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Today, we will figure out how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the TV. In addition, it is necessary to understand, why bother to conduct this operation. Because the majority of the population enjoys regular headset if you work with TV or even refuses it. What do I need to connect wireless headphones? Answers to all questions will necessarily be given below. In fact, the studied theme is pretty easy to learn. Connecting a wireless headset can handle even a novice user. What features of the process it is recommended to pay attention in the first place?


Before you connect your TV to the headphones via Bluetooth, you need to understand why you need to do such an operation.

how to connect Bluetooth headphones to TV

To Judge the necessity of using a wireless headset hard. It performs all the functions wired counterparts. A distinctive feature of these headphones is the lack of extra wires. Headset convenient to use. In addition, such devices a huge number of variations. A person can choose wireless headphones that will suit him 100%.

Often think about how to connect TV to Bluetooth headphones, we have:

  • If you are tired of the many wires from the headset;
  • Comfortable for playing game or watching movie from PC to TV;
  • If you have problems with hearing.

These are the most common reasons why people seek the answer to today question. What kind of features everyone should know?

Is There a chance connection

Before you implement an idea into reality, you need to understand, is it possible to connect Bluetooth headphones to the TV. The fact that support wireless communication takes place not all TV.


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It's safe to say that in old TVs Bluetooth not. So you'll have to forget about the idea. But the new TV models support not only Bluetooth but also Wi-Fi.

More precise information about wireless headset compatible with specific TV model, it is recommended to verify from the seller in the shop attached to the TV of the user or directly from the manufacturer.

how to connect TV to Bluetooth headphones

What you'll need

Now a little bit about what you may need for an idea embodiment in life. Assume that the TV has support for wireless headset. What's next?

The First thing a person will need the following components:

  • Headset with no wires;
  • The Bluetooth adapter;
  • Remote control;
  • TV, which is connected to headphones.

In principle, the list of necessary items can be completed. This will be enough. How to connect Bluetooth headphones to the TV?

The Study of connectors

As soon As all of the following will be a person, it can start the connection. But do not hurry. Before you make the plunge, it is recommended to pay attention to the connectors on the TV. They will have to learn.

If there is no speaker system no need to work directly with the TV and its connectors. If additional speaker system connection will be made with it. This is a normal phenomenon. When this wireless headset will connect to all components of the acoustic system.

how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a samsung TV

For an idea embodiment in life may require the following sockets:

  • 3.5 mm Jack and composite video output;
  • Optical output (looks like a small "door").

If the analog output from the TV (which is rare), you will have to buy a special Converter box. It is called digital-to-analog. Connects to the optical output.

Transmitter Selection

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Samsung TV or any other? It is important to choose a good Bluetooth transmitter. Its main characteristic is the number of connected headset.

Good to give preference to transmitter Mpow Streambot. It has a built-in battery, and indicators for transmission and reception of the signal. That is, headphones can be connected to any device that transmits sound. This is an extremely handy feature.

If you want to connect to several TV set, you have to spend on the transmitter. Otherwise, it makes no difference what specific device would be the person. The important thing is that it will perform its function - will allow you to connect a wireless headset.

how to connect Bluetooth headphones to TV Samsung

About the connection

Now a little more about the direct action. How to connect Bluetooth headphones to the TV "Samsung"? Exactly the same as the other TV having the opportunity to work with a wireless headset. It is actually not as difficult as it seems.

The Connection is reduced to the following steps:

  1. Connect the Bluetooth receiver to the TV. This will require either optical or analog output. As already mentioned, in the first case you must first connect the TV to a special adapter. And then plug the receiver.
  2. Charge your headphones. Discharged, the headset cannot be detected on TV. Preferably at 100% charge the battery.
  3. Turn on the TV. With it to activate the Bluetooth receiver. This device will have in advance charge. All receivers have a power button. It will help to set up the wireless connection.
  4. Enable headphones. Usually, this operation does not cause any difficulties for users.
  5. Navigate using the remote control TV to the main menu of the gadget. Here you need to click on "Bluetooth" - "Bluetooth headset" Enable. The menu items may differ depending on the TV model, but the meaning will remain the same.
  6. In the list that appears, select the desired headset. Click on "OK". If necessary, enter the PIN to connect to the device.

how to connect TV to headphones using Bluetooth

That's all. Now it is clear how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the TV. After all the previously listed actions, the headset will start to work at 100%. As already mentioned, the lack of charged headphone will significantly complicate the process. Why? This headset simply will not be found by the TV. Therefore, to establish synchronization with it will not work.

About the choice of a headset

A Few words about wireless headphones. As already mentioned, the choice of such devices is huge. Often people think much about what specific model to buy.

There is No much difference if you select no. It all depends on requirements to quality of sound. For example, you can find inexpensive but high-quality headphones. To buy a very expensive model for TV is not recommended.

The approximate cost of a wireless headset in an average of 700-800 rubles. This is a normal price tag. Models more expensive TV is simply not needed. They are not absolutely necessary.

can I connect Bluetooth headphones to TV


Now I understand how to connect TV to headphones using Bluetooth. To embody the idea in life is really not as difficult as it seems. The main problem is often figuring out support wireless headset. But this issue is easily solved. You have to remember that all modern TVs have Bluetooth support. But the old TV require special attention. Their compatibility with the wireless headset will have to clarify.

In principle, the process of connecting TV to Bluetooth headphones, resembles the synchronization of the second device from the PC. No special knowledge or skills from the person will be required. Even inexperienced user is able to bring an idea into reality.

If it turned out that support wireless headset in a TV program, you can forget about the implementation of the tasks. No receivers or adapters will not be able to solve this problem. In this case, have to settle for wired headphones.


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