How to sew a jumpsuit for women? Some useful tips


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The Popularity of such clothing as women's jumpsuit, will be explained easily: first this is a very simple and convenient, and secondly- stylish and fashionable. Attracts fashionistas versatility. Before you sew the overalls, enough to make the pattern minor changes, choose fabric more colorful - the product will acquire a new meaning and become interesting evening outfit.

How to sew a jumpsuitFabrics for tailoring of overalls, you can use a variety, but avoid very coarse and thick. In General, choose the fabric should be accordingly to the purpose of the product. For everyday use suitable fabrics are practical, knitted or stretch, calm colors. To create the outfit for the gala event, which will be used as a evening, it is better to choose the fabric, the bright colors, iridescent or brilliant.

How to sew a jumpsuit for women

The Tailoring of the jumpsuit - it is not difficult, if you have the skills to work with patterns, serger and sewing machine. The first thing to do is to come up with a style for jewelry and watch store and buy fabric. It should not be too dense. The number required for sewing, tell the seller, it will depend on your height, hips, width of fabric, style and the expected length of the product. You should also purchase fleece for sizing some of the product details, thread to match the fabric or contrast, if stitching is used as trimming (for example, denim). You will also need needles, scissors, locks and other fittings, small.


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How to sew a jumpsuit for womenBefore you sew overalls, make sure you have a quality pattern. You need to take measurements. Experts recommend doing a separate drawing of the top of the product and its bottom.

In the process of sewing they will connect, the connection can be done for kulisku gum or lace inserts to waist.

What to consider when cutting jumpsuit

Don't forget the pattern to mark the location of pockets, zippers, zippers. You should not make the jumpsuit too tight - it may cause some stiffness, especially during walking and sit-UPS.

The Bodice of the jumpsuit usually has straps crisscross the back or banded on the neck, but if you want you can do without them.

Before you sew the suit, decide the length of the bottom part - it will be long pants, breeches or shorts above the knee. Their shape may also be different.

How to sew a Romper for the summerThe Pattern is done, you can proceed to cutting the fabric. Don't forget to add the seam. Every cut detail to handle overlock or at least seam "zigzag". After that, the details should be sweep away. Then do a fitting. If you are convinced that the product fits well on you - it is possible to stitch all seams. Last hem is stitched neatly.

Make your jumpsuit unique

The Product is assembled, now comes the most pleasant moment of its decoration. Here you can show all their imagination and use applique, embroidery, lace, rhinestones. When planning how to sew a Romper for summer, it is possible to provide inserts of guipure lace or natural, it will give your garment a special attraction and uniqueness.

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