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For anybody not a secret that a balanced diet affects the health and quality of life of each of us. The same rule applies to our Pets, what people tend to forget sometimes. Very often, choosing the best cat food, we are guided by cost considerations or influenced by advertising. But do not forget that a balanced diet menu should include the obligatory main components. Primarily animal proteins contained in lean meat, fish and poultry. In addition, the best cat food consists of cereals and vegetables with added vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids.Best cat food

Not every breeder has the opportunity daily to prepare natural food for your pet, so you have to make a choice from those options offered by pet stores. To find a complete and quality product, let's consider what are the most common types of food.

Dry food

Very convenient to use, dry food helps the animal to maintain the cleanliness of the teeth and does not deteriorate during prolonged storage. If you prefer this type of food, don't forget to provide a cat drinking water in sufficient quantity. From the open packing of food you need to pour in a sealed container so it does not lose its nutritional properties.

Canned goods

Most cats are happy to eat canned food, it has to taste even gourmets and capricious animals. After the Bank opened, its contents need to shift into a glass dish and store in the fridge. The shelf life of canned food is large enough, but will be useful to check the production date on the package.


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Wet foodbest cat food

The Pieces of food in jelly is available in small packs, single portions, which is very convenient. The optimal ratio of humidity and quality composition allow to consider that this is the best food for cats (not counting natural).

All kinds of food, depending on the composition and pricing policy of manufacturers, are divided into classes. The diets and economy of the commercial class is considered complete food absolutely not! The cheaper grades of feed do not contain animal proteins, the main constituent of ingredient in them is soy. Causing a feeling of fullness, so the food is not good, but can be dangerous for the health of the animal. The use of artificial colors and flavors shows that this is not the best cat food that can cause allergies or diseases of internal organs.Best cat food

The Products of premium and super premium are manufactured from quality components that do not contain carcinogenic components. Present in vitamins and minerals provide the animal food, which requires no additional additives. Best cat food premium economical, the animal becomes saturated faster due to the high nutritional value.

Choosing what to feed your pet, always keep in mind that this is a small predator, so the best cat food-natural food.

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