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Diapers for babies were invented in the middle Ages. In Europe they were made from natural materials: flax, hemp, wool. After each use they were washed off, dried over an open flame and used again. In our country the first diapers called flap or rag. Modern products, which are accustomed to use a modern mom, was invented only 40 years ago.

Reusable diapers with padding

Reusable diapers

Since the birth of the baby wearing the diaper for comfort and hygiene. In them, he spends the first years of life is about 25,000 hours. Scientists are constantly working hard to ensure that the diapers were easy to use. Constantly updated the design, appear absorbent panty for easy dressing on baby, developed new absorbent materials. Diapers for the modern baby and his parents is indispensable, but such a product hard on the budget of young families. That money is not wasted, you can use reusable diapers.

During the production of this product for children use only materials of natural origin: a cotton or bamboo fabric. As a result, the baby's skin can breathe, there is no irritation, not a rash. Reusable nappies (reviews confirm this) can be washed in the washing machine, they quickly dry and do not iron.

Diapers assorted colors

The Size of such absorbent garment is universal. Products suitable for the smallest tots and older children. Adjustment of the waist is made by using the buttons. These diapers can be used unlimited number of times, making them incredibly easy to use and very economical.


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How to use

After a bowel movement is enough to change only a portion of the reusable diaper, and placed it in this sack. It is usually located in a special pocket or attached to the buttons. To completely change these absorbent panties necessary when lateral restraint of the gum is moistened. If the parents had planned to use reusable nappies on a daily basis, you will need at least 10 sets considering the fact that each diaper has two inserts.

Full replacement diaper

Replace the used absorbent diaper is best done on the changing table. Next to the kid in advance to put wipes, powder, baby cream or "Panthenol". After removing the reusable panty, wipe crotch cloth and treat with leather cream and a powder. After this operation, take a clean diaper, spread it on the inner side of hands and to put on the baby. It remains to fasten the diaper at the waist with Velcro or fasteners.

Diapers for infants

These products with proper care, compliance with the rules during their washing and drying can last for several years. If the material is soiled, you will need to replace the inner liner. If heavily soiled, or if the filler is wet, you must have already the full replacement.

Dignity reusable panty-diapers

Reusable panties for toddlers consist of three layers:

  • Top is designed to hold the liner inside;
  • External moisture;
  • Protective made of cotton or bamboo.

Based on the reviews, reusable diapers are different from classical models in that they can be adjusted for height and waist using Velcro or buttons. Thus, they are universal and suitable for almost any age child. Material tight to the body, while not causing any harm to the skin. Fabric used is very elastic, it does not create a nuisance. Due to the absorbency of the liner and tightened the rubber bands panties not occur for a long time, until you are filled to the maximum level.

Varieties of reusable nappies

There are several varieties of reusable nappies, parents reviews on the Internet confirm this. First appearance – this classic piece. They are designed for daily use. They can even swim, but before that you have to remove the liner. This product is made from cotton and microporous membrane. Thanks to these materials the baby's skin does not sweat. The liquid absorption occurs due to the liner.

Reusable diapers for babies

Coal bamboo diapers reusable is also designed for everyday use. Their advantage is that they do not exude odor even after fully filling in the urine. If the child had irritation after using other panties, while wearing bamboo redness in the perineum quickly pass. These panties are sold in stores with a little bit of overpriced, in comparison with the classic models.

The Diapers out of the ordinary bamboo fabric suitable for children from zero to 4 years. They are ideal for walking in warm weather and home games. For sleeping and bathing, such models are not suitable because they quickly become wet, consequently, the child will feel discomfort. This property of the panties have one advantage-they kid you can quickly teach to go potty. Because bamboo fabric promotes skin regeneration, skin irritations and rashes during the use of such models panties will quickly disappear.

What are reusable nappies better for reviews can hardly understand. Everyone has their individual opinion. Every parent selects such products for their children from their own experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in any other goods, articles for repeated use have their numerous advantages and disadvantages. After reading the reviews of reusable Gloryes diapers, it is possible to distinguish the following advantages:

  • Material can quickly absorb moisture, causing the skin remains dry and not irritated;
  • Made from only natural materials, no chemical element;
  • Product saves the family budget;
  • When using reusable panties nature is not polluted wastes;
  • Using bamboo, fast absorbent diapers, you can quickly accustom a child to the pot.
Different models of diapers


  • It is necessary several times a day to change the inner liner;
  • Housewife often have to do the Laundry.

How to care for reusable diapers

What they say in the reviews moms about reusable diapers? These products require special care. First, they should be washed at a temperature of about 40 degrees. Secondly, it is impossible to squeeze by hand and dry on the battery and other heating devices. Also do not iron this material. Washable diapers is only recommended baby powder. Before first use after purchase should be the product of the wash.

Types of ear

Absorbent panty Liners from reusable are of three types:

  1. From the coal of bamboo fabric. It has the highest rate of absorption – 350 ml.
  2. Antibacterial fabric (able to absorb not more than 250 ml).
  3. Microfiber Liner (able to absorb not more than 150 ml of liquid).
Baby in a reusable diaper

These sacks are also reusable. Wash them with the diapers. Service life of such products is quite large, because they are able to withstand up to 1000 machine washes.

Cotton liners

We should also consider liners made from organic cotton fabric. Such products consist of four layers. The first two layers of bio-stories made to create a barrier between the skin of baby and fluid, and the second two are used for absorption. Usually they are made from bamboo viscose or cotton fabric. These bearings do not allow microbes to multiply, therefore, the child will feel comfortable.

Waterproof earbuds

Ear created on the basis of membrane Aqua stop can be used even as part of regular underwear. This unique product consists of four layers: two layers-outer and two-interior. The layer which is in contact with the body, made of cotton and bio-stories. The other, on the opposite side, is made from a material with a hydrophobic membrane. It prevents the greenhouse effect. Two inner layers stitched with cotton and bamboo viscose, so they have antibacterial properties. Judging by the reviews, reusable nappies «narovchatsky” does not cause allergies, and ...

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