiled household goods, for example furniture. Therefore, immediately make it clear to the dog what you can do, and what not. The second thing necessary is, of course, to pay attention to the dog, because the game master and I really need him. The only way to understand a little bit animal.

Care of dogs

Interesting, a little unkempt appearance of this dog attracts. But the wool should be carefully looked after. It needs to be cleaned and combed twice a week. To do this, use a special stiff brush and a metal comb. You can buy them at any pet store.

dog breeds Norfolk Terrier

During moulting (spring and autumn) it is necessary to do trimming (plucking). Best similar procedure to trust the specialist. Nails should be cut regularly. Lugs should check and clean on a weekly basis.

Bathe, but to do it better. It is advisable to carry out this procedure as needed.

A dog it's easy to contain housing conditions, although the Norfolk Terrier quickly adapts to any conditions of life. Special long walks he needs, but about twenty minutes-thirty in the afternoon it is necessary to walk vigorously. Active games - here that loves this dog. This dog will gladly play with you.

description of the breed the Norfolk Terrier

Wrapping up

Anyone who has got a dog the Norfolk Terrier, reviews and leave only positive. These dogs are excellent companions. As hunters of small animals, these dogs are used very rarely, although they show such good results. Norfolk Terriers can safely to start families, which have children. The dog will be a great friend for teenagers and adults.

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